Saturday, March 8, 2008


Wolves are cutting up a street dance south of the house. Hearing their symphony, my male Golden crouches quivering at the door, wanting out to join in the chorus. I let him out and listen as his old voice joins theirs. It's a nite-time treat to the ears listening to them all. Eventually, all the neighborhood dogs will be joining and howls will ring all around me.

I go back to reading and listening to the news. It's all about Obama and Hillary- so little about McCain or Huck or my man Paul. Just the libs and a feeling of dread comes over me.

The media is again trying to elect the leader of our country and I think about them a moment. "Civilized" people. In my mind, "civilization" is another term for "oppressed". I see these people sitting in their comfy homes doing their comfy jobs and collecting their comfy wages and having absolutely no concept of what it means to be working class today. Too, many of them have in their employ people who should not even have a job in this country because they are here illegally. So to keep their lifestyle, they defend their points of view with the powerful tools at their fingers.

Thinking of this causes my mind to drift to the safe where the guns are stored and I mentally do a checklist of its contents. Rifles, pistols, ammo for each, the knives, the bows and arrows, the related equipage. Each has a special purpose for the "long haul", to be used and discarded when its need is over. The packs are not far away, loaded with temporary supplies: food, clothing, sleeping bag, compass (no, there will be no need for GPS systems and batteries).

Sometimes my mind wanders from scene to scene, and I wonder at times what good I think these supplies and equipment will do for me, or others? Do I, or others similarly minded, actually believe we'll be able to survive in a world going mad because of government corruption? Do we really? Do we actually believe we'll be able to fend for ourselves against police and military forces coming to take us away or invade our homes and remove our property? Do we actually believe we'll be able to survive in small groups or individually in the wilds, utilizing our caches and wits against gov't forces and the elements?

Of course, the answer is, "Yes, we do." But then again, maybe not. Or maybe we can, but not for long periods. Or maybe we can for as long as we need. Maybe we won't have to worry about it at all if terrorists have their way or the illegal immigrants have theirs. Perhaps our battles will be with the terrorists and illegals. Who knows, other than God?

Friends from "down the line" (web) tell me of the civil situations in their areas, of the rise in crime, rapes, murders, B&E, robbery, and I am glad to be living in a remote area. Not out of reach (it would take an officer or ambulance twenty minutes minimum to reach my door from town), but out of sight and desire for this element of society. Yet those people and their life-styles and problems and drugs are even invading my neck of the woods and I fear for kids in the area. I fear for the home owners, especially the oldsters and the very young. I fear for the school children who have no right to protect or defend themselves because of liberal laws protecting the criminal and making law-abiding people criminals for preserving themselves or family or friends. I fear for the American way of life that will soon be a thing of the past, relegated not even to history books, but hidden from the next generation who will (God forbid!) have no clue as to what real Freedom is. I fear for the generation that will not be allowed to know about the One True God but will be warped and brainwashed to believe in the Gaia god of the Algores.

And I begin to wonder, "How long after the elections will the wolf be at the door?"

Time to do a physical inventory.


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