Friday, October 31, 2008

My Response to Mark

Hi, Mark- thank you for reading and posting your comment. I do appreciate it. Thank you also for voting- and I agree with you: McCain is not the best we could find for the position. However, I do believe Obama is the best the Democrats could find, since they all want the same thing- American Socialism. Follow your heart, my Friend.

That said, let me explain my position a bit more in-depth than I probably have in previous posts.

First: Maybe. I wonder about the 'middle class' in this country. They seem to be the very people who are in Obama's camp, hoping to elect a Socialist to the Presidency. If he does get elected and, with his Democrat cronies at his side, he will certainly destroy the middle class.

Have the Republicans really 'nearly exterminated the middle class'? I'm not so sure about that. Look at the alarm John McCain attempted raising in 2006 when he warned that Fannie and Freddie were going to have some serious problems- yet was shouted down by the Liberal Democrats headed by Nancy Pelosi.

If you think the GOP hates the middle class, do you think a Socialist Democrat will love it?

However- I digress from my main thought (again). And, yes, I do believe I've been 'hoodwinked' by the powers-that-be. No argument from me there. But not for the reason you think, trust me. Let me explain.

First, I think more people are using the middle class and economy as their primary concern for voting this year. I am not worried about the middle class or the economy. The economy will right itself if the government would get it's thieving fingers out of it. I believe this because if the Liberal Democrats hadn't forced banks to loan money to people who had no way to repay loans, the 'housing bubble' would not have grown so quickly, let alone burst. The people getting the loans from those institutions were not middle class citizens, that's why they got the loan. Now the middle class, thank you House and Senate for passing the bailout (sarcasm), will be bailing out the entire economy. We cannot honestly blame GWBush for the bailout since, like the Iraq war, he needed help: he has no power to enact either situation alone.

Confession time for me: I have never been 'middle class America' my entire life. I grew up poor, have lived my life poor. The only time I've ever had less money than now was the eight years after my divorce where I lived out of my backpack trying to get my head back together. Too, the profession I chose was not one conducive to getting someone into the middle class: news does not pay its lower echelons well, contrary to most people's beliefs.

But it isn't the middle class or the economy I am concerned with about this election.

Have I been 'hoodwinked'? Yes. Undoubtedly. I try crying it out with each writing.

I have been hoodwinked by a government I spent six years fighting for. I have been hoodwinked by politicians who are serving self rather than America. But most of all, I have been hoodwinked by people I thought believed in this country as much as I do. I have been hoodwinked by Americans. I have been hoodwinked by people who probably have no idea what the first three words of the Preamble to my Constitution are or what they mean. (As an aside- I have also been betrayed by 'Christian' people who don't even know the first three words in the Bible.)

But it isn't the hoodwinking that I am concerned with during this election, either.

My concerns this election are a Lady standing on an island in New York Harbor. But more, my concern is a sheet of paper laying under glass in Washington D.C..

The Constitution of the United States means more to me than the middle class or the economy. Without that single document, there would be no middle class or economy in this country. And more important still, is the document upon which that Constitution is based: the Bible, the Word of God, the Voice of Christ; the basis for our country's existence and its laws. Were it not for the Bible, this country would not exist nor would most of the world we live in. England would still be promulgating slavery; Europe would be under Hitlerian rule; Africa would still be supplying slaves to the world (as perhaps would the Irish, as Michael pointed out); China and the East would still be in the feudal stages. Call it narcissism, foolish pride, stupidity or whatever you want, but on my part, I am proud of my country's accomplishments. (I refuse to be put down for being an American who speaks only one language, has no desire to live outside the country of my birth. No, you're not putting me down: it's the liberals/democrats and their current Manchurian Candidate. who also said he speaks only one language- but that may be a lie as well as the rest of his rhetoric.)

Call me foolish for believing that were it not for the bravery of those first immigrants to this country who saw its possibilities, saw God's Hand in their being here, had the courage to declare it and rebel against the man-king that this country would not be what it has been and still is. Call me nuts for believing the American blood shed on every continent of this world is the very reason there is liberty and freedom in so many countries today. I do not believe we should be the world's police force but I do believe we are following the Great Commandment of Christ by proclaiming liberty to the masses. Not fully following it since we are not openly declaring Christ is Salvation, but the principles and ideas are there for all to see.

Many will probably call me narrow-minded and, as usual, opinionated for my beliefs- no skin off my nose. Doesn't bother me.

What bothers me is people who will vote for Obama thinking he will vow to defend the Constitution (thereby my country) from its enemies: he has already stated it's not a very good document and needs changing.

What bothers me is people who will vote for someone who has declared he will spread the wealth around- that alone will exterminate the middle class.

