Monday, November 24, 2008

Bailing out...

Lemme see if I have this right...
So far we've bailed out banks
and insurance companies. Car
companies are asking for lots
of cash now. Glenn Beck had a
blurb about television networks
wanting some bailout. Who's next? The grocery industry? Drug companies? There is no end in sight. And when is the Public going to be bailed out? (I know: rhetorical question so don't answer it.)

Thinking about Christmas this year and know it's going to be tough on nearly everyone. Think I'll head out to the shop and grab my carving tools.
Most of us have probably spent our Christmas money on food and ammo, a few medical supplies and some warm, tough clothing. Security measures. Probably the best we can give our families this year, though they probably would prefer a new toy or video game or... yeah, that, too. Going to be difficult explaining how they have food to eat, clothes to wear, a place to live- things they have every day and take for granted. How do we explain our Christmas money went to banks and auto companies and TV?
Life doesn't get any easier, does it?
Dr, Janice Dorn, MD/PhD; Einstein College of Medicine says:
"...Before this secular Bear Market is over, we are going to new lows in all indices, more than 3500 banks will close, unemployment will surge, there will be violence in the streets and people will kill you to get what you have. Every one of the 17 macro factors detailed in The Big Rollover is converging and coming to fruition. Sorry—but this is what we see in the future. Could we be wrong? Of course. No one has a crystal ball that can see beyond the hard right edge of the charts. No one can tell the future with complete accuracy. All we have are our many years of research and the fact that everyone has now begun to see, hear and feel the power of The Big Rollover.
People will awaken to a higher level of purpose and meaning. They will find a new freedom and a new happiness. Values of integrity and honesty will be respected. Trust will return as we strip away the excesses and stand in the light of authenticity of our true selves. It will be a happier, more serene and simple way of being. In the end, after all the sound and fury, the gnashing of teeth and the depths of despair and hardship, those who survive will find that they have—at long last--- come home again. Trust will return as we strip away the excesses and stand in the light of authenticity of our true selves. It will be a happier, more serene and simple way of being. In the end, after all the sound and fury, the gnashing of teeth and the depths of despair and hardship, those who survive will find that they have—at long last--- come home again. ..."

A happier, more serene and simple way of being...come home at last. Perhaps that is the gift we can give and receive this year. Coming home to a family full of love and security. Security provided by our guts and guns. Security provided by sweat and back ache in the garden and on the wood pile.
Actually, that'll be good for us all, IMO.
Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas (1939-1975) who said, "The right to be left alone is indeed the beginning of all freedom." Keep that in mind as you consider the following suggestions.
Prepare to hunker down. Interpret this as you will.
If you have any, hide your money- otherwise it will be spread around. The best way to spread your own wealth on your own terms is to hire people to work for you. But of course, you knew that already.
Take your kids out of public school. Schools are going to become nothing but Marxist pressure cookers. They're already socialist indoctrination centers. Have you any idea what they're teaching in kindergarten these days, much less high school? Better find out.
If you're Joe the Plumber, hide. Quickly. Otherwise your life for the next four years will be a living hell. Obama supporters have demonstrated they like to retaliate, so you're not safe.
Buy guns and ammunition. Especially ammunition. The tools necessary for self-defense and to keep our government under at least a modicum of control are going to quickly become unavailable. Perhaps not banned outright – that would cause riots – but the taxes on these tools of self-reliance will be raised so high that the effect will be the same.
Don't surrender to guilt. Opposing the new world order coming your way is not selfish. The "best interests of all" are code words for state slavery. "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs" is the death of liberty and the definition of Marxism. Duh.
Stockpile some resources, because it's only a matter of time before our terrorist enemies (who are delighted with the outcome of the election) will launch something nasty our way. Terrorists love weak or untried rulers because they prefer to strike vulnerable targets. We just bared our throats.
Move. Whatever your political affiliation, it's always best to live in a place with like-minded people. Just make sure the place you move to has people whose concepts of liberty agree with yours.
Start looking for other news sources, because it's very likely that your favorite conservative radio talk-show host will go out of business once the (ahem) "Fairness" Doctrine gets re-implemented.
Buy light bulbs. There is no possible way our new green president will lift the absurd imminent ban on incandescent light bulbs. Unless you want your home to look like the inside of a train station lavatory in 2012, you'd better stock up on incandescents while you can. (Obviously lights bulbs are a metaphor for all the "for your own good" changes that will be shoved upon us.)
Go to church. All the morals and values that we once cherished in this country – traditional marriage, sanctity of life, family values – are going to become so condemned that churches will be our only sanctuaries.
Strengthen your family, your community, your state. Obama has said that an economy is built from the bottom up. In that he is entirely wrong (poor people don't hire – only rich people do that). But liberty most certainly IS built from the bottom up. Start by strengthening yourself. Next, your family. Support your neighbors. Build your community. Get involved with your state. The days of sitting on your hands must be over.
Find another job. Or preferably, several. Don't give up your current job, of course, but as the economy continues to nosedive, it is best to cultivate your marketable skills and diversify your income sources. The more income irons you have in the fire, the better. (Learn a trade you can apply for cash/barter income- added edit.)
Never never never never trust that the upcoming administration will do anything in your best interest. If the government offers you something that seems too good to be true, assume that it is. Education, medical care, housing and other benefits are never free – they cost something down the line. And the cost is always freedom. Take warning.

Obviously this list barely scratches the surface. If you use your head, you can think of many more. But better hurry up. Change is coming, like it or not.

But the thing about "change" is that it can work both ways. The ordinary Joe Plumbers of this country can change, too – and it may not be in the direction the government will like.

Tough patooties. (Patrice Lewis, WNT Commentary)

Loving them and loving each other while being prepared to the best of our abilities and income is the best gift we can give our loved ones this Christmas.

Bless God, God bless, All.



  1. ...hey Shy...good post,i've been on the 'educate my young'uns' kick,for a while now.If i leave them with nothing else,what i want most of them is to question auhority(yes,even me and their mom...respectfully...)Those poor kids are in for a wild ride,the more truth they learn the better

  2. I don't celebrate Xmas. The scripture says to not prefer one day above another. So let us give the gift of preparation EVERY DAY. Let us teach our children decency and honor EVERY DAY. Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. GREAT POST!


  3. Thanks Shy, ya got me all riled up for the day. That's a good thing tho. It's refreshing to know I'm not as crazy or paranoid as my neighbors claim I am, you see it too.

  4. Absolutely Great Post!!! The Obamanation and its supporters are very vindictive, Watch out for them. Remember who had a B. Hussain O. poster or sign on thier window or front yard, They are now your enemy. They are going to be part of his National Security SS team that will coming to your house...

  5. I guess all we can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I will still be buying presents for people, just not as expensive. To me the holidays have always been more about being around family and eating well then the gifts anyway

  6. One of my most treasured items is a pair of dolphins my Dad carved..... Can't buy that in a store.


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