Saturday, September 13, 2008


Sometimes I think I'm going nuts. Other times I know I'm nuts. Or am I? Maybe. Possibly.More than likely. Not at all. Perhaps. Ummm...Yup. Naa...

Not doing a whole bunch other than mudding walls and sanding same, gives me too much time on my hands along with the mud and primer and paint. I'd much rather have fish slime or bird guts all over them, or buck scent. Anyway- some rambling thoughts for the day- how to keep your mind from getting bored while the body wants to be doing something different.

Now don't get me wrong: I like to work. Enjoy it tremendously and have even been known to make more work for myself. But I really do dislike having to go to work. I'm sure most of you understand my meaning there, have been at the same point at one time or another.

Like dogs: I've had a few, always loved having them and playing with them. There are few things more satisfying than sitting in a duck blind with a buddy and a dog, drinking hot coffee as the rain pelts your head, soaks your cammoes and freezes to your gun barrel- and the dog sits there happy as only a dog can be just 'cuz he's with you. But, man! ain't dogs a pain when you have to go somewhere that doesn't allow them, or when you have to go someplace alone and they need a baby-sitter? Or when they decide to get sick and both ends decorate the carpet?

Any time of year, I'd rather have snow than rain. Any time of year I'd rather have spring and fall weather, preferably fall. Don't like winters, especially cold ones, but snow is so clean and you can play in it. Especially in a duck blind or on a deer stand. The only thing that happens when you play in the rain is you get wet. Ever try making a water ball? (Speaking of balls- hold on a second and you'll have one to play with.) Of course, it's fun to take your lady to the shore and toss her in the water. That is, until she gets out, then duck quick.

Speaking of ladies- I love them. Wish I had one permanent full-time. Not many, if any, things are more fun than having someone's hand to hold as you sit and watch a quiet sunset flare over the horizon. But I sure do like being alone. Always have, which is probably why I don't have a Lady around: they recognize the 'loner' who's comfy in his own skin and doesn't 'need' company.

Guns are great fun to use and hunt with. I have several, and in a life an' death shootout with a bad guy or two, nothing's better. But I prefer a bow and arrow. Maybe it's 'cuz Mom wouldn't allow guns in the house cuz they're dangerous, but she'd allowed me a bow when I was eleven. Interesting how she never equated those rabbits and partridge in the freezer to the bow, thinking they were gun shot. This no-gun idea coming from a woman who'd gone through the Depression and ate many meals provided by the guns in her family's cabinet. (She won't eat venison to this day- says she ate enough growing up to kill a wolf.)

So there you have it- a blog about nothing but a few quirks in an idle mind.

Oh, yes- I promised you a ball to play with. Try this one: mouse over the ball and click on it to get it to change colors: Ball
I'm very happy to see all you Texas Preppers (and Florida and Louisiana) home safe and sound, glad Ike wasn't as bad as he could have been. Welcome home, Folks. God bless.



  1. I'll catch hell for this, but I'd take the dog over the lady. Heh heh heh. Dogs don't complain. Dogs don't spend money. Dogs don't gripe when you come home late after having a beer with your buddies. Dogs don't care where or how they live. I need to get me a dog.......

  2. ROFL, Mayberry-
    I can understand your concept fully! But- didja ever take a dog to a vet? WOW- spent three grand on one of the kid's mutts this spring! (I know: 20 cent bullet would'a been a lot smarter! But the Kid was standing right there and had no uncertainty in his terms for me.)
    My ex definitely had different ideas than I about where a dog should be sleeping, too. (OOPS! since this is G-rated blog, we can't go there!)
    You are so right about they don't care how they live- but they can sure get used to a comfy bed rather than a tent floor, trust me. (Got some good stories about the dogs not liking camping. LOL!)
    Yet they are never happier than when with you, for sure. Walking, riding in the car, cuddling for an ear-scratch, they love fully.
    And not talking back is a BIG plus!
    Thanks for posting- God bless, keep up the fight.


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