Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Honey Do List...

Wake up at 0530...eyes wide open...plan out day...

Roll off bed, plant feet on floor. Thank you, Lord, for one more day to try getting it right.

Walk to can, do duty. Back to kitchen, put on pot of coffee. Back to bath, hop in shower. Shave. Back to kitchen, coffee. Get dressed while downing first cup. Check loads in Nine's mag. Have more coffee. Too early to go yet. Another 90 minutes to go. The church is only half a mile away, plenty of time.

Chat with Love of Life a while.

No news today: no radio, no TV: today is the last of the ad crap. Just quiet- except Pup whines, wants out.

Drink more coffee, finish making plans for day:

1) Finish coffee

2) Load tackle into boat

3) Hook boat to truck


5) Come home, eat breakfast

6) Go fishing and forget the rest of the day

7) NO news, radio, TV, papers till after midnite, if then

8) Come home, load some ammo

9) Get some speed drills done, live fire

10) Get ready for SHTF

Bless God, America.


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