Thursday, June 12, 2008

Third in Line...

A spring storm had blown through and I never sleep well in storms: can't hear as well with thunder and raindrops falling. Perhaps I'd eaten something that didn't agree with me. Whatever it was, I awoke at 0230(+/-) in a sweat, my mind ablaze with the dream that ran rampant in my head.

The date was 16 November 08- last week end of deer hunting season and I was at Hunting Shack Creek cabin. I'd remained the entire season because of the election 12 days earlier- Hussein Obama won- and I was having a difficult time dealing with it, as I'm sure a great many will be having should that man actually win.

President Bush was making one last round of visits to the Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. His entourage missed some important information and was detained in-country because the airport was being bombed, Air Force One disabled and the military was having shit-fits.

Vice President Cheney was hospitalized, totally incapacitated from a stroke.

Speaker of the House is third in line...Nancy Pelosi is Speaker.

The nitemare begins when she ascends to the Oval Office, citing Constitutional Law her reasoning. With no preamble or conscience, she and her ilk immediately provide amnesty to the illegal immigrants in America, no proviso other than they're here and welcome to all the freedoms of citizenship. Next, her horde negates the Second Amendment by declaring only active military and police are authorized weapons of any sort, immediately banning possession of any firearms by private citizens, regardless of type. She signed into law the Kyoto Accord with even more stringent regulations for American industries. To further the liberal agenda and America's slide into debauchery, she allowed passage of nation-wide approval of the homosexual agenda, legalizing gay marriage.

She acted so quickly there was no time for public outcry or action, forcing her agenda upon the sleeping populace.

Then the nitemare began.

Store shelves were empty of basic supplies, the dollar fell to practically negligible value; riots began in the larger cities; race suddenly became very important in every area, killings, muggings, total breakdown of rule of law; Pelosi declared martial law, nullifying the Constitution and immediately deployed troops to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Miami, alerting all National Guard to begin check-points and initiate curfews (which were totally ignored) and begin house to house searches for weapons of any sort.

A nearby litning strike awoke me, sweating, my heart thumping hard, near panic in my mind. All I could think was, "Time to load up."

A dream- a nitemare? Yes, vivid and more frightening than zombies coming after me and mine. More frightening than a terrorist attack because we are doing this to ourselves. Kruschev was right: "We will bury you!" he proclaimed as he beat his shoe upon the podium. It's happening- just look around. Perversion of the Constitution is rampant, liberals laughing in the face of honest and hard working Americans as they initiate lobbyist legislation, as the courts continue to make laws rather than enforce them.

A dream? A nitemare? It's happening so it's not a dream.

Honestly, I feel it happening. Not necessarily in this fashion, but I see the Muslim winning the coming election and complete breakdown of the American Constitution, its economy, the way of life as we know it.

Now is the time to be ready- not start getting ready, but be ready. The hard times are nipping at our heels, the wolf is at the door and the sheeple will suffer. Mothers are going to be crying for their starving children, men will be enslaving themselves as lowest common denominator to find any kind of work, children will be begging for any crumbs from anyone. Riots will be common-place as races clash, intra-street warfare the norm as Americans attempt to survive the starvation and racial wars.

America is on its way to becoming a third world nation.

The only normal will be the abnormal.

My heart cries for America.


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