Monday, October 13, 2008


Now that I've quit crying about fool politicians I can get back to pondering about real things in my life.

Of course, we all think about things: 'How do I do this 'r that,' etc. Can't be human without doing it. For me, most thinking revolves around 'shortcuts' in thinking methods. I'm not sure anyone else has ever done it this way, but like most people I tend to think I'm the 'Lone Ranger' in thought. Still, I'll throw some of my thinking out, perhaps even expanding on the thought as I do after thinking. Such as...

Freedom is not inherited: each generation must win it for itself.

Two is one, one is none (the famous survivor maxim).

A gun on your belt when needed is better than two on a cop's belt in the coffee shop.

"Political intelligence" is an oxymoron.

A man in need is not your friend.

Dead men don't care what caliber killed them.

"Pro-gun & self defense Democrats" is an oxymoron.

War is a terrible thing and to be avoided at all costs, but is sometimes necessary.
Allow a liberal an inch and they'll steal a mile.

Train diligently and have no fear; be lax one day and forfeit the battle.

Your true family is not just of blood, but joy and respect in each other's lives.

Save now, want not later.

There is no understanding of the evil in men's hearts without understanding the Spirit in the man.

In TEOTW terms, lack of a CCW is the last reason to not carry.

Weather is not fashion conscious.

Someone unwilling to die for their beliefs doesn't believe their beliefs.

Self defense isn't a 'right', it's a duty.

Just because you can't see it doesn't negate it.

What is heard can be dangerous- what can't be heard can be more dangerous.

Adapt, improvise, overcome (Ranger creed).

To 'prep' or 'not to prep' isn't a question...

...and the reason you pay car/house/medical insurance but not 'prep' for disaster is...?

How fast can anyone half-asleep open a combination gunsafe to gain a weapon?

In a survival situation (anytime), how long will you wait after dialing 9-1-1 to begin defending yourself?

Augh! enough for now- my head is spinning! (Thinking does that to me.)
Ran into a pretty good, I thought, deal last week and picked up another thousand rounds of 9mm for $180, so I should have enough for a while- this winter, anyway. Unless Obama-samma gets elected, then I'll probably pick up another thousand or two early November and a few more magazines. The question will become 'Where do I store all this stuff?" The house is full of preps already, much more and I'll need a larger house. (No thanks: got enough bills!)
Surprisingly, the electric bill last month was less than it's ever been. I think they made a mistake. Oh, well: I'll catch up next month. Sure was a plesant surprise just the same. Gas is below $3 a gallon now as well. Tanks are topped off, spare cans are full, but need to fill the boat's tank though the water's nearly frozen. Thus endeth the night's ramblings.

God bless, All- and bless God.



  1. You know it already, but remember no ethanol gas in the boat tanks for storage - tears stuff up pretty badly over time & winter is worst. Over the other side of the state boaters are trying to get an exemption from using ethanol blends due to damage.

  2. Good post, m'man. You are getting close to being ready, it sounds like. Take care of Minnesota for us! We'll watch Indiana.


  3. Steph is right! Ethanol attracts water, and dissolves the gum in you tank and fuel lines. It will eat up fiberglass tanks, and older rubber fuel lines not made for ethanol use. Make sure to throw some Sta-bil in that gas, and run it through the engine for a bit. Then disconnect the fuel line and run the engine out of gas (but don't do that if it's an older oil injected 2 stroke! You'll burn a piston or two...). Don't forget to drain all the water from the engine after runnin' it. It's also a good idea to run some "engine tuner" through before putting it up for the winter (do that in a spot where black carbon stains on the ground won't bother you), then pull the spark plugs and shoot some fogging oil into the cylinders. I like to stuff oil soaked rags in the air intake too if the engine is gonna sit for more than a month or two.

    Do all that, and she'll run like a pup come spring....

  4. Nice Post. I have so much "stuff" here that I may not have room in the garage for the Pickem up this winter...

  5. Thanks for the reminders, Guys- never hurts to tell an Old Fart to remember. Umm..wut was we tokkin aboot?
    Right-on with the gas tips: that ethanol isn't too good for use in any vehicle- eats the rubber away, I hear. Not to mention, cuts the mileage down and refueling is done more often- negating any and all benefits of conservation, since it takes a gallon of gas to make one gallon of ethanol. Hmmm... what a waste of drinking water- can you imagine how much BEER can be made with a gallon of water?...


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