Saturday, August 16, 2008

Talkin' about survival

When it comes to surviving, I think all of us could take a page from the lives of past survivors...

Okay- chuckling a bit here...not really talking about survival in "our" sense of the word. Just that I've kind'a changed the format of the blog a bit and have to go back a bit to the 'old' format and show a slice "of America as I see it" today.

Our annual "Back to the Sixties" nite was this weekend and I had to get out of the house with the camera, play a little and visit some old friends. Above, notice the emblem from the 1946 Lincoln. They don't make ;em like that any more. So some things sure don't survive. Also, the Indian is gone, though I've heard they're making a come-back.

Of course, we all know how well those old Ford pickups did in the Roaring Twenties- most excellent vehicles for hauling the moonshine around from dealer to buyer, even some customers. This particular one has a few bullet holes as reminders how hairy that kind of employment can get. Still- how many are going to be using their SHTF lifestyle to be making runs for...ahem...stop at my place first. The Memorial, a scene on the Post 411 Deer River, MN, VFW Harley. Let us never forget- God, guns and guts made us free and will continue to do so as long as we do our part.

And of course, what's a sweet ride without a sweet seat cover? Can't make her out too well- I was trying to be creative and only mildly succeeded- but the ride sez it all.
If anyone out here in reader land wants to help a sweet young lady please her 'old man'... can send her a few bucks to aide her in purchasing the newest toy she promised me for my birthday. Seat cover won't be included but wouldn't hurt since once she sees how expensive I am to board and feed, she's gonna divorce me for someone younger...much younger.


So there it is, folks- just a brief excursion into the world around us. The evening and day were fun, for sure, and I do get a lot of enjoyment getting into the thick of things to get the shot I want. Actually, I think it's kind of funny when I see all the cameras on the side lines, snapping away and coming back with the same shots they had from the last parade they attended, not thinking that in this kind of situation, they need to be bold, unafraid to get into the thick of things, get their feet wet- or run over- to get the shot they really want. (I was laying on the street to get this shot of "my" car. (Doggone sun was still too bright, though, and washed out my flash, even. Shucks.)
Enjoy, Everyone- keep the Faith.


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  1. I've always been partial to Cobras myself. I reckon the car would attract a suitable "seat cover".... I had a '57 Chevy myself (well, at least the remnants of one). My first ride was a '64 Chevy II hard top. V8, 4 on the floor. Suh-weet.


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