Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Really? What "election"?

I really do just absolutely have to ask this question...

"Just what makes anyone think there's actually going to be an election in November?"

First, a dyed-in-the-wool Communist moves to the White House. (No: I refuse to say "he" was "elected".)

Then he appoints nothing but baby killing One-World Gaia worshippers to every office he possibly can. And these same people condemn and marginalize and besmirch honest, real Americans as being terrorists and criminal in their actions.

Next this Communist is running around the world telling people who suck their existence from our tit that we are a bane to the world, are not worth the time of day.

Through threats, blackmail, bribery and outright lies, he gets control of the largest businesses in the world as well as shivving a forced-to-purchase non-insurance insurance program upon only real Americans- Muslim and illegals need not purchase, just receive. To really frost the cake, his minions create a situation where everyone gets to pay doctors to abort the children and euthanize the elderly.

And not a whimper from any American about all of this. (If there was, it sure didn't make enough noise to make the news on any but "conservative talk radio".)

(Okay: I'm being facetious there: I know we made a hell of an uproar, but no one heard. Kind of like the tree falling in the forest when no one is around to hear it fall: did it make a sound? My point here is really that "we allowed the MSM to make our issues "non-issues", therefore, "we did not make a whimper" over any of these issues.)

And now people are crying because we're losing more and more rights to the "PTB".

Why? Why are we whining and talking about "wait till the next election"?

"...A California Democrat is proposing a new law requiring residents to register their shotguns and rifles or go to jail, has learned...";contentBody

This is going to pass. I don't care what Californians do or say, it's going to pass. Why?

Because the MSM isn't going to do anything to help anyone stop it, even if they inform (or wanted to) California residents. Their first, and last, response is going to be, "Good for California children. We'll finally get the criminals disarmed." And every Californian is going to swallow it hook, line and sinker because "it's for the children". (And every wet-back in California is going to dig out more ammunition and lock and load.)


Because no one has stepped up and "read them their rights". They have no fear, no dread of "losing their jobs" or "wait till the next election". No one has taken the media to task- and I'm not talking about a letter writing or Email campaign or making snide comments on the news site. (Read the comments to the article.)

Someone in California has to step up to the plate and unequivocally show the MSM what their responsibilities truly are.

Here I am pointing fingers at Californians.

I won't apologize, but am going to say that Californians are not the only ones to blame. Though "what begins in California becomes the norm nationwide" is quite possibly true, it is no excuse to wait for something to start (in California) before it spreads.

We The People need to get off our knees- the time for praying for change was before it became law- and start acting.

We The People need to let the MSM and politicians know in no uncertain terms that we are fed up to the gills with the un-American activities they promulgate.

It's time to take the battle to the enemy.

Bless God, God bless.



  1. The MSM will simply take any comment against them, and twist it to paint the author as a nut job. The sheeple will take it as fact...

    I've written twelve letters to the editor of the local mullet wrapper (a liberal rag if there ever was one) in the last year, and all twelve were tossed down the memory hole. Never published. Because I called out local, state, and federal government on their socialist power grabs and their corruption. Can't have the truth being printed in a newspaper....

  2. What do you expect? People in the streets with AK-47s, storming congressional offices?

    "Get used to it. Quit whining."

  3. "What do you expect? People in the streets with AK-47s, storming congressional offices?"

    That would be a good start....

  4. Shy,

    We had to register our "assault weapons" here in California back in 2000. Everyone who owned one went on a nice list if they complied.

    I suspect most people didn't comply because I never heard anything in the "news" about how much of a success it was.

    If they do this with rifles and shotguns, I suspect the level of non-compliance will astound them.

    It is getting to the point where these fools will start showing up on your doorstep wanting you to turn your weapons over to them.

    I think that if people hear gunfire in their neighborhood, maybe everyone should join in and save the neighbors and ask questions later.

    They can always hire more cops. It takes at least 21 years to raise a full fledged taxpayer.

    The problem with California is the rigged districts that concentrate the power of the Communists while marginalizing true Americans. You should look at a map sometime that shows how districts are constructed.

    This shows you a map of how the assembly districts are made up. Look at how they wind all over the place. That allows them to dilute the votes of more libertarian / conservative voters in the huge pools of liberal/socialist/communist/fascist voters.

    It ain't all of us, buddy. I'm running across more people everyday who are mad as hell. And more cars where you can see where an Obama sticker used to be.

    After all, ya gotta love Liberals. They don't own guns. Some of them have awakened to what a mistake that is.

  5. I have watched this country go downhill for years. Makes me sick to my stomac what has happened to this country. But just for the record the poloticians on the west coast and east coast can kiss my country ass. Before anyone gets a wild hair and desides to collect any weaponsthey just might want to count and see just how many good ol boys there really are.(and the good ol gals have some too.) Mwp

  6. Right on, May'b- we write and call and fax and Email and still they don't hear us... since I don't own an AK, I'll have to settle for a 30-06...
    LOL, SS- touche`: quit my bitchin' and DO something. Perhaps storming the gestapo offices would be a fine start.
    Right, Catman- I have reletives in your neck of the woods and they're as pist as I (some even read and comment here- then chew my butt for not being radical enough!) and they're waiting.
    The re-districting is going on here as well and people are getting peed over it, as well we all should be.
    Hamy... I fully expected a revolution in '76 on the 200th Birthday... but it was hardly even a birthday bash let alone a celebration. It's coming, though, and we good ol' boys (an' girls) can stand up and be counted.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    God bless.
    Shy III

  7. Oh yeah,Ak's in the street,nothing else is working.


  8. OK, I'm outnumbered- I'll get an AK47 to add to the arsenal.
    Lemme think a moment...
    Shy III

  9. For the past 5 years, I have toyed with the idea of leaving this state. We've gone on scouting trips in Oregon, Nevada and Idaho.

    We've seriously considered leaving the country, with a good deal of research into Costa Rica and some ex-pat areas of Mexico.

    But it always comes back to, "I'm born and raised here. Why should I leave?"

    Our government, both on a state and federal level are so totally screwed up, doing a "Big Bug Out" is very appealing. It may still happen, but not just yet.

    If I may suggest, if someone does decide to take a stand, do so quietly and on your own. You'll last longer, and get more done.

  10. When that jug eared clodhopper took office (you're right he was not elected) I predicted he was going to set himself up so he stayed there for life. Stay tuned...we'll never be rid of him or his ilk.

  11. Well, we're all guilty - why because it's perspective - in the panic that is occuring right now. People look at the problem from their own perspective. The great thinkers are gone from government. I have read amazing, wonderfull things on many of these blogs, BUT, you would need a forum to bring all of the side together and work out the best plan - problem is no one wants to even listen to the other guy - that's why there is no solution! Then add in intentional and unintentional misinformation. and your really screwed. Is smoking bad for you? Is it? Is it really. Who the hell really knows, a doctor would say yes, is that because it can cause lung cancer, sure in some. Or, perhaps its dirty, or I don't want you to do it, so it's bad. I'm not saying a lifetime of smoking 3 packs a day won't have consequences but, they should be yours to choose. And, because I don't won't you to smoke I shouldn't lie about the consequences to get you to do what I want. I work in government, and I see the little lie all day long - because it's just best. Well, I suppose sometimes it is best, but mostly I just want it my way so I'm not going to give you a chance to think and fail or succeed on your own. You choose and they you should suffer or profit. Without, tainted data. Ken


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