Monday, January 5, 2009

More Ugly Painting...

Oh, ISHKAPOOPOO...if things wasn't bad enuff, now we gotta go to even more worserer.

I mean, damn: if electing the Dark Lord wasn't bad enough, now we have to put up with his porno big mouth Frankenstein, too. (To really ice the cake in MN, there were some counties- mine included- that had more votes cast for Frankenstein than there were WTF?)

I really, really think I should move to another state. (Like there's one that ain't part and party to all the crap going on? HA- FAT chance! (No, he ain't just a Chinaman.)

One really has to wonder (I know: don't wonder too far or you'll get lost!) just what is going to happen within the next twelve months.

What with all the anti-American people Mubarak Hussein Soterobama is putting in power positions, with his record of non-votes, and the atrocious record he has when he does vote, we know he's got some shenanigans up his sleeve that no honest American citizen is going to appreciate. Hopefully none tolerate his crap, either.

And his 300 billion economic stimulus package: create three million jobs, 80% in government? You've got to be kidding. (See Of course, we can rest assured those 600,000 'government jobs' he creates will be in his Ghetto Corps. (And to think some people have been wondering how the military or police force(s) are going to handle the vast numbers of dissenters to the new administration policies.)

One thing we can rest assured of: with Frankenstein in office, his ACORN Ghetto Army won't lack for filthy material to recite as they burn the Constitution and enter any home they want, do and take whatever they want. (Again, cf Drudge.)

One can only hope the GOP actually does a filibuster if Frankenstein is actually seated. Won't happen, we know, since all the GOP have less balls than Hillary and can't hold a candle to the courage of Sarah Palin.

Then there's Blagojevich's selection to replace Mubarack Hussein in the Senate causing an uproar and the laughable dems challenging the selection of another black man and threatening to filibuster his seating. (A really laughable aspect is that Harry Reid- oh boy!- wants to negotiate the Burris nomination with the Republican leader. Talk about crossing aisles to solve problems. Damn!) The last Do-Nothing Congress had the lowest rating of any Congress previous. The new one is going to be even more Do-Nothing. LOL- we're screwed, blued and tattooed, Folks. Hang onto your guns- and make damn sure they're loaded. (No, I ain't talking about hanging on cuz someone's gonna try taking them: but because you're going to be needing them.)

On another note- get the prepping into high gear. We should all have enough meds on hand for any situation we can handle. The food stocks can always be added to until the last minute, but don't wait til then to do it- there should be enough on hand by now to handle three to six months in your house. Since Mayberry has his fresh case of ammo on the way, we should all be well stocked with ammo for what we envision but it sure won't hurt to have a few more rounds laying around the pack. Get the heavy duty clothes and footgear worn in enough to be comfy on long walks. Gas up the vehicle and keep it full, baby, cuz we're going to need it at a moment's notice.

On a third note: no, contrary to what some may be thinking about me after the last post, I ain't seeryus about the concentration camps. However, I don't put it past the government(s) because I do read my Bible and it warns of such times. However, I'll get into that on another post.

Paranoid? Who? ME? never happen.

Well, maybe...

Keep your powder dry, Folks.

Bless God, God bless-


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  1. Well said Shy... This is what we're gonna be faced with, sure enough. The time to lock and load draws near.....


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