Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quandary After Quandary

Been a rough couple of weeks around the old homestead. Along with concern for the American people and having to bail out Wall Street by paying for homes I'll never own the likes of, there's been warfare in the front yard.
As a carpenter, I used to get pist off when I'd be working on some of the custom homes. One time in particular, I was laying the bathroom tile- the whole floor and half the walls and tub surround- and my partner and I were talking about how much the room was going to cost the homeowner. This particular bathroom alone cost more than either of us would bring in gross for the year. That was a depressing thought and made us wonder where the hell that kind of money comes from. This bath was not in a building that was to become a home, just a week end retreat on the lake.
Now, thanks to fools in our government, we'll all be paying for those kind of houses- not homes, just houses, we'll never be able to share in. Sure makes one (me, anyway) want to cry. My mind can see tears on Lady Liberty's cheeks as well as she realizes the lofty promises she has made these hundred twenty-two years are now just empty words. "Just words, just speeches" as our illiterate nincompoop of a presidential candidate has noted. (We all know that without 'affirmative action' and the 'no child left behind laws' he'd not have got the education he did.) Her words will never again ring true for those entering our country, dreaming of a better life, a more possible dream, of creating a free and loving home for themselves and family.
And then there's the local, in my own home, situation that has ired my dandruff, added lots of gray hairs to those few that remain.
The Kid, in all his wisdom and worldly knowledge, has decided that quitting school- he's 17, tenth grade- is in his best interests. Not that he ever did well in school or ever enjoyed any aspect of it, because he didn't, or that his teachers and classmates were 'fond' of him, because they aren't, and he saw no reason to continue since he wasn't learning anything. True enough: you only learn when you apply yourself. Education doesn't come through osmosis.
So Dad, in all his wisdom, told the Kid, "Okay: if you want to play in the adult world, you can play adult games. Find a job, start paying rent, buy your share of food, do your own laundry and start doing a fair share of the chores to keep the house up." Of course, he agreed to the program.
That evening he went to town/his mother's and whined to her (I imagine). The phone call I received that evening was to inform me he won't be coming back to the house, he hates me and doesn't want to see me again.
Well, not that I said it to him, but thought, "Well, good riddance to another deadbeat."
Like so many in our country now, his mother feels fine with living on AFDC/welfare, not having to find a job or earn a living- she's never had a job in her life- but she has instilled this kind of attitude in him all his life regardless what he heard from me or people with a few smarts.
It breaks my heart to know that my own son is now one of those liberal government handout recipients so willing to allow their country to baby sit them, take and give nothing to the overall good of the community, state or nation.
Somewhere in back of my head is the idea that "he'll come around one day, see the error of his thinking and, wishfully, come apologize for things he's said and try to be more like I'd thought I was raising him". But I also know enough to not hold my breath waiting for that day.
I find myself trying to understand how anyone can come to think as he is, how can they accept that in themselves? There can be no honest pride in accomplishment, achievement or self in people who have everything handed them by a government agency. Can there? How is it that a child reared in a home where pride, joy, and enthusiasm for a job well done not be able to see that work is an honorable endeavor?
Now, even more so than in the past fifty years, the honor of working for what is gained, for daily bread, a roof over head, is going to be the only close guarantee for those minimums of life. The nanny-state families are going to suffer more than most, be more prone to be the refugees coming after all that which hard working, prudent people have accumulated, stored and wisely set aside.
It so grieves me that Mark 13.12 and other verses are happening in my own home. To think that one of those refugees coming to plunder, destroy and possibly kill (even me) could be my own son is disheartening, grieving the Spirit within me. It causes me to wonder, "Why go farther? Why do more? Enough is enough, let the chips fall where they will."
I know I will not be firing upon my own blood. Or will I? How deep in me is the desire to live, to carry on, to protect 'my own' when it may be 'my own' coming to take it?
I've wrestled with the problem in the past: can I fire upon fellow Americans despite their allegiance, their party affiliation, their goal to take from me what I have worked for and have concluded that, "Yes, I can and will." Without hesitation I will shoot to kill and have no remorse over it. Now my thoughts are not so firm, so dedicated. What have I that is worth destroying that for which I was saving?
It's not in me to surrender, to give in to defeat. But never had I considered warfare with my blood. Perhaps it is again time to consider insuring that the pack is loaded with Bug Out supplies and head for the hills when the time is right. There is still ample time to get all the preps into the bush farther north, cached and mapped, then allow the chips to fall, set torch to the homestead to destroy any remaining usable supplies.
Quandary upon quandary, our life is a quandary.

America, bless God.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Something fishy...

