Friday, August 22, 2008

Ennui is atrocious

Ennui is a terrible thing I don't handle well...

So, to battle the effects of a rainy day in which I'd originally been finishing out a window on the shack, I grabbed the camera and had a little fun. Please pardon the errors in grammar and spelling- schoolin' never was much fun when I'd much rather'd been scoutin' around the woods after birds or trying to decide where the deer stand should go.

If your 'puter picture is the size of mine, you may need to left click the picture to read the words. Not sure anyone's going to be impressed, but I tried.
Plus, taking the shot got me thinking about the tools we are collecting, about how much we 'should' spend on them. (Not that I have any business tellin' people how to spend their money.) The cup, canteen and pack, the attachments to it and its contents are very indicative of the quality of the gear. When first purchased, money was tight, being fresh from the Army, but the head was pretty much screwed on tightly. (Then. Dunno about now.) The gear was bought from a reputable dealer- I'd known him and done business with him since my high school days. Still, it was expensive but I knew my life was going to depend on what I bought so I bought well. Nearly all the items bought those days are still in use, still serviceable and have many more miles remaining. Probably many more than my old body has, but that's good. Someone else, hopefully my son, will be able to derive as much joy and service from using the gear as I did.
And when TSHTF, as we know it's going to very soon, it will be invaluable since I've used it nearly forty years, know its quirks and shortcomings, and there are very few. Each piece of gear fits like a glove, is an Old Friend- and we know Old Friends are Best friends.
Anyway, my simple thought for the day. God bless, keep your powder dry and your chickens in a row.


  1. We leave our preps to our sons but will they carry on? You can hear a lot of femininity in their words. Oh, it ain't "sissy" talk or anything like that, but it is the talk of the mind of this world. And the mind of this world ain't gonna make it.


  2. The investment in are preps some big some small but it a investment thay may saves us one day!


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