Thursday, July 12, 2007


In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.
There is no room for argument there. God created it all. Any who say life "evolved" from a primordial mass created after a "big bang" is taking a greater leap of faith than those who believe the Scriptures. Where did this "stuff" come from to go "bang"? It's "always been there." Yup. Uh-huh. Always. Talk about a leap of faith. It's more easy and justifiable to believe God spoke it into existence. Takes a lot less Faith, and a more rational Faith.

Each and every day is ordained and established by God. He directs the steps of those who seek Him. He also allows the steps of those who don't. Regardless whether we believe or not, He is in control. So give Him the honor due and attempt to glorify Him with our lives.

Sit-coms do all they can to belittle the honest working father, the man doing his best to rear a family in an unjust world. They especially enjoy belittling the white fathers. Is it any wonder children have no respect for their parents, teachers, law-enforcement officers or others in authoritative positions? Teach children their parents are bumbling idiots undeserving of respect and there is no God in control and then complain when they commit acts of violence on the streets and in their schools. Take out God and put in metal detectors and armed security.

Glorify criminal behavior in films and on TV, in the papers, on the talk shows. Glorify nudity and multiple marriages and promiscuous and deviant sex. Make the life of a fish or bird or wolf or tree or salamander more valuable than a human life. Teach "values education" in schools where children can make decisions about who would be worth saving more than another. Teach children it's "Okay to be "different" in lifestyle regardless what it is." Teach children that it's wrong to defend themselves when bullied, that "zero tolerance" is the answer to the problem and then be unable to enforce it because bullies don't pay attention to rules any more than criminals do.

Create new "laws" that will not and cannot be enforced by authorities already over-stretched attempting to enforce the laws already written. More useless laws to conceal stupid laws enacted by fools who pay no attention to the laws themselves, feeling above and superior to law. Remove the rights of honest people so they are more defenseless against the criminal element. Remove the rights of honest people so they are more easily controlled by a "ruling class".
Remove the hope and Faith of honest people so they are more easily swayed to believe anything they are told by a single-minded media. Feed people a steady diet of fantasy so they believe that is what matters in their lives.

Continually denigrate God-believers and those with absolute ideas of right and wrong, of good and evil.

Continue to teach our children that in America it isn't the Constitution or laws that matter, only how loudly you can raise your voice or how much you can pay a special interest group to advocate your cause. Show our children that Patriotism is dead, that anyone anywhere can do as they please in America because that is their "right as Americans". Then show them that Americans really have no rights compared to those here illegally. Show our children that foreigners who war against us have more Constitutional rights than Americans. Show our children that we are going to pay the bill for all the world except those born American. Show our children we are willing to rebuild the countries that war against us, but not our own ravaged areas.

It is my contention The United States of America has lost its moral compass and is falling for the Hollywood hype, falling for the "mass media" depiction of what we should be. We need to get a renewed excitement for the honest things of God. We need to get a renewed excitement over family matters, of teaching our children right from wrong with an honest Guide. We need to rebel against the media hype and show them through our actions what we believe in, what direction we want this country to go, to grow in. We need to get our act together, to repair the wrongs in America and say "to hell with the rest of the world" until we get ourselves righted.

We need to forget about rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan and Africa and Mexico and South America and Europe and Russia. We need to rebuild America first: Physician, heal thyself, then heal others.


Thursday, July 5, 2007


The first week of July is the unofficial opening of Minnesota deer hunting.

Normally, that opening is the first or second week of November during the rut. That is also the second busiest traffic week, the first being the fishing opener in May.

The July opener is for poachers, people who "steal" game away from the "honest" hunters, those who buy a license (I've had one every year since I was 16, though I don't always hunt) and follow the "rules of fair chase". I've also poached a couple. Not proud of it, but have done it and utilized the whole animal, even the bones as dog food. A hundred years earlier I'd probably have used the bones as needles, spoons, weapons, ornaments.

Times were "hard" back in the late 50's and early 60's. Work was hard to find and low paying and many looked upon "poaching" as a method of feeding themselves, their families. Too, since it involved illegal activity, some of us younger folks thought it was fun. Eluding the game warden (who lived two doors down the road), sometimes the neighbors' shotgun blast. Too, we didn't look at it as being "illegal" in the fullest sense because we ate the meat and rather than go hungry felt a little bending of the law was fine.

Of course, we were "kids", but so close to adulthood it didn't matter. "Kids" our age were dieing in Viet Nam and we would soon be taking our turns as well. What cared we of a little "practice" hunting so long as our families ate?

I think of this now as I lay in bed and hear a gunshot off in the distance, down by the snowmobile trail a half a mile or more away.

Times are becoming a repeat of the days of my youth with difficult times coming upon this one-show area. Almost a depression, some say. As I think back on those days, how we used everything, I hope these people will do the same, not taking only the "choice" cuts, but the whole animal. I also wonder if these are "kids" as we were. Young men, sometimes with dates, out for a quick thrill and meal, young in years perhaps, but "adult" enough to possibly be facing bullets themselves and I pray for them.

