Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Belly Buster

What with all the crap that's going on with Uncle Nanny in his efforts to make us all remember that the State Is Our Enemy, it's sometimes difficult to find something to laugh about.
Seriously- there's nothing funny about the new Agriculture law passed today- despite numerous calls to not pass the damn thing. (Once again the dimwits in CONgress remind us how little they care for the desires of their employers.)
And with the MSM taking every opportunity to insert the Dark Lord's face in front of our eyes, there's little chance to miss seeing his pig-eared mug. It's got to the point where I've turned off the usual radio programs because even they insist on blasting our ears and common sense by playing sound bites from this piranha. He has absolutely nothing to say I need to hear- I can lie to myself much more believably.
Not that anyone really expected different of them, but the newly elected have shown how right we all were in not trusting a word they said, especially where our country is concerned.
Honestly, it's even getting difficult to blog due to frustrations caused by the state of our Union. (Well, it WAS a Union once! Now it's a bunch of separate communist states presided over by the proletariat in D.C.)
OK, enough doom an' gloom rambling- I'll get to the point.
If you need a good chuckle at the Tit and Testical Squeezing Authority's expense, go here:

Bless God, God bless.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making Decisions

With all that's been going on in this country these days, I've been having to revamp my thinking concerning how I view a SHTF situation and what I'm seeing ain't pretty.

One of the changes I've made due to revisiting the roots of my thinking is what I need more of in the way of preps. The basics and more basics: beans, band aids and bullets. (I neither have the kind of money needed to stock gold and silver, nor do I see them being of much value to the 'common man'.) In addition to enlarging my stock of ammo for my conventional weapons, I've added another weapon. Not much in cost, $223 for the rifle, another $60 in accoutrement's and quite a few hundred more for ammo to feed it. Tons of ammo. (Note the AMMO link to your left.)
OK, maybe not tons more, but more than I can load in the truck in ten minutes without a dolly of some sort.
Not to make any kind of prophecy, but I'm thinking a truckload may not be enough, even in my neck of the woods.
Hopefully, I'm wrong in what I believe is going to happen- I'd love to be, would rather this country can get back on an Constitutional footing without resorting to violence of any kind outside the ballot box. But I don't see it happening despite the new faces bewilderingly wandering the halls of CONgress.
Of course, there's no need to restate what has been so thoroughly covered in other blogs and the news sources, even those we know we can't trust. But I have to wonder, which of these, if not all, are False Flag Events, being used to create a deeper fear in the Sheeple and encourage a mis-step by Patriots?
We all understand how the fed would love a genuine Patriot group to open the dance so they can claim the moral high ground and initiate martial law, or worse. Too, we're all probably getting anxious for the ball to open so we can get this country back on an even keel (trying to not mix metaphors and compliment Mayberry ;) ), but I encourage you to sit back and wait. It won't be long before the Dark Lord and his minions get antsy and do what we need to claim the high ground.
Just be ready, don't sleep or get impatient. Our time is coming soon enough.
Bless God, God bless.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A message from my Honey...

My Honey's intense Patriotism has always impressed me, as does her adoration of active duty and veteran military. When shopping, if she sees a uniform, she's right there, thanking them for their service and telling them how much she really appreciates what they do for her and the country. At the local VFW, she's right in the mix talking with the guys and they love it. When the Navy plays, she's on the bench beside them, cheering them on, crying when they lose. She cries when the National Anthem is played, rejoices in the roar of the jets overhead, weeps at the flag draped caskets she sees.

Well, enough from me- she asked if I'd post this for her...

"... I am sure there has never been a veteran who has not sacrificed in his life to serve us. I am certain there is not a soldier who has ventured into war who was not wounded mentally or physically. And I am certain that we have all at times taken our many freedoms for granted, assuming they have always been here or that they can never disappear. But I am equally sure they would have disappeared were it not for the service, sacrifice and courage of our veterans.

May God bless all you Heroes, past and present. Love you all and thank you. Jenn."

And we love you, Fine Lady.

God bless all in uniform today, keep you safe and bring you quickly home.

Bless God, God bless.