Sunday, August 31, 2008

Something to Sing About...

The look on Charlie Gibson's face during his news tease Friday nite was priceless. Anger, confusion, bitterness, consternation, dismay, all were clearly visible in the ten second tease about Sarah Palin's selection as John McCain's VP running mate. I loved it! And to look at George Stephanopoulis' expressions was even more enjoyable.

It was clear these two 'stalwarts' of the ABC news team were as taken back by John McCain's announcement as any- probably even Mrs. Palin, our new and first woman VP Elect. (Of course, no one can tell who I'm voting for after reading this.)

Neither of these men seemed able to comprehend how their (the press') so carefully laid plans could so quickly be overturned. This momentous occasion gave Gibson, the press et-al, and especially Barack Hussein Obama, a true Master's Class in how to play Political Chess.

And to listen to Sarah Palin's acceptance address was to listen to a real American Lady, one unafraid to speak her views, let her position be known- especially to those we know will oppose her to the bitter end. To listen to her soaring rhetoric, her clear, unstammering speech, her praise of the military, her party and it's current star was joy to the ears. To hear her boldly announce her son would soon be in harm's way, to learn of her youngest child's syndrome, her family's achievements and activities, filled my heart with pride in knowing she will soon be representing me, and all Americans, in the White House. To know we will have an honest American in a position to actually help America created a flutter in my heart and the thought came to me: It's about time! (Now, I'm no on-camera reporter, and didn't get a 'tingle up my leg' or 'a chill down my spine' as I listened, but I did get a swelling in my heart to know that, perhaps- just maybe- my country hasn't forgotten what it's like to "be American".

Not once did she utter any phrase or word that stung of dis-enchantment with America, of not loving and being proud of her nation. Of course, an extremely bitter pill for Michelle Obama, who for certain was watching from her less than ostentatious home and wishing at every moment for some dastardly event to unfold, for some calamitous happening to befall Sarah Palin. I'm certain B. Hussein lit up half a pack of smokes when he saw a truly honest American Lady (wearing a skirt, of all things!) march boldly, confidently onto the stage as she was announced by Senator McCain.

Ladies and Gentlemen of America- we quite possibly do now have an opportunity to let our voices be heard in the hallowed corridors of the building we call the White House.

Let us pray this be in God's perfect Will for America- that we can at last get back onto an even keel. That finally special interest groups and minority voices will no longer make the rules and laws for this country. That the Supreme Court will now understand its position is to enforce, not legislate, from its exalted bench. That life will once again be sanctified, upheld and honored rather than destroyed. That our borders will be made safe, our homes be protected, their owners allowed to protect themselves and loved ones. Perhaps now God will smile benevolently upon this nation again and we can hold our heads high, not feeling the weight of accusation, the burden of self-loathing the environmentalist faction lays upon our heads daily.

Perhaps now the world will again see what truly great things America can accomplish.

Oh- and Charley Gibson? Well, it certainly didn't take him long to begin his barrage of negative comments. But then, what can we expect from communists?

'Nuff said for now.

God Bless America.


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