Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Everyone's going to be posting their thoughts on the past year and, really, is there anything we don't already know about the last year worth posting?
Not really.
In a nutshell: America let itself get raped by a self-serving liberal commie government.
Thoughts for the New Year?
None, really.
In a nutshell: America's gonna get raped again, worse. By the same rapist.
Thoughts for the New Year?
Maybe it's time we stood up to the rapist and told him, "Not again!"
Just got the Cheaper Than Dirt flyer Wednesday, looked through it last night. Noticed an interesting asterisked comment at the bottom of many pages. "January1, 2011 We will no longer sell or ship ammunition to residents of California." I guess that means at least two things: California must have enough ammo already so there's no need to make changes there, and, of course, California's on its own now. Well, was nice knowing you as an American state, California. Hope you enjoy your future as a satellite of Mexico.
Happy New Year, America. Make the most of it.
Bless God, God bless.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Everyone. Forget about the calamities befalling our Great United States for just a night and day and embrace the love and sharing of family and friends.
Don't forget to...
Bless God, God bless.

Monday, December 20, 2010

HR2751 and HHS

HR2751 ( ), formerly known (in the Senate) as S.510- remember, sleight of hand ( ) is commonplace in the District of Criminals, is up for House vote today, Tuesday- 12-21-10. In effect, this bill will create havoc and hell with those of us who grow our own food, sell portions of our growth, or even buy from those who do the same. EoIpso: if passed into law, this will allow our illustrious Uncle Dark Lord to declare our backyard gardens to be producing "food that is unsafe to eat unless inspected by Uncle Darkie's HHS inspection teams".
How do we know this?
Well, other than being paranoid- which is currently just another word for "knowing"- of anything our Uncle Fed decides to do is definitely detrimental to anyone with half a brain, we have the people in charge telling us exactly what they expect to do. Re: the following Email I received from Kathleen Sebelius after writing her about my dislike and concerns about S510...

"Mr. (Redacted);
While we will respond to the specific issues you raise as soon as we can, I wanted to let you know that your message has been received and that I appreciate your taking the time to write. (Ummm, really? You appreciate me calling you a slut? editor.)

The mission of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is to protect the nation’s health and provide essential human services, and, as part of that mission, we are at the forefront of the federal government’s efforts to address a wide range of critical issues and challenges. I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on our work. (
I'm actually aware of 'their' work, which is why I wrote. My intent was to update them on my feelings about it. ed)

First, on March 23, after more than a year of extensive debate
(between whom? ed), the President signed into law health reform legislation that brings down health care costs for American families and small businesses, expands coverage to millions of Americans and ends the worst practices of insurance companies (Which, of course, we know is bankrupting insurance companies and causing them to deny coverage to people with prior illnesses- ed). As a result of the new law, Americans will begin to see significant benefits take effect this year, with other important reforms following shortly after. In the weeks, months, and years ahead, our department will be responsible for implementing many of these reforms (consider ourselves warned- ed). You can be assured that we are firmly committed to explaining these changes to the American people clearly, and to enacting them carefully and effectively. For information about the new law, I would encourage you to visit

Meanwhile, thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, we’ve made hundreds of millions of dollars available as part of a comprehensive prevention and wellness initiative, Communities Putting Prevention to Work
(of course, all Americans have noticed this in the wonderful sign-age currently plastered to hospital and clinic walls-ed.). This new initiative supports local efforts to reduce obesity , increase physical activity, improve nutrition, and decrease smoking (IF you really wanted to curb smoking, you'd just pass a law making smoking and tobacco products illegal, but you don't have the balls to go against your purse holders- ed.)– the four most important things we can to do to fight chronic diseases and improve public health. And it’s right in line with the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign, which calls on Americans to work together to solve childhood obesity in a generation. You can learn more about these and other Recovery Act initiatives at

In addition, it is a core responsibility of HHS, through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to ensure the food we eat is safe. Toward that end, I am firmly committed to working with my colleagues at the Department of Agriculture to achieve the President’s goal of upgrading and strengthening our food safety system; restoring trust in the FDA as the leading science-based regulatory agency in the world; and fulfilling our obligation to the American people to ensure that the food they purchase and serve to their families is safe to eat. For more information, please visit (Of course, we'll have to purchase our food, since the HHS/DA will declare what we grow as 'inedible and unfit for human consumption'. ed)

Finally, HHS plays a vital role in getting our children ready to learn and thrive in school
(has anyone in the Dept of Ed ever read the true stats on how well un-educated our children currently are? ed), helping low-income ("but I have a Big Screen TV, digital stereo DVD/CD player, the latest I-pod and 4G phone network" - ed) working families struggling to make ends meet in this difficult economy, and meeting the basic needs of vulnerable populations, such as abused and neglected children, refugees ( which we are attempting to increase with our DREAM act- ed.), and individuals with disabilities. As the Administration works to turn around our economy, we recognize that the economic downturn has had its greatest impact on the most vulnerable among us – low-income families with children (and people who own companies as well as people who have jobs- ed). Through child care, child support, energy assistance, and other efforts, the Department helps low-income (because we outsourced their jobs- ed) parents and their communities weather this economic storm. We will continue to work hard to improve these programs through evidence-based approaches that make a difference for these families and children. (So you're going to impeach the Dark Lord and his cabinet and then resign?)

Again, thank you for writing."

Folks, call your legislators and let them know this kind'a shit just ain't gonna cut it.
Bless God- and bless America.

Freedom of Speech

A tree hugging Dimocrap, anti-hunting woman from Los Angeles bought a piece of timberland near Colville, Washington.
While admiring her purchase, she discovered a wondrously tall Douglas Fir growing on the exact center of the highest point of her land. Wanting to see the total splendor of her purchase, she decided to climb the tree.
As she neared the uppermost branches, she was attacked by a Spotted Owl and, while attempting to defend herself against the attack, lost her grip on the branch she was holding, lost her balance and slid down the entire length of the tree. Needless to say, she broke many branches on her trip to the ground, gathering many painful splinters in her crotch area.
In extreme pain and unable to remove the splinters herself, she hurried to Mt. Carmel ER to see a doctor.
Informing the doctor she was as devout Dimocrap environmentalist, anti hunter, and how she'd managed to get so many splinters in her... ahem... area. Patiently listening to her story, the doctor told her to wait in the exam room and he'd be in soon as he could.
She sat three hours before the doctor reappeared.
Angry, she demanded, "What took you so long?"
Patiently smiling, the doctor told her, "I had to get permits from the Environmental Protection Agency, the Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management before I could remove old-growth timber from a recreational area."
Setting himself comfortably in front of her, he took her hand and frowned.
"I'm sorry," he consoled her. "They turned me down."

