Tuesday, November 11, 2008

United Nations Be Damned!

0200 and my head is spinning from all the implications of pending doom and gloom running rampant in my brain.

Reading World Net Daily this evening about P.E. Hussein Obama's meeting with President Bush about his transition and a comment caught my eye where-in P.E. Hussein asked "W" to allow passage of certain bills rather than veto them and slow down Hussein's transition.

Two comments on that: Hussein has balls big as cars if he really asked that; and "W" has less smarts than a box of rocks if he agrees or follows the request. Guess whose 'watch' will be blamed for any misfortune rebounding from passing these 'requested bills'? As much as many already hate "W", he'll be looked down even more radically as history marches on.

I can imagine some of these 'items' coming across "W's" desk: global warming tax; ammunition taxes; reinstating the assault weapons ban; higher fuel taxes; no drilling for oil anywhere on CONUS 'property'; abortion deregulation; legalization of homosexual marriages; creation of an Amero dollar; reenact the Fairness Doctrine; suspension or repeal of the Constitution (martial law), thereby negating any rights we citizens have for anything.

Big Brother Hussein is going to care for us.

Yeah- right. He can kiss my ass. (Here come the JBTs.)

What's been bothering me for months is B.Hussein even running for President, and now that he's elected the same points are bothering me even more. To whit: one of my sisters reminded me that God says we are to honor those who are given as leaders over us unless they have gone against the dictates of God Himself. It's her way of telling me to shut up and not rock the boat, honor the position if not the man.

But it's been bothering me more and more because, to my way of thinking, B.Hussein and all his ilk have already gone against the dictates of God's laws.

They began with abortion and have carried on with homosexual marriage and indoctrination of our children in schools, have denigrated God and His Word, repealed His commandments from our lives. Where does it end? Where is the line drawn that God says my government has crossed and I can be forgiven my disobedience to that government?

I look at the past election and see no honesty anywhere within the folds.

Many blogs and message boards have been lamenting the selection of B. Hussein to the highest position in the world. There are fears of his banning firearms and ammunition; of his using our own military and police against us; of interment camps where dissenters will be rewired. Too, there are those who poo-poo such thinking, declaring there's no way he could get the police or military to go against the Constitution or imprison Americans.

Oh? I ask.

Ever hear of the United Nations?

All B. Hussein need do is ask that body for military aid to quell any sort of rebellion against his form of governing and there'll be more foreign military in this country than American. And they will have no fear or qualms about killing American citizens! With our military spread so thinly across the globe, I see this easily happening the moment he suspends the Constitution. Too, I see foreign armies poised and more than willing to cross our borders. How many illegal immigrants will gladly join such a group to 'earn' their right to live here? And all he would need do is nullify the Constitution.

Add into the mix B. Hussein's 'civilian corps larger than the military'- do you think these ACORN folks will hesitate to shoot?

Coupled with the economic factors and blatant disregard for citizen wishes, I see the demise of the monetary system and adoption of an Amero/Euro system. Already rumors are flying about billions of taxpayer dollars being side-tracked to places unknown due to the wild bailouts going on.

Just what the hell is really going on in this country that we the people are so damnably unconcerned as to let all this shit slide? Undoubtedly, there is going to be rebellion by the very people who elected B. Hussein when they don't get their cars paid for, when their cupboards are barren, when their asses freeze, when they lose their paychecks to taxes and jobs because they were taxed to foreign nations. When they see third world nations getting all the aid they thought they were going to get.

Wait til January 20 and B. Hussein refuses to swear in on the Bible or uphold the Constitution, touts Islam as the one unifying religion and welcomes a New World Order.

We who didn't vote for him can sit back and get the last laugh.

Get a tent, Folks, or be hiding in caves.

Bless God, God bless-

EGADS am I rambling! Indicative of the turmoil within me, I guess.



  1. Much food for thought. It has been predicted that the NWO boys will launch out an attack to take over the world that will last the next two years. Keep thy powder dry.


  2. The Obamination is the seed of Satan, if not Satan himself. He is not my "leader"...... I am my leader! Righteous revolution cometh. As Michael said, keep thy powder dry....

  3. yup....prepare for the worst and pray for the best....though lately it seems that God is warning me/us that very bad things are headed our way :(

  4. Michael- quite a possibility, though I've been considering how BHusseinO is going to use his 'civilian force' as part of his Orwellian take-over bid.
    Right on, Mayberry: he's not my leader, either, nor will he be so long as he's a baby-killer.
    Amen, Pickdog: God is warning us and I sure hope those who are called by His name are listening, though it seems quite a few calling themselves 'Christian' vote for baby-killers, therefore approve their actions- also predicted centuries ago. The times are ripe for strife.

  5. I printed out the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and took a long slow read with my thinking cap on.

    All laws contrary to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not what God was talking about. Our founding Fathers worked hard to create America as a free to be obedient-to-God nation.

    In my opinion we are no longer required to honor today's leaders.


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