Saturday, January 10, 2009

Don't turn the page!

Okie dokie, Folks- don't turn the page or run away- just doing some playing around. It's still the same old me.
I was playing with another blog and liked the look so much I decided to make them 'similar'- the other has a little different look. Hope you like whatcha see now. Content won't change- still the same old mindless rantings.

Picked up a new toy and just had to do some playing with it as well.

More to the point, I ain't much on little toys, but saw this and just had to get it for a BUG. Now to find an ankle holster (oh, yah- sure I will... why'd anyone wanna carry a gun on the hardest part of the body to reach?) for it.

What you're looking at is an Iver Johnson .22 long rifle pistol. Ten shots, Double Action/Single Action design, semi auto, of course. It's a .22 caliber, but it doesn't digest the 'standard velocity' ammo too well. The recoil spring is so strong they don't have the OOMPH to work the action, but it sure does like Stingers and MiniMags. MMMM, so do I! Stubby little barrel, for sure- about two inches long. In my hand the whole thing is concealed. Hmmm, I wonder...

As to accuracy. Well, we won't talk about that beyond CQC, but that's what it's for. Close quarters. I kept the grouping down to ten inches at 25 feet, so I reckon it's "good enuff for wut it's for". Maybe this summer, or even this winter if it warms up some, I can get the group a bit smaller cuz I won't be shivering and shaking. We'll see.

So Happy New Year/early birthday present (HA! I have a real gun in mind for that!), James.

Bless God, God bless.



  1. I reckon the new look is purty good.... I wanted to do a "custom template", but got scared off by by folks wanting money! Ha ha! Blogger's standard stuff is pretty dry.... I'd have liked to have the Gadsden Flag or something as a background meself, but oh well..... Nice new toy! I need me a pistol....

  2. ...evenin' Shy...i like it,one of these days i'll 'soup up' mine...amazin' what a little paint will do...

    ...nice shooter...things startin' to happen Brother,lots of stuff too close for comfort,and it aint just with it...

  3. Thats the nice model. The duller finished TP-22 my brother has is a dog - it shoots reliably, but inaccurate - couldn't hit a barn, shooting from the inside. Sweet little carry guns they are though, have fun with yours.

  4. Ankle holsters have several things going for them, depending on your lifestyle.

    They generally provide good concealment even without a coat and with your shirt tucked in. If you work in an office that can be a big advantage. If you have your own business and your clients come to you that isn't suck an advantage, but if you go into the clients business then it may be a big advantage.

    They are easy to reach if you are sitting down. If you work most of the time behind a desk or if you spend a lot of time driving they are great. If you are wearing a seatbelt then a gun in an ankle holster may be easier to reach than a gun in a belt holster. If you spend most of your time on your feet then they are not so great.

    My recommendation, if you are serious, is to get one with a calf strap and wear the holster up a little above your ankle. This will keep the muzzle from jamming into your ankle bones and bruising you. Put the holster on first, then pull your sock up over the outside of the holster. Not up over the gun, but over the top of the holster band on the side opposite your gun, and even with the top of the holster on the same side as the gun. This will provide concealment even if your pants leg rides up a little.

    Remember, it's better to have a gun that is hard to get to than no gun at all.

  5. Ken- that's a good idea. Keep it under the pillow. Its BIG brother is on the headboard, though and he mite feel a bit put off if I didn't grab him in an emergency.
    Bitmap- very good thinking. It was bought with the idea of a BUG, and they aren't needed except when the Big Boys are out of the action, so it really doesn't matter where it's hidden. And no truer words were written- hard to get is at least with you when you want it. I like the way you think.
    I usually wear boots, 8" tops, so the holster would be pretty high on the calf, the lower part probably under the boot top, so it'd be well hidden.
    Mayberry- this design is the basic Rounders design blogspot has. I like the old Scribe design, just felt some need for a change, I guess. After all, MBHSO has promised us change.

  6. One of my former coworkers in his younger days considered himself a bad a$$ and carried concealed illegally. A Browning BDA .380 in rear hip pocket.

    He said he could carry it everywhere pretty easily, wrapping with handkerchief, keeping only top corner on top and hanging down, tucking into pocket. Blue jeans, of course. The fashion nowadays of baggier pants would make this easier.

    The handkerchief broke the outline well, and never gained any real attention (handerchief in rear pocket is very common). His only fear was going to toilet partition and dropping pants - he would remove it before doing that, so that it would not fall to floor.

  7. Nice, I've been thinking of picking up something a little more compact myself.


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