Monday, July 2, 2007


Beginnings. Hopes, dreams and aspirations. We all have them.
This being the beginning of my BLOG, I have hopes, dreams and aspirations for it. Some will be clear as we progress, others will be less clear and need defining. Some thoughts will be complete in themselves, others less so and will need clarification through progressive analysis. Regardless, progress will be made.
Some personal information: I'm a 60 year old male living in the woods up North with three dogs and a cat. My interests are too numerous to mention individually so a few will suffice.
I am first and foremost, a Basic Fundamental believer in God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I don't always live what I preach, but I try with varying degrees of success. I hunt and fish and, yes, I do eat what I gather. I enjoy the wilderness without getting carried away by environmentalist issues. I canoe and camp, often find myself lost in the Boundary Waters Wilderness just as I do i civilization. (Speaking of which, I am not fond of civilization, which is just another word for "going down hill". I find most "civilized" people to be pretentious and holier than thou, condescending and lazy, more interested in themselves than the honest common good. I find those kind of people to be more interested in saving a tree or fish or iceberg than in saving a human being. They are the kind of people more interested in a single world government ruling class than in helping a fellow man. Enough of them for now- much more will follow.) My favorite pastime is wandering with a camera. My profession is freelance photo-journalist since having an accident at work while employed as a carpenter, ending a 17 year career at building custom homes. I have been a television news/ENG photographer, a job I dearly loved and am attempting to carry on freelancing.
Maritally, I am single and have no serious prospects at this time though I am looking. That being said, I do have a wonderful Lady with whom I am corresponding on-line and feel deep affection for. So deep as to be "in love". I was married once many years ago and have often regretted that divorce but it was what she wanted and I have passed thinking or being hurt by our relationship. We had no children, which was a partial problem for us and an issue for a coming blog.
Officially, I don't really know what a blog is to be used for but look forward to learning and seeing just how far this "thing" can go.
My topics will be as varried as my interests, to say the least: from what I had for breakfast to the latest condemnation of the current Presidency.
Have I mentioned that I whole-heartedly support the Constitution of this Great Country? Every Amendment, every Freedom. What I do not support is the liberties too many are taking with its interpretation. Like the Bible, I believe the Constitution as written is exactly what the Framers had in mind, nothing more, nothing less. They wrote it in plain English. If you don't understand it, go to school, learn English and become an American.
After you become American, support the country, not your former land: Old Glory is to be waved from your windows and door, lamp posts and flag poles, NOT some flag from a dip-shit Third World country you came from.
With that, let us claim enough has been said for one eve. More follows. Just know one thing: I shoot to kill and take no prisoners.
Shy Wolf

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