Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making Decisions

With all that's been going on in this country these days, I've been having to revamp my thinking concerning how I view a SHTF situation and what I'm seeing ain't pretty.

One of the changes I've made due to revisiting the roots of my thinking is what I need more of in the way of preps. The basics and more basics: beans, band aids and bullets. (I neither have the kind of money needed to stock gold and silver, nor do I see them being of much value to the 'common man'.) In addition to enlarging my stock of ammo for my conventional weapons, I've added another weapon. Not much in cost, $223 for the rifle, another $60 in accoutrement's and quite a few hundred more for ammo to feed it. Tons of ammo. (Note the AMMO link to your left.)
OK, maybe not tons more, but more than I can load in the truck in ten minutes without a dolly of some sort.
Not to make any kind of prophecy, but I'm thinking a truckload may not be enough, even in my neck of the woods.
Hopefully, I'm wrong in what I believe is going to happen- I'd love to be, would rather this country can get back on an Constitutional footing without resorting to violence of any kind outside the ballot box. But I don't see it happening despite the new faces bewilderingly wandering the halls of CONgress.
Of course, there's no need to restate what has been so thoroughly covered in other blogs and the news sources, even those we know we can't trust. But I have to wonder, which of these, if not all, are False Flag Events, being used to create a deeper fear in the Sheeple and encourage a mis-step by Patriots?
We all understand how the fed would love a genuine Patriot group to open the dance so they can claim the moral high ground and initiate martial law, or worse. Too, we're all probably getting anxious for the ball to open so we can get this country back on an even keel (trying to not mix metaphors and compliment Mayberry ;) ), but I encourage you to sit back and wait. It won't be long before the Dark Lord and his minions get antsy and do what we need to claim the high ground.
Just be ready, don't sleep or get impatient. Our time is coming soon enough.
Bless God, God bless.


  1. as long as you remember, too much ammo can weigh against you in a bugout. ideal is weapon or ammo caches you can tap en route or have the same common calibier as those you fight, loot the extra ammo off their cooling bodies. heh!

    live long and be free forever..

  2. Common calibers is the best bet. You may not have all you need, but when push comes to shove, there may be enough of 'theirs' to keep you going.

    The down side to that is "effective calibers" Far too many small calibers that work great on deer are popular now. I still prefer at least .3XX in rifle and any caliber over a .4 in pistol. These will be harder to find since so many are switching to 5.56 and 9mm.

  3. ...mornin'Shy...been doin'the same here,spent the whole pay-day from a side gig,on ammo last week(minus gas),toted an ass chewin'from the Mrs for it too...this time was for my secondary weapons,.35,.44,for the lever guns,and another K of .22s...the way i look at it,ammo as/is currency...KeepTheFaith Shipmate

  4. Shy,true enough buddy we draw first blood we lose.

    Happy Thanksgiving Bro!


  5. Heh, I do tend to do that sometimes : )

    My preps have always been pretty basic, and like you I feel the urge to step up my scrounging in light of current events.

    Yeah, "no Ft. Sumpters"...

  6. A great post and timely. Things are progressing with, or without us. Be ready.


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