Sunday, December 19, 2010

'Tis the Season

Being a dog person, I am very aware of how people interact with their pups, more-so than I am with how people interact with each other. I've seen people totally against owning dogs become infatuated with animals received as pets. I've also seen the cruelty some have for animals, regarding them only as objects to serve their inflated egos with glitz and glamor they can't achieve without the animal, or to fatten wallets in the breeding grounds or warfare pits.
Of course, there are 'working' dogs- military, police, sled dog, etc- and there are 'pets'. Sometimes the line is crossed and a working dog is a pet as well- a service dog leading a blind owner through the pits of hell with unending love. And the true pets, those 'sleep in the bed' and 'come play with me' canines who live only to love us.
And the people who own them display their own character in how well they interact with their dog. People who spend time with their pets often teach them to do some wonderful games, to play with them in ways no one else can. (Imagine teaching your child or best friend to race madly hundreds of feet, or yards, and leap joyously feet into the air to catch a Frisbee...)
Imagine teaching your friends to merrily dance to polka music wearing a tu-tu... in the street where hundreds of on lookers will OOOooo and AWWWwww gaining moments of happiness at your friend's antics.
Imagine waving good-bye to your friends for the evening as you go to the movie... to dinner... to church... and leaving your friends to their own devices.
My Honey showed me this one... I'm dedicating it to Brigid. Enjoy. Oh- and Merry Christmas.
God bless.


  1. ...worth the wait...can't help but to be reminded of the poker playin'pooches...

  2. I'm saving the dog video clip to show my children. They will love it!

    We've got two pups (my husband says they don't qualify as dogs because one weighs 13 lbs and the other 4 lbs) that are well loved. Theodore is a schnoodle and my son's dog and Lacey is a Yorkie and the girl's pampered pup.

    A blessed and Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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