Something fishy going on around here- and, no, I ain't in the boat.
One of the neighbors dropped by on his way back from town. Reported that the local grocer sure was doing a rip-snorting business today. Parking lot chock full of cars, lines at the checkouts and aisles filled with shoppers. Shelves weren't empty yet, but there were galore of boxes empty on the shelves.
Local weather reports are for clear, sunny days rest of the week, small chance of showers on it can't be a snowstorm heading our way.
Since the bird/squirrel/deer-with-bow season opened last week end, there's always the possibility lots of people are prepping for the deer camp. Hmmmm..I wonder, tho.
I just may have to head for town tomorrow and bring the camera (never leave home without it and always forget the Visa) and see what is really going on. Or, if nothing else, go in this evening after munching dinner. Hate to go in late, though, since most other places I'd go will be closed and there are a few items needed for a new project.
My opinion is there's a combination of events happening- not the least of them the recent upset on Wall Street. People just may be waking up to what the 'times' are indicating and there may be a sudden growth in 'preppers' in the area. "Curiouser and curiouser," said the monkey to the bear.
My curiosity is getting to me...dangit, now I may just head into town anyway.
I hate when I can't make up my mind.
God bless, All- keep on prepping.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Who cares...

"Who cares who gets elected president? The poor fool is going to spend his time in office trying to explain to starving people why he is not responsible for their misery. He will try to explain what he is doing to make their lives a little bit better. He will be trying to stay alive in order to get his pension. Scumbag reporters will be looking for jobs that really mean something because they will not be with companies that make any money. The great leveler will be among us. We will all be trying to survive. I keep telling people that ignorance is it's own reward. It will be proven even if people don't get it as yet. Get ready for the big change. And don't forget that most Americans like our present way of doing things. So don't get to feeling too sorry for them."

As a norm, I wouldn't respond to this. Having been reared in a Democrat household where the "only difference in a democrat and republican is five minutes", I'd have agreed. Who really cares who get elected?

Well: I care. And I have a myriad of reasons why I care.

First: every right I have under the Constitution is up for grabs this election. With just the stroke of a pen, the up-coming President could eradicate everything I believe in so far as my country is concerned. Whether he is attempting to stay alive long enough to collect a pension or is just starting out as a new adult seeking to earn his way in this world, every American deserves a chance to be all they can be, to achieve all that is possible in this country. And there still are many opportunities for every American citizen, chances to make a real life in a free country- if only we all felt that was possible.

But so many don't feel it. We are too beaten down by the media and the accusations of the minority political activists who tell us we are bad people, that we have fucked up the world and are responsible for its demise. To those kind of people, I have only one thing to say: God is in control. There isn't a damned thing any of us can do to prevent Him from doing His will. No matter how much petroleum we burn or how many trees we cut down, how many dolphins we kill (on purpose or accidentally) or how few wolves there are on the planet, how many owls go homeless- God is in control. Animals have been going extinct since they first appeared on this planet- want to argue it? Show me a T-Rex or Mastodon alive now.

So far as the President explaining to the people why we're in such dire straights- he will have no need to. We already know why we're in dire straights: every preacher worthy of the name has been telling us since the Crucifixion. Not to mention, every news broadcast by every channel, every politician, every scientist, every person we meet on the street, every time we look in the mirror to shave or put on make-up, we are looking at the person responsible.

How are we responsible, each and every one of us?

'Who cares who gets elected President?'

Because we didn't vote for the lesser of the evils, we are responsible for every man, woman and child now living on welfare programs, or starving or freezing or going without medical care. Because we didn't vote in people who are concerned for the safety of our country, we will suffer the effects of illegal immigration, of radical Muslims or whatever taking control of our lives, of our country. Because we didn't vote intelligently, we will lose our freedom of speech- PBS and 'controlled' media will be our only recourse to any type of information dissemination. Orwell had it right in 1984 even if he missed the year. Because we didn't vote for honesty and idealism, we will suffer the consequences of our 'liberal' feelings of self-gratification. Because we didn't vote for something bigger than our egos and pleasure, we will reap our reward in losing even the hint of those pleasures.

Because we don't vote in the honest, uncorrupted official, we as citizens are now suffering the cause/effect relationship of government and Fannie Mae and Bernie Mac and others, especially those institutions so near our own homes- our own financial organizations. Because we didn't raise our voices and vote and object, we have politicians running rampant, filling their own pockets and those of their cronies. We have politicians doing their best to smear young people or opponents in their self-aggrandizing strategies and wrecking lives far removed from the podium from which they direct.

Especially in this up-coming election, we have some simple choices to make: vote for someone who is known to party and associate with people who are known to not only hate what this country stands for, what it is, what it can be, but who are not the least sorry for their beliefs; or we can vote for someone who has a record of serving the country and its inhabitants more than serving himself.

A very big change is coming to this country,have no doubt of it. Regardless who gets into office, look for that change to begin within the society. I see race wars and civil strife coming very soon- less than months away.

