Saturday, January 17, 2009

Google's gonna delete this post...

Today's one of those days my dandruff is really, really riled.

I'm fully expecting Google to delete this blog entry as they have a couple others where-in I ranted against voting for Mubarack Hussein Soterobama. It really pisses me off that even the web isn't free from censorship.

First, I have to apologise and ask forgiveness for my dander outbreak earlier today when I said something I really regret because it isn't how I think. But it turned out that way, so it sounds, even to me, that I must be thinking like this now.

I have to back up a bit...

Went to a gun show today. Held at an airport (international, at that) way back in the boonies. My expectations were pretty low. Expectations such as "I'll be the only one there," or "There'll be a few people showing up". How wrong I was! Getting there about noon, it was difficult to find a parking space within brief walking distance. Hundreds of cars filled the runway ramp. The hanger being used was filled with racks and tables of weaponry from knives to archery supplies. Not the least was guns. Thousands of guns. On the tables, in cases being carried, slung over shoulders, hanging on belts (and for sure some unseen on belts).

As I paid my $4 entry fee, I read a couple signs as I cleaned the steam from my specs. One sign clearly stated that "All guns entering premises must be unloaded and checked at counter". UGH.

"Does that include my personal carry?" I asked as the gent emblazoned my palm with the "paid entry" mark.

"I've been wondering about that," he told me. "But, I'm going to say 'no' since you're the only one to ask."

"Good," I told him, "cuz I wuz gonna ask for my fee back and leave."

He chuckled with me but the person behind me saw nothing funny about it. I went about my browsing.

On with the story.

I'd got into conversation with a few guys and some comment I don't recall was made about Tuesday. My reply was, "I don't care what that nigger says, he ain't my president."

Soon as I said it, hearing what I said, I realised how I'm thinking of the P.E. and was ashamed to be thinking like that. I hate prejudice toward skin color. Stupidity and ignorance are another matter. But to dislike someone because they 'look' different is unforgivable. And here I was showing stupidity.

My beef with the Dark Lord begins with his unwillingness to prove his eligibility for the office to which he was 'elected'. It also ends with that until he proves he is Constitutionally worthy. Until he proves he is qualified, he will not be my President, either. I don't care what the libs say, or the dems or my family or friends: it's what the Constitution says. Period. But there are many other aspects I am defiant with him about, as well, which I am going to get into.

The trouble is, thinking back on conversations with my Love, I've been showing the same prejudice. She knows me better than I know myself, but has not mentioned this. Perhaps she knows I don't think this way under 'normal' circumstances. And this critter heading for the Hallowed Halls is hardly 'normal'. Still, it's no excuse.

Now I'm rambling again. Sorry.

Let me begin with something that means as much to me as my Bible: the Constitution. No other document in human history has meant so much for so many. Not to so many, because too many either don't know or don't care about it. "Just words," as the Dark Lord would say. But they're words he wants to change, revamp to his idea of what they should be. Just like the fags who want to change the Bible to say what they want it to say. Typical liberal bullshit.

On the return home, I was half listening to the radio and the speaker mentioned this 'bite' by Soterobama as he was making his (ROFLMBO) 'historic' train ride: "He promised to bring the country "a new Declaration of Independence" -- free from small thinking, prejudice and bigotry." (The article is here: Train to Washington: Obama Makes Historic Journey Political News -

This isn't the first time I've heard him talk about changing the "out-dated and obsolete thinking in the Constitution". My blood boils each and every time some liberal MSM shithead talks about how the Constitution is a 'living' piece of paper and should be changed to meet today's world standards. That is bullshit so far as I'm concerned. It is an Iron Clad contract with the honest citizens of the United States of America and not available for change. Of course, it can be amended, as set forth in its own words. But it is not a document to be trifled with by a bunch of libs playing grab-ass in the shower.

It's common knowledge by any who are paying attention that the First Amendment is under attack with the "Fairness Doctrine" crap making the rounds of radio talk shows. People whose livelihood depend upon Freedom of Speech are making noise, know they could soon be out of work. Just as deplorable is the "political correct" speech. (I'll never be guilty of that, obviously.)

Churches are being told what they can 'preach' about. Gays and lesbians are insuring that. As are the abortion fanatics. (Two of the more well known and infamous groups.) Soon, if some politicians, Soterobama among them, have their way, we'll all be listening to every word our neighbors, or bystanders, say- just to report them to the Thought Police. Want verification? Check this: 'Hate crimes!' They're ba-ack! Of course, we all know that we can't always control what we say (egads! what am I saying?) , but when we have to worry about some knee-jerk lib running to the fuzz because we offended their pussy sensibilities, then we're in deep doodoo. The day may well come, if not already here, that the very words on this blog will land me in jail. Or you. Or your mother. Or Dad. Or your brother, or sister, or friend... you get the idea. I have no desire to go to jail, as I'm sure most don't, but it may be preferable to where they might send us 'criminals'. (Can you say "Gulag"?)

