Friday, August 1, 2008

Storm On Horizon

Something is definitely happening in the heavens.

I'm no prophet, trust me, but when this neighborhood gets two shootings and a knifing within a week span, there's trouble on the stoop. That kind of incident happens up here maybe once every four or five years- during my lifetime, anyway. What can I say about it? What kind of powers in the Heavens are at work here?

A reading of Scripture will tell us: "We war not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities in Heavenly places." Those powers and principalities are working overtime because they know their "time" is near.

How can we be certain of this, know from our own observations? Look around at the societies around us and weigh what you see with Scripture. Simple to do and it won't take a prophet to see we are very near a catastrophic time in our lives. All of us.
Every man, woman and child on this planet.

Here in the United States, compare Scripture with what is happening in the financial markets. "A loaf of bread will buy a bag of gold." At the moment, it's taking half an hour's work to buy a loaf of bread, so it's getting close. "The final war will be fought for heat." Really. Look it up: Old Testament verse. Not only is the price of gas for our vehicles climbing, so are heating fuels for our homes. In a few years I have no doubt we'll be fighting with Iran and other Mid-East countries, especially if Pelosi and her ilk continue to get their way. It doesn't take a prophet to see that, just someone with their eyes open to the world around them.

"A man's enemies will be his own family." Consider what is happening to the very foundation of America: the family. Fathers neglecting their own children; forsaking the vows they made their wives for a romp in the hay with someone else's wife; the very education the children are receiving in the schools they attend; the odorous methods being used to accelerate illicit homosexual/lesbian and other "alternative" lifestyles - especially how Hollywierd is promulgating the trend on national television; think about what is happening to children daily in their own homes- rapes, murders, the drugs and slovenly habit of video games and computer 'freedoms' and television heroes(ines); consider also the way they are fed a diet of unhealthy food, Mickey D's and the ilk that makes our lives "so much easier".

What is happening to the very homes we so value in this society, that give us "the American dream"? People- many who did not deserve the loan(s) they got for the home(s) they didn't earn- are losing these home(s), living now in vehicles or on the street or with family/friends. And what is happening to alleviate that problem? Our government is giving our money to the companies that made the faulty loans and to the people who did nothing to earn either the money or the home(s). Whatever happened to companies rising or falling by their own merits/greed rather than being rescued by government?

Consider the implications of the upcoming Presidential elections. What do you see happening that should certainly alarm your sense of "Get the hell out of Dodge"?

So many around me feel we will be electing a young know-nothing, prejudiced, ignorant and foolish man with an equally prejudiced, foolish wife. A fool who will readily give away the country he claims to be a citizen of just so he can look sleek and cool, an esquire among peons. (Not that the alternative is a whole lot better.)

Which brings me to the point of this post: IMnotalwayssoHO, we'd better be getting our shit together, because someone is going to try taking it and giving it to a foreign country or others who certainly have not earned what we have.

This society is turning a corner to a rapidly devalued dollar, worthless on all markets, to unprecedented crime- murder, rape, robbery, theft- on the streets of our cities, in our countryside. There will soon be two wars happening "on the home front": a class war- those who have the power and those who have taken it- and a race war, because regardless how the election goes, the colors will not mix well and will more violently attack those they perceive as being the oppressor- combined among them will be the religious elements and the political. A revolution is coming and it won't be pretty.

So, folks: get your bullets, bandages and beans lined up. Start with the bullets cuz we're going to need them. Bandages because we're going to need them. Beans because no one else is going to have any and will need them.

No, IMO, there will not be a "total system breakdown" (but I lay no claim to 'expert' in this area) but it's going to get ugly: depression, rebellion, riots, hunger and crime, more hunger and crime, homelessness and starvation. Those who have not will get it from those who have and are not willing to protect it.

So if you value what you have- your family- then be prepared to protect and help them. Set your mind to this task, be not afraid to defend what is yours to keep or give away, but let it not be taken from you. Most, be humble before your God and know He is with those who are "not afraid to protect their home" (check the Scriptures); love your family and be willing to die for your family and brother, to protect all and to help all. For it is this very reason He has set you free: to be free to share your love and His, to care for the widow (who are widowed indeed) and orphan, thereby showing what great love He has for you, His child.

Not to protect and coddle the criminal and murderer, but your family. Don't be mistaken: "the times, they are a-changin'" (to paraphrase a local hero), be ready to change with them.

All who know they were born in the wrong century will soon discover themselves within that century.

Coming next: what I've done and am doing to prepare for the shit flying.



  1. That's pretty much my view on things.... And I'm experiencing increased violence in my town as well. 2 "gang style" shootings, automatic weapons and everything in the last 2 months! Times they are a-changin' indeed.....

  2. A small city about 15 miles from my location same thing crime is up theft and a couple murders this year! Great post I've enjoyed reading your other post's as well...


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