I see hunger and class warfare upon the stage wings, anxiously awaiting their cue. Those who do like the status-quo are going to be sucked into a great vacuum of "What happened?" and will certainly suffer the consequences of their non-action. These people will be vast in number and ferocious in their attempt to survive. They will be very adamant in denying the cause of their problem is themselves, their ideas and actions- or lack of action in certain areas. But they will also be ones who voted-- voted for their desires and pleasure feelings, not voting for honesty and integrity. These will be the people who voted for allowing whim and fancy to reign in their lives, their government, their 'religions'.

They will be the very people who Christ Jesus spoke of "wanting to have their ears tickled" by their leaders, their ministers and friends. These are the people 'for whom the bells tolls'.

Just a few reasons why I care, think we should all care. Politics isn't going to improve unless we voters improve them by demanding honesty, truth, by holding the very people accountable for their actions. By not doing so, we only allow a furthering of the socialist/nanny state we are steadily encroaching upon now.

God bless, bless God-



Sometimes I think I'm going nuts. Other times I know I'm nuts. Or am I? Maybe. Possibly.More than likely. Not at all. Perhaps. Ummm...Yup. Naa...

Not doing a whole bunch other than mudding walls and sanding same, gives me too much time on my hands along with the mud and primer and paint. I'd much rather have fish slime or bird guts all over them, or buck scent. Anyway- some rambling thoughts for the day- how to keep your mind from getting bored while the body wants to be doing something different.

Now don't get me wrong: I like to work. Enjoy it tremendously and have even been known to make more work for myself. But I really do dislike having to go to work. I'm sure most of you understand my meaning there, have been at the same point at one time or another.

Like dogs: I've had a few, always loved having them and playing with them. There are few things more satisfying than sitting in a duck blind with a buddy and a dog, drinking hot coffee as the rain pelts your head, soaks your cammoes and freezes to your gun barrel- and the dog sits there happy as only a dog can be just 'cuz he's with you. But, man! ain't dogs a pain when you have to go somewhere that doesn't allow them, or when you have to go someplace alone and they need a baby-sitter? Or when they decide to get sick and both ends decorate the carpet?

Any time of year, I'd rather have snow than rain. Any time of year I'd rather have spring and fall weather, preferably fall. Don't like winters, especially cold ones, but snow is so clean and you can play in it. Especially in a duck blind or on a deer stand. The only thing that happens when you play in the rain is you get wet. Ever try making a water ball? (Speaking of balls- hold on a second and you'll have one to play with.) Of course, it's fun to take your lady to the shore and toss her in the water. That is, until she gets out, then duck quick.

Speaking of ladies- I love them. Wish I had one permanent full-time. Not many, if any, things are more fun than having someone's hand to hold as you sit and watch a quiet sunset flare over the horizon. But I sure do like being alone. Always have, which is probably why I don't have a Lady around: they recognize the 'loner' who's comfy in his own skin and doesn't 'need' company.

Guns are great fun to use and hunt with. I have several, and in a life an' death shootout with a bad guy or two, nothing's better. But I prefer a bow and arrow. Maybe it's 'cuz Mom wouldn't allow guns in the house cuz they're dangerous, but she'd allowed me a bow when I was eleven. Interesting how she never equated those rabbits and partridge in the freezer to the bow, thinking they were gun shot. This no-gun idea coming from a woman who'd gone through the Depression and ate many meals provided by the guns in her family's cabinet. (She won't eat venison to this day- says she ate enough growing up to kill a wolf.)

So there you have it- a blog about nothing but a few quirks in an idle mind.

Oh, yes- I promised you a ball to play with. Try this one: mouse over the ball and click on it to get it to change colors: Ball
I'm very happy to see all you Texas Preppers (and Florida and Louisiana) home safe and sound, glad Ike wasn't as bad as he could have been. Welcome home, Folks. God bless.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pist Off Tonite..

There are few things that piss me off more than treason and traitor-ism (I know it ain't a word), and being faithless to one's country.

It doesn't matter to me what country a person is from: if they support and defend it, they have my respect. But when that person turns against their country, gives away its secrets, fails to support it, puts its people in jeopardy or in harm's way, then I am about to get riled up good and fast.

Here is a story sent me by a friend about Mr. McCain's son Jimmy.

It's a good enough news story- not disclosing much or really saying anything terribly important such as his location or which unit he's with- but what the God damn hell is it doing in the news in the first place?

So far as I'm concerned, the press has stepped past any boundaries it has ever established- and I used to work in news- and has gone into very treasonable waters. Not that this is the first time: I can recall moments during 'times of war' the media has announced troop movements well ahead of the planned operation.

Each time I have wondered what the hell do they think they're doing?

