Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Guess What...

When it comes to doing exactly
the wrong thing at the wrong time...
sure can't beat a gov't agency. This
was found today. So it's even more easy to see who our enemy is. Of course, it's nothing we didn't know already, just confirmed now.

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US State Department announced plans on Monday to promote online youth groups as a new and powerful way to fight crime, political oppression and terrorism.

Drawing inspiration from a movement against FARC rebels in Colombia, the State Department is joining forces with Facebook , Google, MTV, Howcast and others in New York City next week to get the "ball rolling."

It said 17 groups from South Africa , Britain and the Middle East which have an online presence like the "Million Voices Against the FARC" will attend a conference at Columbia University Law School from December 3-5.

Observers from seven organizations that do not have an online presence -- such as groups from Iraq and Afghanistan -- will attend. There will also be remote participants from Cuba.

They will forge an "Alliance of Youth Movement," said James Glassman, under secretary of state for public diplomacy.

"The idea is put all these people together, share best practices, produce a manual that will be accessible online and in print to any group that wants to build a youth empowerment organization to push back against violence and oppression around the world," he told reporters.

The conference will be streamed by MTV and Howcast, he said.

The list of organizations due to attend include the Burma Global Action Network, a human rights movement spurred into action by the ruling junta's crackdown on monks and other pro-democracy protestors last year.

There is also Shabab 6 of April, which has emerged as Egypt's largest pro-democracy youth group, and Invisible Children, which spotlights atrocities committed by the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda, Glassman said.

Others include Fight Back, which fights domestic violence in India, the Save Darfur Coalition, as well as One Million Voices Against Crime in South Africa , said Jared Cohen, from the secretary's policy planning staff.

Also attending will be People's March Against Knife Crime from Britain and Young Civilians from Turkey.

Cohen said Young Civilians is a human rights and pro-democracy organization which works online but has brought thousands of protestors into the streets of Turkey.

Glassman said the State Department is providing about 50,000 dollars in order to help bring delegates from the groups to the United States.

Among the speakers will be actress Whoopi Goldberg and a co-founder of Facebook .

So we can see that BHusseinO is getting his Gestapo Youth Corps rolling even prior to taking office.

Not that it's a real problem as it sits, it just shows to what lengths the government will go to control us, to find who will be the dissidents, the rabble rousers, the first targets of the JBT's (amazing the lingo I've learned the last few months!).

And then there's this >What a Single Nuclear Warhead Could Do - WSJ.com from the Wall Street Journal, of all places. Seems like BH's rats are attempting to leave a sinking ship.

Of course, what is news we don't always hear about in American media? Try this>RIA Novosti - World - Russian analyst predicts decline and breakup of U.S. If this doesn't curl your hair and make you want to prep harder... you're hard.

Keep your powder dry, Folks. And prep harder- another thousand rounds won't break your heart any more than will eating beans once a week.

Bless God, God bless,



  1. I keep telling everyone that the next two years will bring all the NWO assaults you can imagine.


  2. Obammy Youth.... Seig heil! My children will have NO PART in any of that! And Obammy can take his "community service" and stuff it where the sun don't shine..... Lock and load, brother.

  3. ...sounds like they aint wasting no time...my young'uns know better,but i can't help but think there is a bunch of kids just waiting to put one over on their folks...little monsters...

  4. The Russian guy might have a point when he says America will fall as the worlds financial leader. But saying the US is going to split into segments and Russia will be able to take Alaska sounds like a cold war era pipe dream to me.

    Definitely makes you want to prep even harder.


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