Coming from the worst offender of gun rights since the Brady Bunch formed, this statement should be a call to arms for any who hold the Constitution nearly 'holy' or who enjoy firearms ownership, shooting and Freedom: "I believe in common-sense gun safety laws, and I believe in the second amendment," Obama said at a news conference. "Lawful gun owners have nothing to fear. I said that throughout the campaign. I haven't indicated anything different during the transition. I think people can take me at my word." Well, Mr Soterobama, I am going to take you at your word. Since your first step into the political world, your word has been "eliminate gun ownership" . That's enough for me. Article here: Obama: Don't stock up on guns :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: 44: Barack Obama So far as my money goes, it's heading for the gunshops- who are doing a wonderful business since the Dark Lord's ascendancy to the throne.

Speaking of ascending to the throne, check this out: Hail King Obama: President for life .

Here we go with more tinkering with the Constitution! Crowning himself king of kings may not be his idea, but it's being forwarded by politicos who have one desire: control of our lives. Of course, it'd sure be wonderful for the liberals to have someone in office they can manipulate, whose buttons they can push to get him to do their bidding. And, yes, I believe he is that weak a man. (So, obviously, it isn't 'just' Soterobama I'm pist at, is it? LOL)

Seriously: do you like the idea of a 'king' ruling your life with whatever whim he rises with?

How about a one-world governing body, such as the United Nations? Want them in your bedroom? In your kitchen? Your shop? Job? Want your kids coming home and telling you (that) whatever you say is meaningless, has no bearing on anything they do or say? That they can do as they please? Guess what. IF the U.N. gets it's foot in our country, that's where we're headed. And worse.

We have a Kraut whose been involved with our country's politics since I was a kid making bold statements as he is. Just guess how many are going to 'understand' this to be the way things 'should' be? It's way beyond time we kicked out of this country any person whose spouts a belief that America should bow to world opinion and ideas. America has no need to be 'appreciated' by the rest of the world. We have no need to be 'accepted' by the world. Personally, I couldn't give a friggin fork what the rest of the world thinks of America. We aren't here to please them. It's bad enough we feed half the world while our own are starving. Screw them, far as I'm concerned.

Yah- it's a hard line, but so what? So long as this country has people hungry or naked or sick, then to hell with the rest of the world until we take care of them.

America is the most giving country on the planet. We give more to help hurricane or flood or earthquake or famine or plague or drought victims than any. Unless it's for those at home. So screw the rest of the world. Let's take care of our own first. I'm sick and tired of getting mail from Appalachia telling me how hungry the kids are, how naked they are, how they can't afford notebooks for school and every damn third world nation in Africa is getting schools built and supplied by Oooprah and the like. I'm sick and tired of getting mail from Feed the Children telling me how hungry the kids are in downtown L.A. because of some drugged up mother who can't afford to feed them (but can afford drugs!) and we're sending all our food to Russia and China and most of Europe. Screw them. Let Europe and China starve until we have our hungry people fed.

...meanwhile back at the gun show...

Our gun club's Revolver Guru was there and talked me into a date with a cute little platinum haired little cutie undercover cop. She has .38's and felt sweet in my hand, pointed in the right direction and wasn't all that much. Anyway, she came home with me and a case of ammo. Just in case. I call her my Undercover Angel. (Doesn't that song just ring in your ears? MMM, Undercover Angel, midnite fantasy...) A little stainless Charter Arms Police Undercover model. .38 caliber, six shot. Not much larger than my cell phone. A neat little ankle package. I'll letcha know how she handles tomorrow.

Bless God, God bless.



  1. Nice rant Shy. I agree with you. Totally!

  2. ...Great post Shy,let it out,Brother...Our Republic will stand...may be a damsite smaller,but it will stand...until my/our dying breaths...

    ...i gotta believe's about all i got left to believe in...

  3. Good God man, you have been reading my mind. It's like you took the thoughts right out of my mind and put in this post. God Bless you Shy and all you stand for and against. Couldn't have said it better myself. If only more knew the truth that awaits them they'd me madder than hell too. Good job my friend, keep on preppin'.

  4. If they delete this post, back it up. I'd be willing to repost it on my blog just quoting you.

  5. Great rant Shy! Summed it up but good I say. And, heheheheh, your little sweetie looks an awful lot like mine! I named mine "Betty" and she is sweet .38 and has a sweet sister too named Bertha who is a pump 20 gauge!. We also have "Bubba" who is a hot pistol grip pump 12 gauge. WE be ready for'em LOCK AND LOAD !!
    God Bless and Prep On

    P.S. They left the bible behind when they chose to worship lucifer and follow that path - I choose the bible hands down any day with God by my side - He gives us all that we need to be ready and to be prepared and to protect our families.

  6. Oops - forgot to add that I am glad so many people are buying guns - maybe some are finally waking up and then we have more numbers of patriots ready for the fight! When we went to the gun show here in Indiana, it was packed!
    God Bless and Prep On

  7. I say give Obama a chance to prove what he will vote in or out, then decide. Not saying don't keep an eye peeled for what we think will happen, just let him prove it. He won an election, gives him a right to prove who he is.

