Tuesday, November 11, 2008

11 November 08

Ahhh, yes- thank God for the calm, understanding voice of reason coming from my woman's heart and urging me bide my time, to not get so excited and wait til 20 Jan to get excited as I promised.
Still, it's difficult for me to relax when I imagine my country being torn apart and attacked from within an without.
Also, thank all you calm, steady voices here in BlogLand.
Most of all, You Veterans out there: THANK YOU. May the Lord and Father of my Lord Jesus richly reward and bless each of you for the sacrifices you made on my part.
Happy Armistice Day, Everyone. Happy Veteran's Day, Vets. God bless.
Bless God, America.

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  1. Former Navy here. Thank every veteran, one and all! And where can I get me one of those old Willys Jeeps......


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