What bothers me is the constant outright lies being touted as truth by people who will vote for a Socialist agenda yet have no idea why they have that right.

What bothers me is being told I am destroying the world with my lifestyle by people whose lifestyle far surpasses mine with their 'carbon footprint'.

What bothers me is having my money stolen by taxation to support lavish lifestyles of politicians who care not one whit for my well being.

What bothers me is being told I am prejudiced against blacks (Chinese, Jews, Koreans, French, English- what have you) because I am not going to vote for a black candidate. Not that I'm not prejudiced: I am.

I am prejudiced against stupidity and ignorance, not skin color or nationality.

What bothers me is being told I have to accept a hedonistic lifestyle as normal, that 'alternative lifestyles' have to be legislated as normal lifestyles.

What bothers me is being told what I can or cannot write, speak, and think; that I must be 'politically correct'.

What bothers me is being told that my God is irrelevant in the very country He formed from the waters of the deep.
What bothers me is people blindly following a Pied Piper because they do not feel empathetic to the king.

Those, Mark, are some of the ways I've been hoodwinked and why I am going to vote for McCain and not Obama or another party. I'm going for the one who has a chance to win.

Bless God, God bless, Mark.

Oh- one last point. Praying about this, God told me this: "If My people who are called by My Name will repent of their evil ways and turn from their sin, I will hear from heaven and heal their nation."

I believe it whole heartedly.



  1. Good post Shy. We've all been hoodwinked....

  2. can't be said any better than that, shy.

  3. ShyWolf-

    I appreciate your thoughtful and reasoned response to my comments. Politeness is too frequently missing from discussions these days.

    I'm a guy that tries to deal with facts and numbers. That's not to disparage whatever data, research or websites that you look at.

    Two things I'd like to point out to you to give you a larger perspective, some context, for my views-
    1. I do believe that the middle class is under attack. Republicans are proud of their trickle-down economics. By definition trickle-down economics is just that. You give the 1% at the top the breaks and hope that it trickles down to the middle and lower rungs of the ladder. It doesn't work. More and more people are losing their jobs, more people are hungry and homeless, the economy is contracting, the $ is shrinking, the separation between rich and poor is expanding and wages have been stagnant for decades. This isn't an accident. What we see going on across the economies of the world is a direct result of Republican policies. The social contract has been breached. Once the social contract is broken anything can happen. I think we recognize this and that's why we prepare.

    2. I see a great fear sweeping some political circles these days about Obama instituting socialism. When I worked with auditors I learned this rule called the Rule of Materiality ("ROM"). You know what the ROM is, you pay attention to the big stuff, not the little stuff.

    The children's health care bill that Republicans killed was $35 Billion, the FY09 request for the Dept. of Education is $59 Billion, the FY09 request for the Dept. of Energy is $25 Billion, for Veterans Affairs is $45 Billion and for the Dept. of Transportation is $11.5 Billion.

    Now let's compare these budget requests to the spending in the past two months by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury. The Republican's administration (Paulson, Bernanke and Bush) has spent nearly $2 TRILLION of our money, of our kids, kids, kids money. And there is no end in sight.

    This huge amount of borrowing is being used to bailout private businesses, insurance companies and stock holders. This is the worst kind of socialism. This is a transfer of wealth from the working class to the investing class. At the same time, the purchasing power of wages is being squeezed because of the expansion of the money supply.

    I haven't even addressed the $3 Billion spent every week on Iraq and Afghanistan and transferred to the war profiteering corporations (and their stockholders) through no bid contracts.

    So I hear talk of socialism, but If Obama was to win the presidency and double the welfare budget, double aid to families with dependent children, invent some kind of national health care and put everyone on it and double the federal budget for student loans it still wouldn't even come close to 1/4 of what the Republican administration has given away to bankers, stockholders and corporations. You get that everyone in the country could get health insurance for years for less than has been given by Republicans to the bankers.

    So at least in my eyes, Republicans are practicing the worst kind of socialism by transferring money from earners to investors, and on a much greater scale, then Obama could ever dream of.

    Please visit my blog-

    Also, Shy I know that you are naturally curious, when you have a minute please visit This site lists of the the US presidents' budgets going back a couple hundred years. You will find that Democratic presidents spend less then Republicans. That's the fact.

  4. Thanks for comments, Folks.
    Mark- read your site, not a whole bunch I disagree with, still- I'm votin McCain, regardless: I do believe he'll be better Constitutionally for the nearer future than Obama would ever be.
    So far as spreading the wealth to the business sector- Obama's going to take care of that: he'll wipe out anything he doesn't agree with or which offends him one way or another. Soooo...keep the Faith, Mark, bless God, God bless. Thanks for voting.


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