Which just goes to show there's hope for the country yet.
But rest assured, if we allow the Cons in D.C. to pass any kind of internet restrictions, this kind of humor will not be allowed.
Bless God, God bless.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

'Tis the Season

Being a dog person, I am very aware of how people interact with their pups, more-so than I am with how people interact with each other. I've seen people totally against owning dogs become infatuated with animals received as pets. I've also seen the cruelty some have for animals, regarding them only as objects to serve their inflated egos with glitz and glamor they can't achieve without the animal, or to fatten wallets in the breeding grounds or warfare pits.
Of course, there are 'working' dogs- military, police, sled dog, etc- and there are 'pets'. Sometimes the line is crossed and a working dog is a pet as well- a service dog leading a blind owner through the pits of hell with unending love. And the true pets, those 'sleep in the bed' and 'come play with me' canines who live only to love us.
And the people who own them display their own character in how well they interact with their dog. People who spend time with their pets often teach them to do some wonderful games, to play with them in ways no one else can. (Imagine teaching your child or best friend to race madly hundreds of feet, or yards, and leap joyously feet into the air to catch a Frisbee...)
Imagine teaching your friends to merrily dance to polka music wearing a tu-tu... in the street where hundreds of on lookers will OOOooo and AWWWwww gaining moments of happiness at your friend's antics.
Imagine waving good-bye to your friends for the evening as you go to the movie... to dinner... to church... and leaving your friends to their own devices.
My Honey showed me this one... I'm dedicating it to Brigid. Enjoy. Oh- and Merry Christmas.
God bless.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Belly Buster

What with all the crap that's going on with Uncle Nanny in his efforts to make us all remember that the State Is Our Enemy, it's sometimes difficult to find something to laugh about.
Seriously- there's nothing funny about the new Agriculture law passed today- despite numerous calls to not pass the damn thing. (Once again the dimwits in CONgress remind us how little they care for the desires of their employers.)
And with the MSM taking every opportunity to insert the Dark Lord's face in front of our eyes, there's little chance to miss seeing his pig-eared mug. It's got to the point where I've turned off the usual radio programs because even they insist on blasting our ears and common sense by playing sound bites from this piranha. He has absolutely nothing to say I need to hear- I can lie to myself much more believably.
Not that anyone really expected different of them, but the newly elected have shown how right we all were in not trusting a word they said, especially where our country is concerned.
Honestly, it's even getting difficult to blog due to frustrations caused by the state of our Union. (Well, it WAS a Union once! Now it's a bunch of separate communist states presided over by the proletariat in D.C.)
OK, enough doom an' gloom rambling- I'll get to the point.
If you need a good chuckle at the Tit and Testical Squeezing Authority's expense, go here:

Bless God, God bless.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making Decisions

With all that's been going on in this country these days, I've been having to revamp my thinking concerning how I view a SHTF situation and what I'm seeing ain't pretty.

One of the changes I've made due to revisiting the roots of my thinking is what I need more of in the way of preps. The basics and more basics: beans, band aids and bullets. (I neither have the kind of money needed to stock gold and silver, nor do I see them being of much value to the 'common man'.) In addition to enlarging my stock of ammo for my conventional weapons, I've added another weapon. Not much in cost, $223 for the rifle, another $60 in accoutrement's and quite a few hundred more for ammo to feed it. Tons of ammo. (Note the AMMO link to your left.)
OK, maybe not tons more, but more than I can load in the truck in ten minutes without a dolly of some sort.
Not to make any kind of prophecy, but I'm thinking a truckload may not be enough, even in my neck of the woods.
Hopefully, I'm wrong in what I believe is going to happen- I'd love to be, would rather this country can get back on an Constitutional footing without resorting to violence of any kind outside the ballot box. But I don't see it happening despite the new faces bewilderingly wandering the halls of CONgress.
Of course, there's no need to restate what has been so thoroughly covered in other blogs and the news sources, even those we know we can't trust. But I have to wonder, which of these, if not all, are False Flag Events, being used to create a deeper fear in the Sheeple and encourage a mis-step by Patriots?
We all understand how the fed would love a genuine Patriot group to open the dance so they can claim the moral high ground and initiate martial law, or worse. Too, we're all probably getting anxious for the ball to open so we can get this country back on an even keel (trying to not mix metaphors and compliment Mayberry ;) ), but I encourage you to sit back and wait. It won't be long before the Dark Lord and his minions get antsy and do what we need to claim the high ground.
Just be ready, don't sleep or get impatient. Our time is coming soon enough.
Bless God, God bless.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A message from my Honey...

My Honey's intense Patriotism has always impressed me, as does her adoration of active duty and veteran military. When shopping, if she sees a uniform, she's right there, thanking them for their service and telling them how much she really appreciates what they do for her and the country. At the local VFW, she's right in the mix talking with the guys and they love it. When the Navy plays, she's on the bench beside them, cheering them on, crying when they lose. She cries when the National Anthem is played, rejoices in the roar of the jets overhead, weeps at the flag draped caskets she sees.

Well, enough from me- she asked if I'd post this for her...

"... I am sure there has never been a veteran who has not sacrificed in his life to serve us. I am certain there is not a soldier who has ventured into war who was not wounded mentally or physically. And I am certain that we have all at times taken our many freedoms for granted, assuming they have always been here or that they can never disappear. But I am equally sure they would have disappeared were it not for the service, sacrifice and courage of our veterans.

May God bless all you Heroes, past and present. Love you all and thank you. Jenn."

And we love you, Fine Lady.

God bless all in uniform today, keep you safe and bring you quickly home.

Bless God, God bless.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Top Ten List...

One thing people can always do is come up with a reason to procrastinate or just simply put things off for another rainy day.

Like me: I can always think of nothing better to do than go fishing on a nice summer day. Or wander through the bushes on a crisp autumn morning, shotgun in hand, the Lady's mutt sniffing up a bird- and if he ever finds one, I'll be more than happy. Usually I have to flush them, shoot them, then drag through the brush half an hour to find them.

