Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Something fishy...

Something fishy going on around here- and, no, I ain't in the boat.
One of the neighbors dropped by on his way back from town. Reported that the local grocer sure was doing a rip-snorting business today. Parking lot chock full of cars, lines at the checkouts and aisles filled with shoppers. Shelves weren't empty yet, but there were galore of boxes empty on the shelves.
Local weather reports are for clear, sunny days rest of the week, small chance of showers on Saturday...so it can't be a snowstorm heading our way.
Since the bird/squirrel/deer-with-bow season opened last week end, there's always the possibility lots of people are prepping for the deer camp. Hmmmm..I wonder, tho.
I just may have to head for town tomorrow and bring the camera (never leave home without it and always forget the Visa) and see what is really going on. Or, if nothing else, go in this evening after munching dinner. Hate to go in late, though, since most other places I'd go will be closed and there are a few items needed for a new project.
My opinion is there's a combination of events happening- not the least of them the recent upset on Wall Street. People just may be waking up to what the 'times' are indicating and there may be a sudden growth in 'preppers' in the area. "Curiouser and curiouser," said the monkey to the bear.
My curiosity is getting to me...dangit, now I may just head into town anyway.
I hate when I can't make up my mind.
God bless, All- keep on prepping.


  1. That is curious. Do let us know why folks are buying if you find out. I'd like to know...

    Our local Chinamart yesterday afternoon was nowhere near as busy as usual. I couldn't tell why...

  2. Does make one wonder! Could the sheeple be getting wise!

  3. I am in Wisconsin and the closest town to us was like a ghost town yesterday afternoon. No one I mean no-one out and about, (except the taverns, this after all wisconsin)

    Old fart

  4. So, hey Shy--did you find out why folks were buying? HM

  5. Freaks me out when people do that! I feel like I should be buying anything that's left...

  6. Howdy, Folks- thanks for checking. Sorry, however: no fantastic news to report, it was jsut an extremely busy day according to the clerks I spoke with. One of my cousins is a stocker and he was sweating, he said, but there were no 'particular' products flying extremely fast, just everything. He did tell me that this Thursday is Welfare/foodstamp day so it's going to be busy as well. Sorry- nothing more to impart and sorry if I caused any angst among you loyal people.
    Bless God.


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