Friday, October 3, 2008

Where Has She Gone?

So far as I'm concerned, the betrayal is so complete every person in the Congress and Senate should commit Seppuku.
Regardless of the gross number of phone calls, emails, personal contacts and prayers, the Senate and House have blatantly decried the wishes of their constituency and voted in the absolute worst bill they could have, short of totally negating the very Constitution they have sworn to uphold. These men and women have shown there truly is no honor remaining in the political world- from the President down, each and every one has shown their true colors, their total disdain for the populace who elected them, put their trust in them, hoped in them.
Today I truly felt there will not only be need for the 'survival preps', there will be a definite need for getting my mind 'right' in enabling "rule .308".
The 'time' is not 'appropriate' yet, but not far in the future. The time has come, nay- is well past, for the revolution I envisioned in 1976.
I love my country, can think of no place I've traveled the past 61 years that would be a better place to live. Always, regardless who was in office, I have honored the Man because of his position, even when I disagreed with it. From J. Kennedy to G.W. Bush, I have revered the office. From Walter Mondale to Norm Coleman, I have held their office in esteem. I have always believed in the Truth of the Constitution, of the tenets it exemplifies and for so many generations we Americans have endured, loved, fought and died for, have attempted to spread throughout the world.
No longer, no more.
Today, for the first time, I fully understand that I have been naive, have believed a dream, have mistakenly thought others, my leaders, felt the same about what I so dearly love. My tears are real, my heartache full as I listen to what my 'leaders' have so boldly done and so ballsily come forward on news to 'justify' their actions. How can anyone justify a wrong, justify a disobedience, for the sake of money? How can any who swears on their honor to uphold the Constitution so flagrantly disregard its tenets?
I have torn up my yard signs for McCain/Palin, for Norm Coleman. I will not support such scum as these, no more than I will support Saddam Hussein Obama...excuse me, Barack Hussein Obama. I have written Coleman and informed him of my intent to now pursue aiding his opponent and not voting for Coleman this November, not that I will vote for his opponent, yet I also will not vote for him. Nor will I vote for McCain no matter how much I believe Sarah Palin- not John McCain- for the lessor of two evils is still evil. Instead, I will write in Ron Paul and pray every person who would vote for McCain will write in Paul as well.
Not that it will make one iota of difference, but my heart will be appeased, my conscience clear, as I load the rifle and know I will soon be using it to defend my country on its own shores, my own back yard, against the very people who so lately have been my neighbors, my fellow countrymen, my loved Americans.
America, Bless God-
(As an aside: I've tried getting onto a few of the more 'radical' blogs tonight- to no avail. They will not load. Rather, I get an "error 404" page; one page began to load and stopped, the message coming "this page unavailable for viewing". Has it begun? Has our own government begun its campaign against its citizens? Has any other noted this 'phenomena'? [as in "it's my computer- being on "pony express" dial-up] Are we suddenly- after only the first day of attacks from our leaders- the new 'terrorists', the new 'un-Americans'? Has paranoia gotten to me after all these years, rotting my brain and causing me to think of quickly donning the tin hat? Or have I just gone crazy with the agony of the betrayal my own leaders have shown?)
[One more note, for those uncertain: 'Seppuku' is a ritual suicide performed when one has shown lack of honor, a disemboweling by one's own hands.]


  1. I remember the first time I found out the people who were supposed to be covering my back were actually sticking a knife into it. No warning. Just a dull pain in my psyche. But that is how you learn. That is what makes you tough and gives you the strength to go on. So you draw a line in the sand and prepare. You know it's coming.


  2. We have all been sold down the river, and any true patriot has shed their tears over this as well. Myself included. It is morally reprehensible what has been done.... Prep on my friend, it's all we can do until the sheeple finally decide they've had enough.

  3. Nope Dude you are not paroniod or nuts. TS has hit the fan. Just wait until Monday and see what happens and then all next week. Remember Gdub must declare the national emergency soon to cancel the elctions and declare Marshall Law.


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