Monday, April 27, 2009

New Model S and W

Every now and then a manufacturer comes up with a design that is sure to be copied by every company available, even some that aren't yet around.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the newest model Liberator Arms Co. revolver created especially for those of us who have Liberal anti-firearm Democrat friends who may not be feeling as joyous as they once were over election of their Great One. Or maybe they're feeling a bit worried about their home security due to the increasing residential crime they've been hearing about. Or perhaps they live in California, which now has cities so poor they are refusing to try criminal cases such as burglary, assault, battery and auto theft.

Or maybe they now realize the police can't be every where to protect them within seconds.

Now is some good news for them.

Liberator Arms Co. has just announced a new handgun that is designed just for the person who is unfamiliar with (and possibly afraid of) handguns, yet wants to have adequate protection-- the Model18044L(Liberal).

You will note the handsome, powerful weapon is a commemorative model which proudly bears the Democratic Ass and a capital "D"!

Tell your Democratic friends to be sure to get their order in early as there will be a very high demand for these collector weapons.

Note from Shy: this is not a serious piece and in no way reflects upon the Smith and Wesson company nor any of its affiliates. Done purely in jest, Smith and Wesson does not endorse nor (probably) condone this humor. I wish no harm to befall any manufacturer of arms of any kind and wish Smith and Wesson's next year is even more lucrative than this year.

Also, I am not the producer of this picture/ad and wish to thank the person who did it- the piece is part of an Email forwarded from a friend (who shall remain nameless).


Monday, April 13, 2009

Minnesota Tea Parties

For all you Minnesota Patriots: Come one, come all to a tea party near you!
Below is a listing of all the Tea Parties planned thus far for Minnesota. The included link also will allow viewers to find parties planned for their state. Be sure to attend one near you.
As Americans, it is our duty- and, yes, I want to point accusing fingers and make people feel guilty (guilt works for libs, ought to work for Patriots!)- to ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, and our Founding Fathers and the Constitution, to perform acts of Civil Disobedience in a peaceful manner. Regardless what the PTB want us to believe, "the rights of the people to peaceful assembly shall not be infringed."
So get out and vote!
It is rumored there will be ACORN commies doing their best to disrupt these events, so please be careful, be considerate and peaceful. Do not start arguing with morons cuz all it will prove is two morons can't agree on anything.
Be Patriotic, protest Loudly, protest Peacefully, protest with Dignity.
Each meeting is asking people to bring their cameras- still and video- to document the event. So charge those batteries, bring lots of tape (for video) and a big gig card for your still cam. Also, they are asking people to dress in "period" dress similar to the original Boston Tea Party members. For one, I hope someone thinks to have a tail gate party right after the event.
Antoinette “Toni” Backdahl
**State coordinators serve as liaisons between this national effort and local events and not as the organizer for each individual event. If you want to attend or volunteer for a listed event, contact the event coordinator. If you want to organize a new event, contact the state coordinator AND email Thanks!**

The following is a list of CONFIRMED Tea Party Tax Revolts planned within the state of Minnesota. Please note that we ONLY list events happening on April 15th.
City: Duluth
When: April 15, 12:15pm
Where:March and Rally - Harbor Drive (Behind the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center)
Contact: EMAIL
Other Info:
Facebook Group:Coming Soon

City: Fairmont, MN
April 15, 5 p.m. to ?
Where: 201 Lake Ave, Martin County Courthouse front steps
Contact: EMAIL
Phone: 507-238-2309
Other Info: Bring friends and signs

City:Mille County (Milaca & Princeton)
When: April 15, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Where: 145 Central Ave. S (City Museum and surrounding block)
Contact: EMAIL or EMAIL
Other Info: Group will be invited to join the Twin Cities Tea Party in St. Paul from 5-8pm!
Facebook Group:Coming Soon

City: Rochester
When: April 15, 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Where: East Side of Silver Lake, 840 7 St NE
Contact: EMAIL
Other Info:
Facebook Group: Click Here

City: St. Cloud
When: April 15, Noon
Where: St. Cloud Public Library
Contact: EMAIL
Other Info:
Facebook Group:

City: St. Paul ~ Twin Cities
When: April 15, 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Where: Minnesota State Capitol
Contact: EMAIL
Other Info:
Facebook Group: CLICK HERE

City: Willmar
When: April 15, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Where: 1101 First St South
Contact: EMAIL
Other Info:
Facebook Group: Coming Soon!

Have an event planned for Minnesota? Email Amy and let us know!

More information here:Tax Day Tea Party » Minnesota (the link will display all 50 state planned parties.)

Now, go out and have fun! Please, do not allow inclement weather to discourage you from attending. Get out the vote.

Bless God, God bless, and Bless America!