Or putting up Christmas decorations. There's always something better to do than run up the electric bill, so the decorations get postponed till the season's past. Then maybe I'll hang a few bulbs off the porch rail. (I don't celebrate Satanic holidays, so the Dark Lord's favorite day gets by-passed, although I have thought of hanging an effigy in the maple tree out front and using it as a target...) Does anyone hang a turkey on a tree limb or front porch for Thanksgiving? I've never heard of someone doing that with their cornucopia setting, but maybe someday I'll try it- if I feel like staying awake all night shooting the neighborhood casts and dogs that come sniffing by.

But I digress- as you know I always do.

We're talking about procrastinating, or just plain simply looking for excuses to do things. Or to not do them- take your pick.

Such as many will do this coming Tuesday, November Second. Many will spend more energy and time getting out of voting than it'd cost them to just go do it. If you know anyone like this, show them this list and ask if their reason is listed. If not, put it on...


10) I voted Democrat because I believe oil companies' profits of 4% on a gallon of gas are obscene but the government taxing the same gallon of gas at 15% isn't.

9)I voted Democrat because I believe the government will do a better job of spending the money I earn than I would.

8) I voted Democrat because Freedom of speech is fine as long as nobody is offended by it.

7). I voted Democrat because I believe that people who can't tell us if it will rain on Friday can tell us that the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if I don't start driving a Prius.

6) I voted Democrat because I think illegal aliens have a right to free health care, education, and Social Security benefits.

5) I voted Democrat because I believe that business should not be allowed to make profits for themselves. They need to break even and give the rest away to the government for redistribution as the democrats see fit.

4) I voted Democrat because I believe liberal judges need to rewrite the Constitution every few days to suit some fringe kooks who would never get their agendas past the voters.

3) I voted Democrat because I'm way too irresponsible to own a gun, and I know that my local police are all I need to protect me from murderers and thieves.

2)I voted Democrat because I'm not concerned about the slaughter of millions of babies through abortion so long as we keep all death row inmates alive.

And the Number One reason to vote Democrat...

1)I voted Democrat because my head is so firmly planted up my ass that it is unlikely that I'll ever have another point of view.

I'll keep my God, my Freedom, and my Guns- you keep the change.


Bless God, God bless.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Burn the Qu'ron

“Were the actual burning to take place, the safety of our soldiers and civilians would be put in jeopardy and accomplishment of the mission would be made more difficult.”
– Gen. David Petraeus
"...To have our own military leaders beg us to refrain from exercising our Constitutional rights on our own soil is completely un-American. And to have you make that request of us in the name of cowardice is a shocking and unthinkable perversion I still don’t have the words for..."

read the rest here... To General Petraeus Burn The Koran For Freedom

Makes a helluva lot more sense than any politician I've heard of.
Bless God, God bless.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Squnity Eye

Our anual Cowboy shoot. Crank up your volume for some thrills.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Don't this just BURN your ass?

As usual, Catman is on top of things, and has something to say...
"...They control the law, law enforcement, and every branch of government. They're just laughing at us and rubbing our faces in it. They've carried out a coup d'etat without firing a shot, and they're counting on the fact that Americans continue to respect and adhere to the concept of law..."
Watch and listen, think about it, and go see what the Catman has to say.

Next, the song that caused my Lovely Lady decide she enjoys country music...


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shooting Groups/Types

Conversation at the range today turned toward the different kinds of shooters we have in the club and their skill levels. Whether cowboy enthusiasts, black powder, IDPA/steel competitors or "Sunday shooters", the consensus was along the following lines...

Four basic groups/kinds of shooters:

1) Beginner: from absolute novice gun owner to one who has actually fired a box of ammo through his weapon. Broken into sub-groups such as:

A) Absolute beginner who simply bought a gun and box of ammo for protection, put it in a drawer unfired. This person has read the instruction manual but will probably have no idea where it was put or even if it’s still in the house. The standard of accuracy is what has been seen in movies- point and shoot (usually defined as “spray and pray” by advanced and professional shooters).

B) Beginner, one who has actually fired a box of bullets within a week of purchasing the firearm before relegating it to the bedside drawer. Has read the manual, twice- because something didn’t work at practice and an answer needed to be found. May still possess the manual.

C) Advanced Beginner, who has occasionally taken the weapon out for firing once or twice a year, then rendered it to the drawer without cleaning or any maintenance. Still knows where the manual is, has read it before each firing/range session to insure remembering.

D) Beginning Amateur, who is developing an interest in more than just an occasional plinking session, has learned a minimum of basic shooting accuracy and wants to do better.

2) Amateur: one who has purchased a weapon, has developed a little interest in shooting more than just several times a year. Broken into sub-groups as:

A) Beginning Amateur, who has friends with whom they shoot informally three or four times a year, several times alone when the whim overtakes them. Is concerned with accuracy, but only peripherally.

B) Amateur, whose interest has developed enough to insure at least monthly sessions, probably on a square range and standing Weaver or other two handed shooting style. Actually looks forward to the sessions, often wonders why they aren’t shooting more. (Cost of ammunition is the usual reason expressed. Time is another.) Occasionally reads a gun article, usually in the MSM papers.

C) Advanced Amateur, who gets to the range weekly, looks forward to it, often with friends, but often alone- and is developing new friends at the range. This shooter is concerned enough about accuracy to ask questions, seek advice and training, usually from people they meet at the range and whose shooting they admire. Is probably a member of the NRA or GOA, reads quite a bit about the sport.

D) Beginning Advanced shooter- those who take shooting seriously as a major pastime, attend shooting sessions several times a week, may consider taking an advanced class taught by a professional gun-fighter, such as a Suarez International or On-Point Tactical class, naming only two of many. His standard of accuracy is sporadic but improving. Is developing a feel for his trigger and recovery after each shot. Reads/studies about the sport and tactical aspects of firearms, seriously concerned with gun rights and self defense.

3) Beginning Advanced Shooter, who is beginning competition, shooting locally and has a lot of enjoyable times with people of like mind. Is learning advanced skills, shoots from movement, perhaps even at moving targets and sometimes those while moving themselves. Has taken an advanced class from a reputable school and is very concerned with accuracy, strives for it whenever shooting. Has good breathing and trigger control and recovery after each shot. Sub groups include:

A) Beginning advanced, who is beginning to take shooting seriously, probably has more than one firearm and learning to use all equally, though primarily focused on one. Has minimal stressful situations, but is improving in skill sets and accuracy under speed. (Often “kills the hostage”.)

