Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Curtis Nails it.

"...What do you want?

I want to thank a friend that I was having a phone conversation with this morning before my battery went dead and cut us off who got me to thinking about this.
Do you want freedom… and the absence of restraint and responsibilities?
Or, do you want liberty… which requires restraint and responsibility?
Do you want absolute chaos? Or controlled chaos?
Do you want to defy natures law. Or, abide by natures law?
Do you want anything goes? Or, do you want some things go?
Do you want no limitations. Or, some limitations?.."

There's more meat in this post than most people consume in a lifetime.

Bless God, God bless.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Worth a Read

In case you've been hearing rumors, this will set them to rest. Definitely worth the read...

CPX Foxtrot

Bless God, God bless.

Wut'sit Box

Grampa stopped by a few days ago. Monday, to be exact. Of course, like most others who visit, he brought some weaponry to play with. For Grampa, it's a renewed interest in things that go BOOM. A rekindling of the joys of shooting. Of being a boy again, of  remembering what it was like in the days before guns were something we used to shoot at others with. (He doesn't talk much about his days with the First Cav, but when he does, he can curl your hair.)

Inyhoo... he also... well, I'll let him tell you...

"You ever seen one of these? Would it be possible to use the internet (he doesn't use computers) to find out something about this?"

And he pulled this out of his jacket pocket... (per usual, emclicken to embiggen)

"I found this at a rummage sale a hundred years ago," he told me. (This put it back in the days before people had to sign their lives away with dotfed/doj just to buy a weapon.) "But no one can tell me who made it or what caliber it is. I took it to  Dick's and he couldn't find anything to fit it, either." (Dick's being the local gunsmith guru, no longer with us, but he was well-known to shooters in the area.)

It has the appearance of an old Smith and Wesson design of its early model Police revolvers. But this one is made in Espana. (It's written on the barrel sans any other markings but serial number.)

Blued steel, four inch barrel and walnut grips, lanyard ring on the lower grip frame, S&W type cylinder release, with a real firing pin. Caliber is in question: somewhere between a .38 and a .308.  (I'm thinking .32- though not a .32 S&W Special- but have no means of measuring the cylinder. Yet.)  The action is very tight, showing a decent quality arms maker but there are milling marks on much of the flat surface. The DA trigger pull is somewhere between the SKS on the low end and pulling a John Deere tractor on the high end.  Single action pull is smooth and crisp, though not on par with the Colt, Smith or Ruger.

There are some rust spots on it that he couldn't get totally removed with cleaning, especially in the bore.

Handling a weapon this old, with obvious signs of use, although not well cared for for years, makes me wonder about its history. Hopefully, it creates a stir in someone here as well, with a few more facts or guesses about it.

Opinions, anyone?

Bless God, God bless.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

EFAD Psy-Ops

Spread the word, if you will. Psy-Ops is more than a one-way street in SpyLand.

Dear Enemies Trilogy readers,
In a minute I’m sending out my first message about Operation Enemies Foreign And Domestic.
Please take a few minutes to read it, and if you want to join the op, let’s roll.
Matt Bracken
Jax, FL