    For me, G.B. did one great thing for preppers - he allowed '92 assault weapons / magazine ban to expire. He coulda been 'hero for a day' with the libs and media if he had extended it, but he let it expire, giving all of us a chance to learn from previous mistakes.

  8. A damn fine post Shy! And I'm with Catman. Should the thought police "censor" your post, I'll repost it too. I'm savin' me a copy right now!

  9. Great post! The constitution is sacred, Period , end of story. He is not nor will he ever be my president. I will not watch his ceremony tomorrow nor participate in his citizens core.

    I am old and this no longer my country, so I will probably die in a ditch or gulag.

    Old fart

  10. corp. sorry

    Old fart

  11. the "native born" requirement, was probably abrogated by some treaty or international agreement they never bothered to tell us they made. otherwise, how could he (the annointed) be so confident? and of course it's only perjury if you get caught. his buddies in the media can't keep his secrets forever.

    oaths, on the bible or otherwise mean little to people who already serve the devil, or don't believe. (how could there be any real consequences to false swearing if there is no GOD?)

    our rights which are enumerated in the constitution, are not from the constitution. they can deny or infringe, our endowment of rights, but they are not powerful enough to defeat our creator, who gave us our rights, and our souls, and revealed JUSTICE to us. they can only kill our bodies, our souls and our rights are ours.

    when the constitution no longer applies then the henry kissingers of the world will no longer need american born puppets, and can then just rule over us directly.

  12. Wow, they are deleting some of your posts? That's ridiculous. Do they tell you when they are doing this and give a reason? I would not be happy about that.

  13. Hey Shy,

    You and I differ quite a bit politically, I think. Maybe I differ a lot from the preppers out there. However, I like to think we share more in common than we have differences.

    As far as Obama's birth certificate goes, follow this link:

    That should settle it. These guys did their due dilligence on the matter and then some.

    As far as love of the Constitution goes, I'm there, too. If you're honest in your love of the Constitution, then you kinda have to hate GWB. Wire tapping phones without warrants, suspension of habeus corpus, and the list goes on. Just sayin'...

    For those wondering, I am no card-carrying Democrat. I own 4 guns (and want more). I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats in the past. Truth be told, both sides of the aisle are crooked.

    On the bright side, I think most of what you seem to be scared about will not come to pass. Within the next four years I see this recession becoming a depression and then necessity will give you what you want - a smaller Fed (what I want, too).

    Where I totally and wholeheartedly agree with you is on America feeding the world while some of our citizens languish in starvation and poverty. That's a damn crying shame.

  14. Hehehe - see your rant is still up - guess google is too busy! Rock on! You have great taste too in weapons!
    God Bless and Prep On

  15. Shy,
    Spoken like a true patriot. I agree with you. Our Constitution is there to preserve and guarantee our individual rights it is not subject to change. I think you just wrote what most of us are thinking. Rant on!

  16. Thanks for the support, Folks. Appreciate all the comments.
    I'd seen that report by politifacts earlier,Wiz. Since that report came out, there've still been many questions as to authenticity. The big problem is there's a belief in some photoshop done on it, so the question remains. Still, he is in the office, but I am witholding my allegiance to him as CIC until I am satisfied. What will that take? I dont know for sure and perhaps I'm being obstinate or am actually pejudiced. I don't know the answer yet. As to his programs, he's got to prove to me he's not going to fool with the Constitution, socialize/liberalize the laws, give our remaining money away to UN projects, or militarize our streets, etc.
    I, too, have voted Dem, even been a card carrying member, and switched sides when they made abortion a party platform. Since that day, they've got even worse with their liberal agendas and I want nothing to do with them.
    Yes, W. did some things I wasn't happy with and the Patriot Act is one of them, but the habeus corpus for non-American war criminals is not one of them. Non-American citizens are not entitled to any Constitutional rights, only Geneva Convention- yet those should be changed as well to suit the treatment corresponding to that of all countries. Yet with the current crop of anti-American MBHSO is putting in positins of power, what W. did is going to be nothing.
    A smaller fed will be great. This country needs more citizen- not SIGs- input and less judiciary and legislative. In that area, a depression would be a great thing: except it isn't the politicoes who will suffer. Though it was we citizens who didn't speak up and stop all this political BS, it's truly sad we'll be the ones suffering, not the politicians.
    Every new pres gets a honeymoon- we'll see what miracles he performs and make a final judgement.

  17. I am maintaining a little optimism for Obama. I don't think any of the nightmare scenarios outlined will come to pass... the ones where Obama takes guns away or puts troops on the streets.

    As far as the habeus corpus goes, extraordinary rendition has been perpetrated against a number of American citizens since 9/11. Toss a black bag over someone's head, put them on a plane, and send them to Tajikistan for torture!! The Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves.

    I live about three miles from Jefferson's home. I have literally heard him groaning in anguish from the mountain top at Monticello! Okay - maybe not literally...

  18. A+++.
    Well spoken, Shy.
    I don't doubt things will swing the other way eventually but it could get very bad for us prepper-sorts.


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