Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Everyone's going to be posting their thoughts on the past year and, really, is there anything we don't already know about the last year worth posting?
Not really.
In a nutshell: America let itself get raped by a self-serving liberal commie government.
Thoughts for the New Year?
None, really.
In a nutshell: America's gonna get raped again, worse. By the same rapist.
Thoughts for the New Year?
Maybe it's time we stood up to the rapist and told him, "Not again!"
Just got the Cheaper Than Dirt flyer Wednesday, looked through it last night. Noticed an interesting asterisked comment at the bottom of many pages. "January1, 2011 We will no longer sell or ship ammunition to residents of California." I guess that means at least two things: California must have enough ammo already so there's no need to make changes there, and, of course, California's on its own now. Well, was nice knowing you as an American state, California. Hope you enjoy your future as a satellite of Mexico.
Happy New Year, America. Make the most of it.
Bless God, God bless.


  1. As long as the Federal Reserve is privately owned you will not even be offered lube.

  2. Happy New Year Shy! Indeed rape is the right word! We've been raped and looted,now lets stop em before the pillaging starts! The siege of Washington is 1-21-11 Hopefully this will be the spark that ignites the REAL change. Don't give up BRO we the PEOPLE are just getting started!


  3. Yep, starting 2/1 of this year, you can only buy ammo in face-to-face transaction AND give a thumbprint. So Internet ammo will be a thing of the past. Sounds like CTD is getting a month early jump on the process.

    For me, I'll NEVER be printed to buy ammo, so I'll take all of my ammo dollars into Oregon (no sales tax) or Nevada (better selection) and help their local economies.

    Now, they're doing this for our safety. The gang-bangers will now no longer be able to get ammo because of this ground-breaking law.

    Yeah. I feel safer already...

  4. Occupied Kalifornia deserves exactly what they get. Meanwhile, here in Texas, I'll be adding to my stash this year. Starving the beast and feeding me and mine is the plan. Happy new year Shy...

  5. I find your prognosis and summary to be very accurate.



  6. If it wasn't for for the extreme greed of the far right. The rape by the extreme left would not have been possible. We in the middle are being played by both ends of the spectrum.



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