B) Advanced, who shoots as often as possible, probably owns reloading equipment and does reload some, but not all, of their ammunition. Well versed in the use of all their weapons, very serious about self defense and gun issues, encourages others in the sport and is considered by others a pretty good shot and all-around shooter. Is developing skill in weapons use under stressful conditions, most often the clock in competition. (Seldom “kills the hostage”.)

C) Beginning Professional shooter. One who is or is considering a career that includes firearms of some sort. Either civilian, military or law enforcement, where they perceive firearms to be a major aspect of the career and take both seriously. Has attended more than one firearms/weapons training school and is looking forward to more. Knows more than one style of weapon, not necessarily owning all of them, but familiar enough to use the different systems adequately. Faces stress filled situations often in competition, enjoys the situation and is well-rounded in solving difficult shooting situations. (Never “kills the hostage”.)

4) Professional shooter, who is either military or law enforcement, broken into sub-divisions of:

A) Beginner, one who is interested enough in shooting skills adequate to their role in the wheel. (This shooter is more concerned with passing the fundamental shooting skills course to maintain rating and job than being a “better shot”.)

B) Advanced Professional, who is considered above his peer group in skill sets, accuracy and desire to advance.

C) Professional’s Professional, who are the crème-de-la-crème of their class. The SPecOps soldier, the SWAT law enforcement officer, the recognized tactical and shooting school instructors. These people are familiar with all manner of weapons, not just those originating in their home country, and can use them equally well under adverse conditions and under high stress situations. (Never “kill the hostage”, often called upon to rescue the hostage in real life scenarios.)

Who we are and where we fall in these categories is just the point we are currently at and can advance to a higher level by focused practice. Some shooters will fall into more than one category- such as an advanced shooter whose skill level compares favorably with SpecOps types, though the shooter is not interested in being a “professional” shooter. Also, an advanced shooter can lose ground skills-wise through neglect and cessation of shooting. The skills will return rather quickly, however, once shooting resumes.

As noted, not all LEO are “professional shooters”, though their job status would indicate they should be. At least, better than the “average John and Jane Q”, though often is not the case. (We have to remember that some LEO are there strictly for the paycheck- being “good” at their job skills is secondary to the income, and they’ll “be damned if they’re going to spend their money on training.”) Some of the blame for this attitude should be relegated to the respective department, perhaps even city or state councils, that do not require more of their employees.

It is my opinion that those whose intent is self-defense and/or militia status should strive to be the best they can be. This precludes just being an occasional/beginner shooter, but some serious trigger time doing some serious tactical training. The training need not be from a professional school to benefit the shooter as long as practiced with the five “P’s”: Perfect Practice Prevents (Piss) Poor Performance. Practice what you know, seek knowledge from those you know, know, and practice what they know. A skill learned today will be easier to recover when needed, although perhaps not as skillfully used if practice hadn’t been curtailed in the first place. Like all our muscles, shooting muscles need exercise to improve- don’t neglect them!

Bless God, God bless.


Revision addition, thanks to Ye Old Furt for reminding me... the "final" category is "We Old Furts" (which includes any group over the age of 60).

"We Old Furts" cannot be categorized through a logical sequence due to a logical sequence of events: We have what is commonly referred to as "experience" and "BTDT". When it comes to "We Old Furts", don't screw with this class of shooter: they won't play games, they'll just blast your ass to hell and call it a good day.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some Gave All...

Brown, A.
Brown, G.
Brown, K.
Brown, L.A.
Brown, L.F.
Fontaine, E.
Fontaine, J.
Fontaine, L.
Fontaine, V.
Franklin, M.
Klaras, J.
Laurilla, C.
Lester, D.
Lax, G.
Rohner, C.
"No greater love has any than he who will lay down his life for a loved one."
Bless God.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Liberator Reissued

You may recall the Special Edition Liberator that went on sale last year. It's being reissued now to the New York City Police Department's patrolmen.

"...drafted in the wake of Sean Bell's controversial police shooting death -- would force officers to use their weapons "with the intent to stop, rather than kill" a suspect. They would be mandated to "shoot a suspect in the arm or the leg..." Read more:
There's "idiocy" and there's "Idiocy". This is pure Idiocy.
People: we're screwed, blued and tattooed when we allow idiots like these people to be involved with government.
God help us for allowing such people to live outside loony bins.
Bless God, God bless.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Umm, Wut's up Doc?

Doctors versus gun owners... didja know...

There are 700,000 physicians in the United States...

Number of accidental deaths by physicians per year are 120,000...

which makes the average number of accidental deaths per physician to be 0.171...

(Statistics courtesy of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.)

Now consider these stats...

There are approximately 80 million gun owners in the United States...

The number of accidental deaths, per all age groups, in the United States per year is 1,500...

which means that every gun owner in America has killed .000188 persons per year...

(Statistics courtesy of the F.B.I.)

So, statistically, doctors are 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners.

Fact number three: not everyone in America owns a gun (though they should),but everyone will see a doctor. Before your next appointment, consider this: You are 900 times more likely to be killed by your doctor than by a gun owner.

So, please, alert all your family and friends of this new threat to our health. We must ban doctors before this gets completely out of hand!

The new mantra for gun owners should be, "Guns don't kill people-- doctors do."

(Out of concern for the public-at-large, I have withheld the stats on lawyers out of fear the shock would cause people to panic and seek medical attention.)

Bless God, God bless.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lemme get this right...

With the Arizona situation so controversial, lemme think a minute and consider this...

If you cross the North Korean border illegally, you get 12 years hard labor.

If you cross the Iranian border illegally, you are detained indefinitely.

If you cross the Afghanistan border illegally, you get shot.

If you cross the Saudi Arabian border illegally you will be jailed.

If you cross the Chinese border illegally, you may never be heard from again.

If you cross the Venezuelan border illegally, you will be branded a spy and your fate is sealed.

If you cross the Cuban border illegally, you will be thrown into political prison to rot.

But if you illegally cross the border into the United States you get:
1) a job...
2) a drivers' license...
3) a Social Security card...
4) welfare...
5) food stamps...
6) credit cards...
7) subsidized rent or low/no-interest loans to by a house...
8) free education...
9) free health care...
10) a lobbyist in Washington...
11) billions of dollars in public documents written in your language
12) the right to carry your country's flag while protesting that you don't get enough respect and deserve more...
13) full Constitutional protection for burning our flag and when breaking our laws.
Just wanted to make sure I understood the situation.

