Saturday, January 7, 2012

Candle Liting

So Lovely Lady has been ragging on me to get my buns busy here. (And we all know, if Momma ain't happy... blah blah...) So, as a form of self defense, we're back on the road to illiterary ignominy. Or something like that.
Now, for something a bit more serious-
Everyone knows who the Brady Bunch is- no, not that Partridge family twin. Those Criminals Stealing Gun Rights groupies.  Anyway, they're lighting a candle this Sunday, 8 January 12, to protest gun violence.  And right they should,  we all should. Every person should denounce gun violence, even those who're committing it. Especially them: each and every one should walk away carried by pall bearers. Weerd Beard  (  )  has come up with his version of the candle lighting and is encouraging all gun owners to light a candle against gun violence.  Since I am one of those terrorist guys who believes in God and the Bible and the Constitution, am a vet, an NRA member, drive a gas guzzling four wheel drive truck and tell tree huggers- especially AlGorey- to lick my ... wait, this' family oriented... and sure don't like the politics- or the politicians in- coming out of D.C. these days, I decided to post a picture or my DCP (that's 'Daily Carry Piece' for the uninitiated to my unorthodox- we can't call it English since I'm an American-lingo).
Without further much ado- here she is. Simple, old, and sure not elegant but she's steady and strong and American made- my Lady, Smith and Wesson model 469 carried in her Kirkpatrick Leather holster and packing 13 rounds of Glaser Pow'RBall Plus P in the grip and another 13 in the spare.
(emclicken to embiggen)
Remember- cops are only hours away in a donut shop when you need them in a coffee shop. Not that your safety is their concern- 'cuz it ain't. It's yours. So pack some heat for when the kitchen gets hot.
Bless God, God bless.
(Yes, I did do a spel-chek today, and am studiously ignoring all suggestions.)