Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Survivors and Doomers

It's very interesting, to me any way, that Prepper/Survivors have been getting compared to Doomers the last few weeks in the MSM. The really sad part of it is, they have no idea what they're talking about.

Seriously- there's a big difference in a Survivor and a Doomer, even Scripturally.

From the Scriptures, we hear the Doomer whining, "Oh! Woe is me! The end of the world is nigh!" These are the Doom and Gloomers, people who think there is no reason for living, no reason to 'keep on keeping on'. People who have lost hope, have given up, the kind who quits their job or doesn't work or, in worst case, commit suicide, because there is no hope anyway: the world is ending. These are the people the MSM is really thinking of when they do an article/newsreel on 'preppers'. Of course- we can leave it to them to "get it wrong" like they do everything else. They really, truely wish they could find some prepper wearing a sandwich board proclaiming the end is near.

Of course, they won't unless they hit the mainstreets of New York or Los Angeles where all the kooks live, so we are forced to ingest a diet of soft-porn stories of 'suburban preppers' and made to seem the fool.

Now, let me explain first that I am no 'prepper'. Honest, seriously: I am a Survivor. I have always 'prepped' for worst-case-scenario. Been doing it since the 70's and my Army discharge. At that time, 1972, I could see how shitty the world was turning from the world I knew to what it has become today. I fully and sincerely hoped for a Second Revolution in this country during it's Centennial year, 1976. I was truly disappointed when nothing happened beyond the norm. Well, kinda nothing happened- we did eventually elect Jimmy Cahtah and the world went to shit in a more rapid fashion.

Looking back from a 30+ year perspective, I think there was a revolution of sorts and my side lost.

Abortion was suddenly mainstream dialogue; poverty was elevated to a status symbol through the Social Service System; 'women's rights' was gaining a stronger and stronger following; the emasculation of men was gaining lots of steam; women were being denigrated at a higher rate; children were being indoctrinated into the socialist view through Sesame Street and its ilk; the A-rab countries were beginning to see how easily the United States could be controlled through its oil reserves; environmentalists (of which I was one- until I opened my eyes) were mainstreaming through the medium, especially through earth and adventure magazines- MARIAH comes to mind- the first of the tree-hugger medium and I, true to form, was a first subscriber.

(Let me say here that I am not against women's rights- I just look at it from a different viewpoint than 'feminists'. Every woman has the rights of any man in the country- that is a guarantee by the Constitution, that is the Proclamation of God and should be the law of the land. Nor am I against Sesame Street- I think it has possibilities of being even more great as an education system if it is used properly, not ideologically for socialist ideas. Environmentally, I am totally for cleaning it up, keeping it clean, and promoting 'green' schemes- if they are fully thought out, tested prior to mandating and certainly applied fully across the globe [which we know is not going to happen], and I most certainly believe the United States should be energy-independent by drilling for its own oil- rather than allowing foreign nations drill in our back yard and take the reserves we should be using- as well as allowing the free market system discover the alternatives we need- without the taxpayer having to foot the bill.)

However, again, I digress. My apologies. (Listening to the debate in the background and hear nothing but blather and Obama-sama is making all kinds of assumptions and lies, so I claim some distraction tonight.)

First, I have been a 'born again Christian' since 1986. I don't always do the right thing and quite often fall flat on my face when it comes to 'being Christian'. I make no apologies for it- that is an issue between God and me. Still, my perspective now comes from Scripture and I believe God is telling me to 'make ready'- present arms and prepare myself. That is where the 'prepper' comes in, where the 'survivor' lives.

Scripturally, I believe the United States is in a shit-storm and God is waving His hand over it, stirring the pot and the mixture is brewing according to His plan.

Politically I believe in the Constitution as originally written, that it is the most magnificent document written, standing close beside the Bible in its impact and significance.


A Survivor/prepper is someone who feels the same whether they understand or recognize the 'force' behind their thinking or not. A survivor is someone who sees a future, who sees hope beyond the horizon, who is a pioneer of the First Breed. A Survivor is someone who knows there is something better than being enslaved to government or a political system or an hierarchical rule of the monied people. A Survivor is someone who loves beyond themselves, who is concerned for others, ready to display this love by being ready. By 'prepping' for themselves, their family, their extended family, they are willing to forgo the pleasures around them and sacrifice for the freedom they feel in their hearts. A Survivor is someone who is willing to die for an ideal, put their life on the line for the love in their heart.

Scripturally, "A man who will not defend his home is worse than a non-Believer". A Survivor is one who is following the Scripture, knowingly or not. (Proverbs.) Therefore, I arm myself not just because I really enjoy shooting sports, but because I am willing to shed blood for my family, those others I love, those who are not able to protect themselves.

Scripturally, we are to "lay aside seven years food supply for the difficult times" (hence part of the LDS doctrine). Therefore, when the time comes, I will have food on hand for the hungry of my family first, others next.

Therefore, I prepare and am a 'prepper', but deep inside, I am a Survivor who goes beyond the preps and helps to begin something new, follows the Constitution as the second most wonderful writings in the history of man, and hopes for a regrowth of the original ideals, aspirations and hopes derived from the Constitution and the God Who inspired it. I am one who dreams of a new world out of the old, a world based on the Words of Jefferson, Franklin, Hancock, et-al, wherein all men are created equal- male and female- and endowed by God with certain rights as liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness- not guaranteed them, but allowed to find them in their own lives with the help of God.

Bless God, Preppers-



  1. Hi Shy,

    You comments and thoughts here are most hopeful and wise. Excellent and stirring. Thank you--it was good to read this this morning...

  2. As always another great post Shy many of your words you expressed are how many of us feel............

  3. Excellent post, you have pretty much said it all. You were inspired when you wrote it.

    Carl In Wisconsin

  4. Excellent. And Amen.

  5. Thank you, All. I appreciate your comments- they're what keep us all posting. Blessings, Shy

  6. That was GREAT, Shy!!! I LOVE IT!!! I hope you never mistook my emails of scripture to you as "Doomer" stuff. NEVER meant it THAT way, but TO THE CONTRARY, to encourage and reassure; as long as we do it God's way, we CAN'T go wrong. As scripture says, "...if it is from God, you will NEVER be able to stop it." AMEN!!!

  7. Just added your link to my toolbar.


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