(received in mail from B-I-L)
Bless God, God bless.
(A reminder: FCC is deciding today if they should regulate web content... it was a good run, so enjoy it while you can. )

Thursday, April 22, 2010

the Moral is...

Ummmm... didja hear about...
The Woman Marine Pilot?

The teacher gave her fifth grade class an assignment: Get their parents to tell them a story with a moral at the end of it. The next day, the kids came back and, one by one, began to tell their stories.
There were all the regular types of stuff: spilled milk and pennies saved. Then it was Janie's turn.
“Janie, do you have a story to share?'
''Yes ma'am. My daddy told me a story about my Mommy. She was a Marine pilot in Desert Storm, and her plane got hit. She had to bail out over enemy territory, all she had was a flask of whiskey, a pistol, and a survival knife.
She drank the whiskey on the way down so the bottle wouldn't break, and then her parachute landed her right in the middle of 20 Iraqi troops.
She shot 15 of them with the pistol (that's a big clip!), until she ran out of bullets, killed four more with the knife, till the blade broke, and then she killed the last Iraqi with her bare hands.
''Good Heavens,' said the horrified teacher. 'What did your Daddy tell you was the moral to this horrible story?
"Stay away from Mommy when she's been drinking."

Thus endeth today's sermon...
Bless God, God bless.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spirit of '76, Part Two: Commentary

"When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them to another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."
234 years in the making, Patriots from every part of the United States of America gathered in hundreds of rallies to do more than make a statement of remembrance for what our ancestors did.
We re-lived their actions.
The expression is, "History repeats itself."
And that is what happened yesterday. History repeated itself. The original Tea Party was a protest of a burdensome, undesired and undeserved tax imposed by a tyrannical king unwilling to listen to the voice of his subjects.
In Duluth alone more than a thousand gathered to protest the unjust laws being enacted by an uncaring and not-listening gang of representatives. Nation wide there were an estimated 5 million or more.
As did King George those many years ago, King Hussein Obama chose to not listen to the voices of the People.
"Obama skips out on boisterous rally" reads the WaPo headline... but we know better. He didn't 'skip'. Like the coward he is, he ran out of town on the pretext of chatting with NASA 'employees'- none of whom were present at the fund-raiser dinner.
"...Among the thousands of "tea party" protesters that gathered Thursday at Freedom Plaza, a stone's throw from the White House, were dozens of signs directed at President Obama, some demanding "Listen To Me!" others asking "Why Can't You Hear Us?"..."

We know why he couldn't hear us. Our desires do not fit his agenda of creating a nation of servants to his whim.
Now we will see if anyone else listens. Should the PTB in D.C. choose not to...
History repeats itself.
There are detractors of the new Tea Parties. A media that denigrates and marginalizes the people. Tories, subservient and boot-licking to the king, threaten and disrupt the rallies. Politicians in a government who turn deaf ears to the real needs of their employers, treat them like field hands, and worse- ignore them.
Only a fool or someone totally blind and ignorant of what Life is about would choose to allow the history of this nation of Freedom, Peace loving citizens to repeat itself.
"Good morning, Lord. Thank You for giving me one more day to get it right. Today is Friday, April 16, 1776..."
And a shock went through me, my morning ritual of greeting the day, jolting me totally awake as I realized what I'd just said. My next thought was wonder if that is something spoken by John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, or John Q Public, this day 234 years ago.
Did they also awaken the day after their Tea Party and thank God for giving them "one more day to get it right", hoping in their heart that King George would listen?
Did they arise, unshutter their window to look upon a bright morning, hear the bird-song and watch the cool breeze wave the branches of the leafless forest about them, thinking of the duty this day brought? The plowing, the seeding, the cleaning of harness and tools, of feeding their livestock, providing for their own.
Did they wonder what kind of news this day would bring about their actions of the previous day? What would the effect be when the King heard the news?
Did they look to the rifle and powder horn, the bag of round balls hanging above the mantle and say a silent prayer that those tools would not be necessary today?
Did they sip their morning tea in fearful thought of what they'd done- all the while hoping common sense and calm heads would prevail?
Despite it all, did they steel their nerve, resolve to see this issue through to the end, regardless the personal cost, knowing this was not for themselves, but for those soft, joyous faces of the children still sleeping in the rooms above? Knowing it was for those they did not yet know but dreamt of one day bouncing on their knee, of tickling under the chin, of holding close and telling them he loved them. Did they shake their head and rebuke the devils of war invading their thoughts?
Did they wonder about those neighbors who derided and discounted and ridiculed them their actions, their beliefs, their desires to be free, to just be heard by those in power?
Did they wonder upon which of those neighbors could they depend when the moments came to act upon the declaration they'd made yesterday? Could those who agreed in principle yet stood on the sidelines be counted upon to help carry the burden that could soon be thrust upon them all?

In conclusion to yesterday's lakeside event, all who'd served in uniform to this great country were asked to organize to the side of the field. As we stood- nearly one third the attendance, about 400 men and women- in haphazard formation, Lee Greenwood's song "God Bless the U.S.A." was played.
"...I'll gladly stand up next to you and defend Her still today..."
These were men we knew we could count upon because they were there, made their intentions clear, unequivocal. These were men who had already loaded and primed their rifles, had sharpened their knives. Men who knew the taste of fear and the smell of gunpowder and blood upon their hands, who'd seen brothers fall beside them and knew the finality of death's action to life. These were men who'd answered the questions in no uncertain terms, knew the consequences that could come because of their beliefs, their love of country, but most, for love of their family.
These were men with teary eyes worthy of standing beside.
These were Patriots.
Bless God, God bless us in that history need not repeat itself to keep us free.


Spirit of '76- Part One: Pix

With the Headwaters of the Great Lakes as backdrop, area Patriots met in Duluth to make our voices heard on Taxation Without Representation.
Patrick Henry greeted attendees.

What it was about and who was in attendance.

There were more flags than "protest signs", which actually worked better because of the 20mph wind coming off the bay.

Usually reserved people listened attentively to the speakers state our aims and goals, the desires of all who came.

Although an anti-abortion message, this flag has a double-entendre in telling who is now charged with paying the bills this country has amassed.

Who this rally really represents.
As usual, click pix to see larger size. In part two will be my thoughts on the Tea Party Rally.
Bless God, God bless.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Really? What "election"?

