Monday, August 23, 2010

Squnity Eye

Our anual Cowboy shoot. Crank up your volume for some thrills.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I like seeing the kids participating - a lot!

    Which one of these sharpshooters might you be??? ;-)

  2. LOL, Chief- I'm the skwinty-eyed one! ;)
    Actually, I don't shoot cowboy. Yet. Have given it lots of thought and am a member of SASS, but not a participant. I prefer a bit more movement and faster reloading- like the kind where I slip in 16 rounds in one move.
    The kids are our future, and knowing they're going to be with us is a blessing I really appreciate. (Even the 'older' kids ;) ) I really had fun shoting this year's event- first time with the video and putting together a sound track. Talk about trying to match the music score shots with the actual thing! UGH-LEEE! But it was fun.
    Thanks for stopping by- I'm glad the comments are working again- I'm having lots of problems with getting them uploaded to some sights.
    God bless, thanks again.
    Shy III

  3. My 10 year old son and I just watched the video. We both agree that it looked like so much fun. We are a few hours south of Virginia but it looks like it might be worth a drive up there someday.

    Good shooting!

  4. Gosh, Mom- if you and the family can make it up, I'll be glad to show you around.
    However- there are some really good cowboy shoots in your area, too. It's such a fast growing sport that every range in the world has a competition of some sort- and youngsters can use .22 caliber revolvers and rifles (that's six-shooters and lever actions) and a pump or double barrel .410 or 20 gauge shotgun- no semi-autos since they're not 19th Century. (Well, if you have one in Gatling style...!)
    There's no age limit on the shooters, either, so long as they can follow the safety rules: NO loaded guns unless on the shooting line and watch the muzzle!
    As you can see, dressing the part is highly encouraged- in fact, some shoots require any second year shooter to have the basics of historical dress: hat, boots, jeans, shirt... no belts on the jeans, but 'spenders (belt loops are a fairly recent invention, thank you, Levi Strauss!).
    A real bonus on some, especially the real West shoots, is that HORSES ARE LEGAL transportation between some stages.
    If you'd like to learn more, check out the Single Action Shooting Society blog and see lots of interesting stuff to do as a family.
    Thanks for stopping by again- been missing your presence.
    So glad to see you're doing well and your last check-up was a good one! God bless.
    Shy III

  5. All the shooting is fine, but this video would be great if it had a beautiful dog in it. Roger


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