UPDATE 0859 EST 23 FEB 2012:
Operation “Enemies Foreign And Domestic”
First Communiqué: D-Day Minus Seven
Want to join a beat-up old ex-Navy SEAL, ocean sailor and book writer on a real-world covert cyber operation? I knew you did. So here’s the deal.
The idea is a national clandestine psyop, using my first novel as a vehicle. On next Thursday, March 1, Enemies Foreign And Domestic will be put into Amazon Kindle’s free library, for a period of up to five days.
Where EFAD’s free download promotion will be different from those of the thousands of fantasy/romance/vampire novels currently offered on Kindle, is that I’m simultaneously coordinating a mass plan to ensure that Operation EFAD goes hyper-viral on all constitutionally-oriented, freedom-loving, and Second Amendment websites and blogs at the same time.
Or on at least on as many as I can reach, and that is where you come in. There are literally hundreds of patriotic websites and blogs, and I can only reach a few. You can reach them all, every last one. And then some. More about this in the next communiqué on D Minus Six.
Despite its many limitations, Twitter will be useful for rapid tactical coordination. Operation Enemies Foreign And Domestic will be code-named #EFAD, in order to use Twitter as an always-open back channel for project updates and participant feedback. By typing #EFAD into the Twitter search field, you will find every new message related to the operation. I am @MattBracken48 on Twitter, I am Matt Bracken on Facebook, and I can be reached by email at steelcutter48 at
My goal is to make the spike in the number of free Kindle downloads for Enemies Foreign And Domestic so dramatic, that the national media will notice the passionate interest in this “dangerous and seditious” novel among the bitter clingers. But this is just the first step of a jiu-jitsu move. The light thrown on EFAD’s sudden nationwide surge in popularity will then be mirrored back onto the federal government’s most egregious usurpations and abuses, and on the mainstream media itself.
The idea is to force open a long overdue national conversation that the elite MSM very much wants to ignore. In large strokes, it is about our federal government morphing into a socialist tyranny before our eyes, a tyranny that is no longer soft, but getting harder with every passing month. Which is it to be: freedom, or tyranny?
The first step in forcing open this dialogue will be to explore the mainstream media’s active collusion in the cover-up of a scandal that is demonstrably orders of magnitude worse than the worst previous scandals, such as Watergate, which was “a third-rate burglary” where nobody was killed. To date, the DOJ’s Operation Fast And Furious has resulted in hundreds of murdered Mexicans and at least two dead U.S. federal agents. But instead of providing real news coverage, the MSM feeds America the pabulum of celebrity worship and an artificially-contrived debate about artificial birth control.
Imagine for a moment if President Nixon’s men, when called before the congressional committees invistigating the Watergate scandal, had provided nothing but thousands of pages of fully blacked-out paper. In effect, a giant, bored, “F—k you, what are you going to do about it?” to congress. Then imagine if the Washington Post, the New York Times and the television networks never mentioned Watergate or the hearings, except rarely, and then only to call the congressional investigators partisan hacks who were bent on destroying our beloved President Nixon.
Reverse the party polarity, jump forward through the time warp, and you have the current reality, where gangsters rule the federal government from the White House, the Fast And Furious congressional investigators are impotent buffoons, and the MSM is fully in on the cover-up. Nobody died at the Watergate, but recall what the hysterical 24-7 news coverage of the Watergate scandal and hearings accomplished: the end of a presidency, pronto. And an Attorney General in prison.
In the modern case of Operation Fast And Furious, hundreds of Mexicans were murdered as the result of a diabolically evil plot laid with the sole purpose of discrediting the Second Amendment, by deliberately funneling semi-automatic rifles to known drug cartel killers and assassins. Their goal was to bury our Right to Keep and Bear Arms beneath a mountain of Mexican corpses.
Folks, it doesn’t get much more evil than that.
And we know why these socialist dictators-in-waiting want us disarmed.
In 2012, the fictional premise of Enemies Foreign And Domestic, that a small clique of senior BATFE officials might conspire to arrange a mass shooting into a packed football stadium (also with the intention of discrediting our Right to Keep and Bear Arms), suddenly seems much less far-fetched.
So here’s the plan: on Thursday, March 1, we will engineer a stratospheric spike in the number of free Kindle downloads of Enemies Foreign And Domestic, and continue this operation for up to five days, the max allowable under the terms of the free download program. We will watch the MSM explore this sudden and frightening phenomenon erupting among the unwashed gun nuts and wild-eyed Constitution fanatics. When they predictably condemn EFAD for its fictional assassinations of government officials, and the rest of the story that they will pretend to find so abhorrent, we will shine their own spotlight right back on them, and yell Fast And Furious in their faces!
“Really? Enemies Foreign And Domestic is a terrorist manual? Well, I’ll see your fictional stadium massacre, and raise you a real-world conspiracy to murder hundreds of Mexicans. If you would ever cover the story, instead of covering it up!”
And this can all happen by getting a million or so gun owners and other freedom lovers to download EFAD, totally for free, beginning on March 1st. This will be a coordinated “time-on-target” fire mission. Further communiqués will be forthcoming from EFAD HQ. Search keyword #EFAD on Twitter for other operational updates, including links.
If you email me (steelcutter48 at, please include #EFAD somewhere in the subject line, so that I will know that you have been briefed to this point and are up to speed. And keep in mind that while you are all my patriotic friends and loyal readers, at various time I may know you by a screen name, a real name, a website name, or an email address name. It gets mighty confusing, so forgive me if I can’t keep all of your various handles straight.
Matt Bracken—Out.

Got KINDLE?  Matt has linked to a Free Kindle Download  for this event - . Let's make it happen, Folks.

Bless God. God bless.