I really do just absolutely have to ask this question...

"Just what makes anyone think there's actually going to be an election in November?"

First, a dyed-in-the-wool Communist moves to the White House. (No: I refuse to say "he" was "elected".)

Then he appoints nothing but baby killing One-World Gaia worshippers to every office he possibly can. And these same people condemn and marginalize and besmirch honest, real Americans as being terrorists and criminal in their actions.

Next this Communist is running around the world telling people who suck their existence from our tit that we are a bane to the world, are not worth the time of day.

Through threats, blackmail, bribery and outright lies, he gets control of the largest businesses in the world as well as shivving a forced-to-purchase non-insurance insurance program upon only real Americans- Muslim and illegals need not purchase, just receive. To really frost the cake, his minions create a situation where everyone gets to pay doctors to abort the children and euthanize the elderly.

And not a whimper from any American about all of this. (If there was, it sure didn't make enough noise to make the news on any but "conservative talk radio".)

(Okay: I'm being facetious there: I know we made a hell of an uproar, but no one heard. Kind of like the tree falling in the forest when no one is around to hear it fall: did it make a sound? My point here is really that "we allowed the MSM to make our issues "non-issues", therefore, "we did not make a whimper" over any of these issues.)

And now people are crying because we're losing more and more rights to the "PTB".

Why? Why are we whining and talking about "wait till the next election"?

"...A California Democrat is proposing a new law requiring residents to register their shotguns and rifles or go to jail, has learned...";contentBody

This is going to pass. I don't care what Californians do or say, it's going to pass. Why?

Because the MSM isn't going to do anything to help anyone stop it, even if they inform (or wanted to) California residents. Their first, and last, response is going to be, "Good for California children. We'll finally get the criminals disarmed." And every Californian is going to swallow it hook, line and sinker because "it's for the children". (And every wet-back in California is going to dig out more ammunition and lock and load.)


Because no one has stepped up and "read them their rights". They have no fear, no dread of "losing their jobs" or "wait till the next election". No one has taken the media to task- and I'm not talking about a letter writing or Email campaign or making snide comments on the news site. (Read the comments to the article.)

Someone in California has to step up to the plate and unequivocally show the MSM what their responsibilities truly are.

Here I am pointing fingers at Californians.

I won't apologize, but am going to say that Californians are not the only ones to blame. Though "what begins in California becomes the norm nationwide" is quite possibly true, it is no excuse to wait for something to start (in California) before it spreads.

We The People need to get off our knees- the time for praying for change was before it became law- and start acting.

We The People need to let the MSM and politicians know in no uncertain terms that we are fed up to the gills with the un-American activities they promulgate.

It's time to take the battle to the enemy.

Bless God, God bless.


Monday, April 5, 2010

The Jokester's Butt...

Recieved in Email this afternoon... (Thanks, J.)
Even Hollywood and TV "Comedians" are finally seeing through the Dark Lord...will the MSM join the band wagon? (We can only hope- but don't hold your breath.)

TV comedians are increasing their Obama jokes as he falls further out of favor...

The liberals are asking us to give Obama time. We agree . . . and think 25 to life would be appropriate. (Leno)

America needs Obama-care like Nancy Pelosi needs a Halloween mask. (Leno)

Q: Have you heard about McDonald's' new Obama Value Meal?
A: Order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it. (Conan O'Brien)

Q: What does Barack Obama call lunch with a convicted felon?
A: A fund raiser. ( Leno)

Q: What's the difference between Obama's cabinet and a penitentiary?
A: One is filled with tax evaders, blackmailers, and threats to society. The other is for housing prisoners. (Letterman)

Q: If Nancy Pelosi and Obama were on a boat in the middle of the ocean, and it started to sink, who would be saved?
A: America! (Fallon)
Q: What's the difference between Obama and his dog, Bo?
A: Bo has papers. (Kimmel)
Q: What was the most positive result of the "Cash for clunkers" program?
A: It took 95% of the Obama bumper stickers off the road. (Letterman)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Leaving a mark...

How to make friends and influence people. Mike Vanderboegh is today's Champion of the art. For proof, go here...

Read, comment, think about it... then find the spray paint and magic markers and... let them know your displeasure. Show what "Affirmative Action" really should be.

Bless God, God bless.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

High Noon

“I want to call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out with those boneheads."
Say I here: "Bring it on, Jimmy Boy."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Whetting a Blade...

Every now and then (like every day, or very nearly) I visit MD Creekmore's Survival Blog. And why not? He has tons of useful information and lots of readers- some of who have most excellent questions. Such as today.

One reader was asking about the proper way to sharpen a knife.

I made a (probably futile) attempt at answering his question using words. But we all know one picture is worth a thousand words. So here are some pictures, with words, to make another attempt at answering the question.

One thing we all know- or should- is that a dull blade is about as useful as an empty gun. Makes a good Yawara but not much else. Not to mention, being cut by a dull blade hurts a helluva lot more than being cut by a sharp blade. (Of course I speak from experience!)

While I'm talking about MD's site, I should probably mention that he has a contest going on now for a couple DVD's that are definitely worth going after. One is by Gabe Suarez- modern American gunfighter with some unorthodox techniques, for sure, but every one proven in Force on Force training. For one, I highly chop rocks, recommend Gabe's books, videos and training.

The other is by James Talmadge Stevens, who I have no real knowledge of- but will admit if MD has it in his library, it's got to be good.

OK, enough advertising... back to the task at hand.

In order of priority, one needs ("one" being a person) a good stone. A bad stone will put some kind of edge on a blade, but for a really good, razor sharp edge, get the best you can. My recommendations in that area are two: a diamond stone is best; then a hard Arkansas stone, fine or superfine grind. Honestly- a "superfine" grind is probably best saved for straight razors or double edge razor blades- and yes, I do sharpen both, but it's beyond this.

In diamond, go for a red- the "fine" stone. If you're the kind who uses his blade to chop rocks, then a blue stone will be needed as well, or a grinder.

In the top photo, you'll see the diamond stone being wet under a faucet- you can use a lake or mud puddle or swimming pool, a river or rain barrel. It doesn't matter, but diamond stones work with water as lubricant, so get it wet. (Most instructions say to run it under sink faucet.)

Once the stone is wet, put it on a flat, stable surface such as a table top. I sometimes use my knee when in a rush, but for best results, use a table.

