Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Belly Buster

What with all the crap that's going on with Uncle Nanny in his efforts to make us all remember that the State Is Our Enemy, it's sometimes difficult to find something to laugh about.
Seriously- there's nothing funny about the new Agriculture law passed today- despite numerous calls to not pass the damn thing. (Once again the dimwits in CONgress remind us how little they care for the desires of their employers.)
And with the MSM taking every opportunity to insert the Dark Lord's face in front of our eyes, there's little chance to miss seeing his pig-eared mug. It's got to the point where I've turned off the usual radio programs because even they insist on blasting our ears and common sense by playing sound bites from this piranha. He has absolutely nothing to say I need to hear- I can lie to myself much more believably.
Not that anyone really expected different of them, but the newly elected have shown how right we all were in not trusting a word they said, especially where our country is concerned.
Honestly, it's even getting difficult to blog due to frustrations caused by the state of our Union. (Well, it WAS a Union once! Now it's a bunch of separate communist states presided over by the proletariat in D.C.)
OK, enough doom an' gloom rambling- I'll get to the point.
If you need a good chuckle at the Tit and Testical Squeezing Authority's expense, go here:

Bless God, God bless.

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  1. Ha ha! That was pretty good... As to the food "safety" bill, I give them the one finger salute, and will carry on as usual. My 'mater patch will go in, and I'm looking at getting a few hens too. Love me some fresh eggs...


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