Saturday, October 18, 2008

Answer To Anonymous

Reading through the blogs this morning, I end up- as usual- at Mayberry's. (Save for dessert.) Someone out there is, I think, feeling a moment of panic, frustration, desire and not a little fear- fear he/she's going to miss the next Revolution.

For brevity sake, here's the letter to Mayberry:
How the hell are we gonna get the army of Patriots together? Where's the rally point? What's the required TA-50? Who's in charge? Is there a password/counter password so we know who the hell is on the right side? Can we do another Boston Tea Party and throw the frigging lib dems overboard cause we KNOW we ain't going to vote them out! Voting for Baldwin ain't going to do more than be an objection vote and Obama's still going to win so it's wasted ink.

Thinking about this later, I decided I had to cross channels and (maybe) steal some thunder from Mayberry and post my thoughts on the topic. Here goes...

First, getting the Patriots together will be no easy chore. No more easy than it was in 1776. We'll have to watch the church tower and look for the lanterns- there will be many calls. My best guess, since we're doing a Constitutional revamping, it'll be some time around April 19 that the call goes out and you won't miss it.

TA-50. Methinks you've been military sometime in the last forty or fifty years. This, Dear Friend, is going to be a "come as you are" party. Bring whatever you think you'll need yet maintain flexibility and mobility all the while keeping a steady stream of interwoven fire. So far as arms are concerned: there'll be plenty on the battle field to pick and choose your fave.

Who's in charge? That's a tough one to answer as there are so many qualified Patriots out there (count me out: I can't get my dog to eat steak let alone lead men; but I'll be right beside you). My guess is someone we already know through the media or blogs, someone already in a position of power. Just be sure he's not advocating 'peace and safety' or 'everything's gonna be great' or any kind of social welfare programs- we have enough politicians like that already. As to the first couple, those are promises of the anti-Christ so let's ignore him.

The password is going to Liberty and Freedom; Constitution and Rights; Honor and Truth; all the nouns we can associate with what it means to be American.

The rally point is going to be Washington, D.C. where there will be a very substantial supply of one-inch thick hemp and a lot of lamp posts from which to dangle the traitors of our Constitution. It will be in D.C. we encounter the heaviest resistance. Not only from military forces, but the local welfare/nanny state inhabitants. However, having it in Philly might not be a bad idea, either- the Cradle of Freedom. Wherever it will be, you will know.

Yes, IMNASHO, Obama's going to win and woe unto us within the first six months. Aside from losing jobs and money through taxation without representation, we'll lose our gun rights- hopefully you have one or two and a goodly supply of ammo for each- as well as the First Amendment (and watch how the blogs you read suddenly disappear, as well as the A.M. radio stations).

Too, in MyNotAlwaysSoHumbleOpinion, this will be a small, if not very small army. Though there are many Patriots "out there", most will be unable or unwilling to come.

Why do I say that?

First, because of the awesome military power that is available to protect the evil people within the government, hearts will grow weak just thinking about it. For sure, the fire and zeal will be in the hearts and minds of those Patriots- all the way to the gas station/bus depot/plane ramp. Then the doubts will set in:

"What if we lose?"

"What if I'm the only one there?"

"How long will it take?"

"What if we don't have someone in charge who knows what to do?"

"What if Russia or China or England (put country in here) come to help them?"

"What if I'm the only one there?" (Asked twice because we'll be thinking of ourselves, our families, our associations: all those who will think differently of us.)

So, you see, Dear Friend- it's going to be a tough row to hoe. We'll have to be ready at any given time. We'll have to, as Patrick Henry, be unhesitant saying "Give me Liberty or give me death!" There will be no other way- so very many will, very very many, will undoubtedly die without knowing the result of the Revolution.

Will it be a success? Will it fail? How long will it take? What if I die, who will care for my family, my kids (my dog)? What will my mother think?

Unanswerable questions except that, "We will not know unless we go."

As to what Mom will think... I believe mine will stand proud at my funeral, knowing that the flag across my casket will be Old Glory. She knows my stand now as she always has, will shed tears because I stood for what I believe and took no compromising path to protect Her: my Mother, my son, my Country, my Flag, my Fellow Patriots, my God.

I close not with, "God Bless America", but with, "America, Bless God", for I believe that if we bless Him, He will bless us. For, "I pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands: One nation, under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all."

Take not that oath without giving it thought- serious thought. To pledge allegiance is to swear your life. When being inducted to the military, we swear our oath to "Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic". This, too, is to swear your life in defense of. Not to be taken lightly- and I know of some who took not that oath in '68- yet did give their lives for the liberty of others.

So, Dear Friend, consider what you ask. Take no oath or make no promise for which you will not shed your blood, surrender your life. Or worse: end in a POW camp that will make Guantanamo/Gitzo look like Paris Hilton's bedroom.

America- Bless God.

(I'm sure I can hear the thump of Jack Boots on my stoop even now as I ready to post this.)

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  1. No thunder stolen at all my friend. And I don't say "my friend" lightly either! I truly consider you my friend, though we've never met... You said, very eloquently, exactly what I would have said. My heart and my chest swelled with pride!

    I'll watch for those lanterns, and when the time comes,I'll take up arms and stand right beside ya!


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