Holding the knife at right angles to the stone, at an angle of about 25 degrees- your best guide is going to be the original grind angle of the blade. You can look down the edge of the blade as it rests on the stone to get a better picture of what you want. Just know that differing angles of grind have different purposes. A thin, flat edge is really good for things as filleting fish, where a more round or flat edge will follow the skin better than a steeper "utility" edge. What we're going for is a utility edge here- which won't work for straight razors all too well: want more of a fillet edge there.

Dang, I digress again. With the knife at right angles to the stone, draw the blade down the stone with an even pressure. The picture shows the start of the stroke- draw toward the blade edge. This eliminates burrs right from the start, maintaining a smooth edge. Pull the full length of the stone, don't stop in mid-stroke. Two reasons for this. One is to get most use of the stone, the other is if you're using a genuine stone, you don't want to hollow it and this will slow that process.

Once at the "end" of the stroke, follow the curve of the blade by using your wrist to "flick" the tip of the blade off the stone.

Now, flip the blade in your hand to face the opposite direction and push the blade back up the stone to your beginning point. Again, try to maintain the same pressure and "flick" the blade off the stone in the same manner.

Again, what you're trying to do is maintain the same angle and pressure on the blade as on the first stroke.

Repeat the process an even number of times- I begin with ten strokes- and the reason for this is wear on the blade: you're trying to keep the edge even on both sides.

Once you've done ten strokes, look at the blade. Is there a visible edge on it? One that catches light? If so, do four more strokes- or enough to eliminate the light reflective edge. If there is no edge you can see, draw the knife edge across your thumbnail. Does it "drag" or does it slide smoothly across the nail? If it "drags", give the blade two to four more strokes on the stone and try again. If it slides smoothly - almost without feeling- across the thumbnail, you can put it away cuz it's sharp.
Or, if you're like me and can't resist it, hold the blade against your arm and try shaving off some hair. (I say arm, but you can go to your chin or throat or leg or... any place you have hair :) )
Shaving hair from an arm has long been the mark of a sharp blade, but understand that hair arm is a lot less coarse- not finer- than chin hair. You can shave some chinny-chin-chin hair if you want, but be careful and put on a more rounded edge to your blade.
And, yes- the blade I sharpened did shave hair from my arm. One thing that will really be a determining factor in how sharp your blade will get is the quality of the steel. My experience has been that higher carbon content steels will "take an edge" better than stainless- especially Chinese stainless. But- and there is a "but"- Rockwell 440C stainless does take a very good edge. I have shaved with my Westmark 702 (awarded as a test sample back in 1976 as part of a Centennial blade produced by Western Cutlery and a most wonderful blade).
IF you find a need to "strop" a blade, here's how I do it- no guarantee that it's right, just the way I've done it for years with my straight razor and edged weapons.
A "strop" has two sides: one "coarse" and one "fine"- just flipsides of the strop. They're actually the inside and outside of a tanned hide. The coarse side, used to work an edge to a razor, is actually the inside of the critter's skin. This will put a "rough" finish on your blade. To get a silky edge to your blade, use the fine/smooth side of the hide. My strop is the one Dad gave me, about 90 years old and still working fine. However, my opinion is- and I've tried it- is that nearly any 1 1/2" wide belt will work so long as both sides are smooth, without the fancy carving we find on so many wide belts these days.
And there, my Dear Friend, is a quick primer on how to sharpen a blade. Don't be discouraged if your first couple attempts won't get you to a razor edge- it's an art that really does take some patience. Later you can utilize a steel to hone your edge, but again, a steel is for an edge that's already sharp- they won't put a good edge on a bad blade. It's pretty much the same technique in use: draw the edge of the blade down the steel, getting opposing sides as you go.
Now... back to MD's blog and his review of How to Survive Without A Salary -- definitely a book many of us should read, especially if we can't impeach or withdraw all these politicomats we have in office...
We now return you to your regular programming. Thank you for viewing.
Bless God, God bless.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Busy Newsrom..

NOW we're hearing some smart news... kind of.
"...The Slaughter Solution is a poisoned chalice. By drinking from it, the Democrats would not only commit political suicide. They would guarantee that any bill signed by Mr. Obama is illegitimate, illegal and blatantly unconstitutional. It would be worse than a strategic blunder; it would be a crime - a moral crime against the American people and a direct abrogation of the Constitution and our very democracy.
It would open Mr. Obama, as well as key congressional leaders such as Mrs. Pelosi, to impeachment..."
Read it all here:

"...The second-ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Hatch also said Supreme Court Associate Justice John Paul Stevens, 89, is “likely” to announce he is stepping down next month.
That would allow Obama to name his replacement, and Hatch suggested Solicitor General Elena Kagan and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano as possibilities..."
Is Utah's Hatch really suggesting them or are they who he thinks the Dark Lord will nominate? If either is selected, especially Napolitano, expect a war of Restoration. Come to your own conclusion here:

"...Critics say Arpaio's deputies have racially profiled Hispanics..." Umm, dipshits- he's profiling illegals- wetbacks- not Hispanics. Get the story here:

This means trouble on the homefront... "...The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. took over First Lowndes Bank, in Fort Deposit, Ala.; Appalachian Community Bank in Ellijay, Ga.; Bank of Hiawassee, in Hiawassee, Ga.; and Century Security Bank in Duluth, Ga.
The agency also closed down State Bank of Aurora, in Aurora, Minn.; Advanta Bank Corp., based in Draper, Utah; and American National Bank of Parma, Ohio...." Check it out:

"...Calls to the House numbered close to 100,000 an hour, creating a bottleneck in a phone system only meant to handle 50,000 calls an hour. The chamber has been similarly overloaded for four consecutive days, beginning on Tuesday when radio host Rush Limbaugh told viewers to call the Capitol switchboard phone number..." And the Dark Lord keeps trying to convince us the majority of Americans want this bullshit proposal his personal ass-lick Pelosi is trying to ram through.

"...The "Slaughter Solution" on health care isn't the only thing that has come under attack in U.S. Rep. Louise M. Slaughter's world this week. Sometime early this morning, someone threw a brick through the front window of her Pine Avenue office..."
Oh, boohoo. This is just the beginning if the cretins pass this healthcare fiasco. More here:

Have a great week end, Folks. Oh- get more bullets, I think we'll be needing them.
Bless God, God bless.
PS: be sure to check out the advertisers- some good prices on MREs.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Paddy's Day

OK, let's face it: I'm crazy. If not crazy, at least not 'normal'.

