Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting prepared

Coming attractions. If this was a movie, this would precede the newsreel.
Of course, most readers here probably have no idea what the "newsreel" is. Let me explain...

In the "old days", when people went to the theater to see a movie, they were treated to four things: the movie they went to see, the previews of 'coming attractions', a cartoon that was actually funny, and a news story or two, usually something current and timely.
What follows is no cartoon, regardless how you perceive it.

The coming attractions, as I see them, are global hunger/famine, even in the United States of America, brought on by a world-wide anti-pollution cartel; world-wide energy crisis brought on in great part by left-wing-liberal politicians such as Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal); global 'warming' fanatics (such as Sierra Club et al and their in-pocket politicians); a breakdown of society, especially in the United States of America, brought on by liberal politicians trying to appease the world-at-large and their own self-aggrandizing egos; civil unrest created by this societal breakdown.

In short, the shit is going to hit the fan and people had better be prepared.

Everyone will need at minimum three items to survive: water, food and shelter. Beyond that everything else is gravy.

And that is how you should look at it. Whatever is not necessary to survival is gravy. Get that in your head now, first off, right away, ASAP. If your head isn't "in the game", your ass won't be, either.

Water. Egads, big business has sure helped in that area: get your bottles of water in stock now. At least a gallon per day per person in your household. And to hell with the soap and washing anything but dishes. (I say that tongue in cheek: you can bathe if you have an ample supply of water, even the kind unfit for consumption.) You can buy oodles of water already sealed in factory-fresh containers of 16 ounces, or more. If you have the money and inclination to. Otherwise, buy some containers (or recycle) and fill with tap water. Get some sort of purification system for any water you consider suspect- especially if you live in a community and have no personal well. Recommendations? Nope, I have none so you'll have to research your own. Just Google 'water purification'.

Food. MMMM, we all love to eat- soon we'll be eating to live and that will make a lot of difference in what's on the menu. Sugar will be the least of your worries. Salt should be at the top of the list, or close to it. You can live without sugar but not salt with Iodine. Get some. Get lots. Your kids will learn quickly to adapt to good food- well, nutritious food, anyway- when you make it clear they have two choices: eat or go hungry. And, for your own personal peace of mind, be sure to "not give a shit which it is," and they'll get the idea fast. Again, I have no honest recommendations, other than Mountain House Foods. They manufacture "MRE's" that, from my camping experience, are genuinely delicious and easy to prepare. (You can even open a packet, pour in water, carry it in your pocket for several hours of hiking/whatever or a day, and have a somewhat warm, rejuvenated Meal Ready to Eat.) Otherwise, in my own preps, I'm going from store to store buying what I normally buy, only more of it. Salt, spaghetti's, salt, macaroni and dry sauce packets for them, salt, tuna, salt, dehydrated soups, salt, SPAM (the original type),salt and other loved spices, salt, flour, many canned goods such as salt, beans, corn, carrots, peas, beets, mixed veggies, asparagus, tomatoes- whole, chopped, diced, sliced and sauteed as well as sauced and some with salt- and more dehydrated soups. The list goes on: my point is buy what you'd normally buy, only twice as much. When the Y2K scare came around (gawd, I was hopin it would! but that's a whole 'nother story) my pantry was ready. We are still living on some of those supplies.

Also, get your seed supplies in stock: nothing hybrid/modern. Get what's known as 'heritage' seeds: they'll sprout young'uns for your next year's growth. You'll never taste peas so good as what you grow yourself. Not to mention peas, carrots, onions, taters, beets, rutabagas, corn....

Shelter is really simple, really. Whatever you're doing now, get the hell out of Dodge and do it someplace else. (Of course, I'm hopin' no one takes this advice cuz I wanna be livin' in the woods all alone, no tourists around me.) Seriously, folks: get away from larger cities fast as you can, even if it means a commute. Gas is cheap compared to being caught in town when your pants are down.

(Guess I should put in a disclaimer in here, too: remember, whatever you do is a result of your own thinking, not mine. I will not and claim no responsibility for what you do: you are your own person regardless what others say or do. Your mind is yours to make up, your conscience is yours to live with, your family is yours to protect as is your own life, I will not be responsible for them. Any mistakes you make are a result of your own thinking. Any injuries accrued are a result of your own actions- I will not be there to give them and sure as hell will not be there to wipe your nose and kiss the booboos. So grow up, cowboy up, man up, grow a pair and settle your own affairs like a man instead of a sniveling chicken shit.)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

You'd be best to have a rural area in which to find your buns. A place with ample supplies, bandaids and bullets. (Yup- we're going to cover those, too. But not today.) Look for a smaller community to live, where you can actually get to know your neighbors (yes, there are places like that still .)
While you're in the neighborhood, don't be alarmist and start screaming for everyone to take shelter and plant their gardens- they'll consider you a kook at the least, a real looney bin candidate or call the men in white coats.

So there you have it for now...much more to come cuz this is just a primer (primmer in 'old school' speak) and we have lots and lots to talk about.

While you're waiting for our next talk, start working on that wood pile.

What do you mean "no way no-how you ain't got a clue"? OOPS- well, let's hit that soon.

Oh- that newsreel we talked about? That's coming soon to a neighborhood near you.


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