Thursday, August 14, 2008


"...Seeking a 'survival' group or person in need of aging fisherman and hunter- no heavy work required...."

Egads, it seems like just plain old surviving is gonna be work for a young person, all we 'old farts' need not apply.

Regardless that probably 90% of surviving is between the ears, it still seems like a good nite for me to whine a little (especially since I feel like whining). Okay- have to admit I enjoy surviving, really love learning all the 'ins-and-outs of the game', thinking things through and even the 'doing' aspect. But today seems to have been one of those days when asking myself the ultimate question, "Why?", popped into my head about every fifteen minutes. And in all honesty, I really, absolutely have no real, honest, 100% true answer even after a whole, and I mean 'whole', lifetime practicing, learning, studying and practicing more.

"Back in the day" (whatever that means) my ideas were attuned to living in the wild, away from all things human. Not that I don't like people- I love them. It's just that a steady diet of people can be ...well, a drag. Also, I think deep in my psyche is a lone-wolf mentality wherein I really have a difficult time trusting people with things important to me. Like my hide. So my study/learning/training bent in that direction. How to survive with only a knife. Well, that's a good concept, but if you need a knife to begin with, you just may not survive. So lots of time was spent learning to do without. Many canoe trips were spent in hungry, cold, miserable camps and those trips were never enjoyed. All in the head. And my head, though in the game, wasn't all there, I guess. But I learned just the same. Especially learned I want and need a knife, at least, so the collection has grown considerably since those halcyon (or foolish) days. A minimum of two blades on my person every waking moment and not far away during sleep.

Of course, the inevitable happened.

I grew up. Or just got older. One or the other. Now I want the recliner and cold beer, even some company to while away the hours in doing nothing profitable.

So again my thoughts turn to the question, "Why?" and I have to say there is an honest answer here. "To make things more simple."

Having one, or more, persons to aid and abet is a lot easier o aching old bones and tired old muscles. Especially when I look at that ten-cord pile of wood and know I still have to cut it to length and split and stack it. "Gosh," I think, "I'm going to be a week at this!" Then realize, maybe even longer. This coming winter's supply is in, done and ready for the furnace. This will be for next year and some of the next. Still, it'd sure be great to have someone to stack while I cut and split. Or cut and split while I stack. Or cut while I split and stack. Or to split and stack while I cut.

You get the idea.

So here is the whining, got it of my chest and know that tonight I'm going to get a good night's sleep and tomorrow will be a brighter day. (Uh-huh...sleep, all that ever happens.) Still, tomorrow will be brighter and the work will get done. Cutting, splitting, stacking, digging, pruning, picking, canning, fishing...mmmmm...someone say 'fishing'?... the boat's ready (put BIG smile here).

Oh, just to be totally honest: today was a day to suffer the after-effects of having just a little too much wine last nite. A big little too much. Still, the work had to get done. And, damn, is it hard to do that when the body just has no desire.

Lesson learned? Ummm...don't get so much wood at one time.

Blessings- Shy III


  1. That's an impressive pile for an "old fart", heh heh heh. Personally I don't know ANY "young-uns" who could, or would WANT to do that much work. Yeah, the hangover kinda takes the wind outta your sails, but it'll pick up again tomorrow......

  2. As we age the hangovers get a wee bit more tougher on us. By the way heck of a stock pile of firewood you got going on sir.............

  3. I have 5 years worth of heating wood cut split and stcked out back AND i am going for more in September. I am 59. The young farts around watch my truck go by load with wood and later ask me what the heck I am doing that for and not drinking beer. Mayberry is correct.

    Old Fart in the Boonies

  4. 5 years???!!! Now I really wish I had trees around!!!! Good on you sir!

  5. Nice comments, guys- thanks. Loving them. That pile is screening six more cords split and stacked, enough for this winter. So all told, there is about two and a half years there, and more on the way after this is cared for. (Just love baby-sitting wood. Hmmm..I wonder if I'm gonna have to stand guard over that WTSHTF or just get a big Dobe's, too...I feel a post coming on: guard dogs and 12 gauge with OObuck.
    Again, thanks, Folks. Blessings.


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