Again, I am wondering, ''What the hell do they think they're doing?"

I am well aware how disgruntled and angry the media is about John McCain's imminent rise to power, of how they are doing all they can to disrupt and derail his bid for the Presidency, but to stoop this low, to put his youngest son in peril, is the lowest, most scum-bag descent to being a turd as I can imagine.
My apologies if I'm not making a lot of sense here- my mood is so irate and the anger is rising in me as I've seldom seen it at this outright -so far as I'm concerned- attack upon the man's family that it is a very good thing none of those kind of people is near me now or they'd find themselves throttled. Literally. At this moment there is nothing I'd like more than to have my hands around some liberal media person's throat and wring it 'til they croaked. Please- make it the ass that leaked this story.

The thought occurs to me: "Perhaps it was the campaign's agenda."

God, I pray not. The article says Mr. McCain was angry. Praise God. I hope when he becomes President he legislates against these kind of assholes in the media and the are convicted of treason- without a jury of 'peers', but honest, true American men and women who know what Patriotism and Honor is about. We know the press will not convict its own, but laud them with Oscars and other trophy ilk as they allow them continued freedom.

Which brings me to Mrs Palin.

What kind of Americans are we when we allow the media to do all it can to dig up slander against a 17 year old child? What kind of Americans are we that we not complain to all who don't want to hear about the stupidity of the rants about a Down-syndrome child and its parentage? How low have we descended to the utmost depravity as a nation?

If Barack Hussein Obama wins the election, we will deserve him and the hell he brings with him.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Coping Alone...

Temps went from a week of hi-80's and 90's to less than fifty for a string of days.

Doggoneit, wouldn't you know that my old carcass would come down with a flu bug of some sort right away. Four days of mostly sleeping, drinking liquid meals-- dang-it, no, not that kind'a liquid-- and sitting on the throne one minute to changing directions the next. Yup, weak as a baby and not able to do much of anything but think. Not that the weather was being kind to those doing work outside: temp hi's in the 50's and lows in the mid to upper 30's at nite. Rain a few days running- thank you, Gustav and Hannah.

And I hate thinking- hurts too much and curls my hair.

Today's the first day of really feeling well for the past week. This morning the hound and I took a run to the ricing lake and discovered we should have stayed home. This had not been a good week to be laid up: rice had matured enough and the first crop was gone, not a whole bunch left for the second, maybe enough to bother with for a few meals. Maybe.

Not much firewood got cut and split and stacked either.

We won't talk about what the laundry smelled like.

Of course, there are some good points to being sick this time of year. Just danged if I can think of more than one, though: at least it wasn't 20 below and I'd need some firewood hauled in, someone to keep an eye on the stove and feed it- as well as me.

Which got me to thinking: What if this had happened when it was 20 below? What do I do then? Simple answer, since it ain't TEOTWAKI yet, get on the horn and call a friend over to baby-sit the hound and me. Of course, it would be easy in such case.

But: What if it was a pretty total change- what then?

If the world situation was a real disaster with no phone lines, no cell towers, a real throwback to 80 or 100 years ago, what would have been my lot, then?

If I'd been very ill, with pneumonia or other debilitating disease, a broken leg or arm, a severely wrenched back, or even the Tom Brady problem now of a messed up knee/cap/muscle/ligaments, I'd have been "up the creek without a paddle". It's good to have neighbors who tend to keep an eye on us- close knit country neighborhoods are a blessing. Too, having family who will drop in unannounced is wonderful as well.

In the coming hard times, these friends/neighbors and family members are going to be our strength, part of the saving grace displayed by God when we need it most. Too, this close-knit community of country folks is something I never felt, saw or knew while living in places like Minneapolis/St Paul, Chicago, Duluth, Seattle. Of course, if there was family around, they'd be there, but with a lot less frequency and for shorter durations. (Sometimes that's a blessing in disguise-wink/wink.)

I guess my point, which I'm taking a long-winded route to reach, is that we are all going to be needing someone at some time to help us. Whether with something simple like chores or caring for us in an emergency, knowing someone is close enough to call upon, or who will call upon 'you', will be a major blessing. There's a common saying that "God helps those who help themselves". Well, it ain't totally Scriptural but it does fit a very few situations. Most of the time, God helps those who help others. The idea is to insure ourselves of having that help available when we need it- whether by forming alliances with other like-minded individuals in our communities, of being 'close' with our neighbors, or even now of going out of our way to form new friendships, new alliances, to insure we have enough/any/someone to call upon should the need ever arise.

If I'd had a couple more in my 'circle', that rice might be in my cooker now, and the wood more complete.

And I'd probably been eating a bit more than chicken broth and soda crackers those few days.

After all- we don't want to trust our lives to a single strand rope. Do we?