Thursday, June 26, 2008


There are liberals and terrorists all over the world shaking their heads in dismay today due to the Supreme Court ruling in favor of American citizens defending themselves.

If there are two groups of people who are adamantly opposed to free ownership of firearms by "Mary Average" and "John Q. Public" in the United States, it's those who want to be attacked and have all their rights removed, and those who want to attack us gun-toting Americans.

It's about time the average, honest, hard working American was given a fair deal by the (normally) liberal Supreme Court. It happened today with the ruling that the Washington D.C. anti-self defense law concerning firearms, was unConstitutional. Now citizens of Washington D.C. can breathe a sigh of fresh air in knowing they have full right to protect themselves, their loved ones, their homes and neighbors. And do so legally.

Today, I am more proud than ever to be an American, contrary to how some people feel about being American. And more determined than ever to do what needs doing to insure Constitutional Freedom remains in the hands of Americans.

As relieved as I am about this ruling, I see problems arising within a few weeks and lasting about as long. There will be repercussions, of course- there always are.

Not only will the liberal anti-gun crowd and George Soros go ballistic faster than a 70 grain .270,
so will the press in it's "critical need" to eliminate firearms from American hands. Also, there will be some "random acts of violence" perpetrated upon decent citizens who are now "carrying". Some of these will result in ER calls, others in trips to mortuaries (hopefully more mortuary than ER for the criminals). Once the criminal element learns that people just aren't going to stand idly by for their bullshit any longer, things will level out, even drop in less than a year. Which should give the honest people enough time to eliminate most of the bad guys.

And to hell with "political correct", too. Call it like you see it and libs be damned. Now it's time to go back to the Supreme Court and get some of their 'rulings' straightened out, such as allowing terrorists access to civilian courts and Constitutional rights from the very country they attacked. Since when is it the Supreme Court's job to create laws or tell the government how to operate? Or did someone eliminate the House and Senate (not that most of their occupants shouldn't be eliminated) while I was on vacation last week? What part of the Constitution they swore to uphold gives them leave to tell the President what he has to do? (By the way, what part of the Constitution gives Congress authority to vote itself raises while still in office? ) And it's time some of the liberal environmentalist faction and lobbyists are brought to trial as well as other special interest minority groups. The Supreme Court has to wake itself up and understand that this country is not governed by minority, but majority rule and reverse some of its past "accomplishments".

It's time the U.S. Supreme Court decided to put God back in "In God we trust", not Mecca or Islam.

Thank God some in America are still awake and not lost in the daydream that liberals have a better idea.


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