Awoke this morning and the first three thoughts in my head were: Happy St. Paddy's Day; Brigid (of Home On The Range fame); and Kim Delaney and her role in NYPD as alcoholic Detective Diane Russel.

Now I don't want Brigid to think I'm being crude or in any way mean to her, so if she takes offense at this, I apologize right now.

Thinking about all this got me to wondering why these three thoughts occurred simultaneously and all I can think of is that they are all Irish. (If not Irish, they're close enough in my mind.)

Kim Delaney was born in Philly, PA. in November, 1961 and did a stint as a model before beginning acting. Days of Our Lives kept her on the day time soaps (never seen it) and she had a role on CSI Miami (which I also haven't seen- and maybe am glad I didn't since most the women on CSI Miami are syrupy, whiny clones of each other and we won't discuss the sappy cliche's touted as dialogue by the rest of the players).

NYPD, as I recall, was a pretty 'cutting edge' series in the plots, 'human-ness' of the characters and the 'dark and gritty' photography. Much of what we see today originated with this series. Real characters with real lives and real problems, and not at all perfect as either people or officers.

Now, how did Brigid get mixed into this mess? Gosh, I wish I knew.

Other than inferring from her writing her choice of career, her love of guns and the poetic verse of her writing and the fact she's a Celtic Lass with a love of Freedom, there's no reason for her to be on my mind. Well, other than the fact she's female- and, like all women in the lives of men, very much a mystery that I sometimes fantasize unravelling.

Being of French-Canadian and Irish descent, I have no problem knowing why St. Paddy would come to mind today. He's got the day to himself and there will be enough green beer swilled today to float the Titanic. (Yes, I'll add my share.)

To all of you, a Happy St. Paddy's Day. Please, be safe, think before you drink and don't drive if you drink. It may be Detective Russel who stops you. But you won't like the result.
To Brigid, if I have offended you, I sincerely apologise (and believe me, I'm worrying about it).
Bless God, God bless.
(Pictures from ""

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More on "Stoopud Laws"

When reading about the Dark Lord's (assumed) intentions of putting a stop to fishing- both commercial and recreational- I mentally assumed no one would be interested in the topic other than commercial fishermen and net makers.

WOW! Was I mentally unprepared.

Even Mike over at Sipsey Street is involved- and why not? This is a Constitutional issue every American should be involved with whether they fish or not. Not that a survivalist would be too concerned with the "legalities" of fishing or hunting- when it comes to eating, screw "legal" and hunt and fish to your heart's content. No man-- and that includes the dipshit living in the White House-- has the right to tell another they cannot feed themselves or their loved ones.

Yet this is what is happening.

Curtail the food supply and you control the person.

It's happening with the NAIS registering of cattle. It's happening when laws are enacted that turn our food stocks such as corn into fuel for our vehicles. It's happening when lands are put off limits to hunting, or in this case, fishing. It's happening when we're told we cannot grow our own foods unless they're government inspected and approved- either animal or vegetable, the fed is making no distinction. (MMPaints has been fighting this tyranny for months now so go read her for lots more information and links on the topic. ) It's happening when we're told it's "against the law" to forage food from nature/natural areas.

It's time for every man, woman and child in this country to pick up the banner of Freedom, carry placards and write letters, make phone calls and office visits when practical, and get on the bandwagon of fighting for our rights as Free people. Even if we don't fish or forage-- yet.
Personally, if this becomes a reality, I'd not want to be a DNR officer/Game Warden who walked up to anyone caught fishing and being told they can't. Hooks make some very nasty hanging utensils.

Bless God, God bless.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Stoopud Laws

There's obviously no end to the lengths the Dark Lord will go to in his efforts to control our lives, enslave and deny our very existence. To which the Captain remarks, "He can kiss my hairy..."

"...When the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) completed their successful campaign to convince the Ontario government to end one of the best scientifically managed big game hunts in North America (spring bear), the results of their agenda had severe economic impacts on small family businesses and the tourism economy of communities across northern and central Ontario," said Phil Morlock, director of environmental affairs for Shimano.

"Now we see NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and the administration planning the future of recreational fishing access in America based on a similar agenda of these same groups and other Big Green anti-use organizations, through an Executive Order by the President. The current U.S. direction with fishing is a direct parallel to what happened in Canada with hunting: The negative economic impacts on hard working American families and small businesses are being ignored..."

It's doubtful such a law will be enacted in Minnesota, since we have the right to fish and hunt in our State Constitution. Nor would state residents stand still for such stupidity even from their god.

Fishing is the Number One draw for summer time activities in Minnesota. The Walleye is the state fish. Fishing license sales are in the high millions of dollars-- in the neighborhood of 700 thousand were sold in 2002 alone and the number rises each year. Multiply that by this year's fee of $17 for an individual fishing-only license, and get an idea of how much revenue will be lost by the state alone. (Minnesota offers a 'combination' license for fishing and small game hunting at a reduced cost as opposed to buying the two separately. The fee for the 'combo' license this year is $29.50.) Having a fishing license is one of the best ways to gather dietary protein and have more fun than you can wave a rod and reel at so far as Minnesota's DNR is concerned.

Then there are the spin-off industries that profit immensely from fishing. A $1.58 BILLION (the "B" is correct) industry is nothing to sneeze at-- it's the largest sport industry in the nation.

Gas sales rise dramatically Opening Day, usually the second week end of May. Hundreds of thousands of people work in related industries- not to mention the numerous fishing related television and radio programs that promote the sport. Hundreds of small businesses provide jobs and, thereby, income for thousands of state residents. From kids growing worms and operating minnow traps to full-blown businesses doing the same, there's money to be made in chasing after the 158 different species of finned friends in Minnesota.

Minnesota has one boat for every six residents. (In that case, I have enough for a family of 48!) That's 900 thousand registered boats in Minnesota. And with 3,800,000 acres of fishing waters, that's more water acreage than a lot of states have for total landmass.

Tackle manufacturers sell millions of dollars of product every year, whether rods, reels, or hooks, it's a huge business. Nearly every gas station, mall, drug store and grocer in Minnesota has some fishing related products on their shelves.

And that moron and his green weenies think they're going to stop fishing in Minnesota?

I dare them to try.

Bless God, God bless.