We are celebrating Independence Day this week, one of my "top four" holidays (Christmas and Easter, with Easter slightly ahead, and Thanksgiving).

Independence Day is a day for remembering our young people, present and gone. Without these young people and their willingness to show how much they love this country and their willingness to sacrifice for it, we would not be here.

Nor would many other countries be what they are today were it not for the Love and Courage of these loving individuals from the United States of America. Today these young Americans are again away from our shores, from their families and loved ones, engaged in a war for an unappreciative country.

And what are we doing here, in their Homeland, around their families?

We have opened a door, have allowed Satan to enter and set up house-keeping. Not only has he entered our hallowed corridors, he has invited seven of his best friends along for the ride.

Dissent accepted the invitation from his lord.

Discord also gladly accepted his invite.

Anger and Hatred were more than willing to join the party.

Rebelliousness E-mailed Satan with his acceptance letter.

On the way to pick up Impiety, Indifference drove the bus.

Together they joined their leader and entered the Hallowed Halls of America to wreak their vengeance upon its underpinnings.

As Christians, called by the Name of our Lord, we have allowed it to happen, have failed in our mission, have succumbed to the fantasies and follies, the lusts and pleasures, of this lascivious society.

Few are those who weep blood between the doorpost and altar in supplication for this Great Land. Fewer still are those who weep for those standing in Harm's way doing the will of our Father: to obey the laws of the land, its kings and rulers.

My plea to all this Fourth of July, this Independence Day, is that we surrender a parade, a picnic, a clan gathering, a day's wage, a day at the beach, and fall on our faces and seek the face of our God and BEG for His wondrous Mercy for those who proudly stand for what this Nation represents, plea for His Grace to once again fall upon this Land and again make us a mighty nation in His eyes, a weapon for His purpose, a tool for His use.

Most of all, let us cry for those who do not know or believe, that we may be His Light shining before them loudly and joyously proclaiming the Great and Glorious Day of our Lord that will soon befall this, and every, nation.

Let us hasten that Wondrous day of His beautiful return. And let no man, woman or child stand in our way as the Gospel of Jesus is proclaimed throughout this mighty nation.

Happy Independence Day, all. In Love and Freedom,
Bless God,


Monday, July 2, 2007


Beginnings. Hopes, dreams and aspirations. We all have them.
This being the beginning of my BLOG, I have hopes, dreams and aspirations for it. Some will be clear as we progress, others will be less clear and need defining. Some thoughts will be complete in themselves, others less so and will need clarification through progressive analysis. Regardless, progress will be made.
Some personal information: I'm a 60 year old male living in the woods up North with three dogs and a cat. My interests are too numerous to mention individually so a few will suffice.
I am first and foremost, a Basic Fundamental believer in God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I don't always live what I preach, but I try with varying degrees of success. I hunt and fish and, yes, I do eat what I gather. I enjoy the wilderness without getting carried away by environmentalist issues. I canoe and camp, often find myself lost in the Boundary Waters Wilderness just as I do i civilization. (Speaking of which, I am not fond of civilization, which is just another word for "going down hill". I find most "civilized" people to be pretentious and holier than thou, condescending and lazy, more interested in themselves than the honest common good. I find those kind of people to be more interested in saving a tree or fish or iceberg than in saving a human being. They are the kind of people more interested in a single world government ruling class than in helping a fellow man. Enough of them for now- much more will follow.) My favorite pastime is wandering with a camera. My profession is freelance photo-journalist since having an accident at work while employed as a carpenter, ending a 17 year career at building custom homes. I have been a television news/ENG photographer, a job I dearly loved and am attempting to carry on freelancing.
Maritally, I am single and have no serious prospects at this time though I am looking. That being said, I do have a wonderful Lady with whom I am corresponding on-line and feel deep affection for. So deep as to be "in love". I was married once many years ago and have often regretted that divorce but it was what she wanted and I have passed thinking or being hurt by our relationship. We had no children, which was a partial problem for us and an issue for a coming blog.
Officially, I don't really know what a blog is to be used for but look forward to learning and seeing just how far this "thing" can go.
My topics will be as varried as my interests, to say the least: from what I had for breakfast to the latest condemnation of the current Presidency.
Have I mentioned that I whole-heartedly support the Constitution of this Great Country? Every Amendment, every Freedom. What I do not support is the liberties too many are taking with its interpretation. Like the Bible, I believe the Constitution as written is exactly what the Framers had in mind, nothing more, nothing less. They wrote it in plain English. If you don't understand it, go to school, learn English and become an American.
After you become American, support the country, not your former land: Old Glory is to be waved from your windows and door, lamp posts and flag poles, NOT some flag from a dip-shit Third World country you came from.
With that, let us claim enough has been said for one eve. More follows. Just know one thing: I shoot to kill and take no prisoners.
Shy Wolf