Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pist Off Tonite..

There are few things that piss me off more than treason and traitor-ism (I know it ain't a word), and being faithless to one's country.

It doesn't matter to me what country a person is from: if they support and defend it, they have my respect. But when that person turns against their country, gives away its secrets, fails to support it, puts its people in jeopardy or in harm's way, then I am about to get riled up good and fast.

Here is a story sent me by a friend about Mr. McCain's son Jimmy.

It's a good enough news story- not disclosing much or really saying anything terribly important such as his location or which unit he's with- but what the God damn hell is it doing in the news in the first place?

So far as I'm concerned, the press has stepped past any boundaries it has ever established- and I used to work in news- and has gone into very treasonable waters. Not that this is the first time: I can recall moments during 'times of war' the media has announced troop movements well ahead of the planned operation.

Each time I have wondered what the hell do they think they're doing?

Again, I am wondering, ''What the hell do they think they're doing?"

I am well aware how disgruntled and angry the media is about John McCain's imminent rise to power, of how they are doing all they can to disrupt and derail his bid for the Presidency, but to stoop this low, to put his youngest son in peril, is the lowest, most scum-bag descent to being a turd as I can imagine.
My apologies if I'm not making a lot of sense here- my mood is so irate and the anger is rising in me as I've seldom seen it at this outright -so far as I'm concerned- attack upon the man's family that it is a very good thing none of those kind of people is near me now or they'd find themselves throttled. Literally. At this moment there is nothing I'd like more than to have my hands around some liberal media person's throat and wring it 'til they croaked. Please- make it the ass that leaked this story.

The thought occurs to me: "Perhaps it was the campaign's agenda."

God, I pray not. The article says Mr. McCain was angry. Praise God. I hope when he becomes President he legislates against these kind of assholes in the media and the are convicted of treason- without a jury of 'peers', but honest, true American men and women who know what Patriotism and Honor is about. We know the press will not convict its own, but laud them with Oscars and other trophy ilk as they allow them continued freedom.

Which brings me to Mrs Palin.

What kind of Americans are we when we allow the media to do all it can to dig up slander against a 17 year old child? What kind of Americans are we that we not complain to all who don't want to hear about the stupidity of the rants about a Down-syndrome child and its parentage? How low have we descended to the utmost depravity as a nation?

If Barack Hussein Obama wins the election, we will deserve him and the hell he brings with him.



  1. Who cares who gets elected president? The poor fool is going to spend his time in office trying to explain to starving people why he is not responsible for their misery. He will try to explain what he is doing to make their lives a little bit better. He will be trying to stay alive in order to get his pension. Scumbag reporters will be looking for jobs that really mean something because they will not be with companies that make any money. The great leveler will be among us. We will all be trying to survive. I keep telling people tht ignorance is it's own reward. It will be proven even if people don't get it as yet. Get ready for the big change. And don't forget that most Americans like our present way of doing things. So don't get to feeling too sorry for them.


  2. Well, Mike-
    I gotta say that I care who gets elected, if no one else does is immaterial to me. Regardless if the Pres. has to spend time making apologies or repairing past policy errors, the kind of person in control is important.
    To my thinking, God is First in how our lives are lived and gives us the 'concepts' for our ideals and aspirations, how we treat others, as well as ourselves.
    Second to God is the kind of government we have, how our leaders direct our lives. The impact these two elements have is enormous, for sure. How else could we ever have come up with the Constitution? Our country has depended upon those words more than 200 years- so it matters who gets in and defends them.
    I do understand your idea, though.
    It doesn't matter who will be in office when TSHTF and we're all wondering if that person coming toward us is friend or foe. Still, there will be room for a 'central command', and I'd prefer it was someone who had a lot of respect and love for his/her country rather than someone who thinks the rest of the world 'is more enlightened'.
    God bless, keep up the good works.


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