Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Paintin' Nasty Pictures...

Since it's the last day of the year, I'm going to try my hand at painting a picture for us. (As you can see, I ain't that good a painter! LOL- 7th grade was the pits!)

I'm going to shift some of the blame on this to Wizard and M.D. Creekmore, since they helped dredge up some thoughts from the twisted paranoia side of my character.

But just think of it: our esteemed Uncle Sugar is going through some convoluted thinking these days. (No doubt spurred on by a lot of science fiction stories, he's getting a bit uppity for his own good.) So if my thinking is convoluted, too, I'll just blame him. (Good thinking, James!)

Wiz's comment last week had a link pertaining to the 'FEMA' camps based around the country. Hypothetically, to help people in times of need such as the Katrina fiasco. Or are they for helping? The camps are built along the lines of WW2 concentration/detention centers. Barbed wire, concertina, guard towers, 'barracks' style buildings, locked entries and hush-hush construction for the most part.

(Of course, Uncle has to realise that as secretive as he tries to be on his home turf, there is someone just as adept- hopefully- at finding things hidden and of inquisitive enough mind to ask questions, then post something somewhere to show others.)

I'd run into a similar site a while back that had a couple more installations listed (wish I'd kept the site link) than Wiz's did, but the point is the same: Uncle is planning something he probably shouldn't be and it does not bode well for Mr. and Mrs. General Public or their off-spring.

Now for some paranoid Q&A...

There is tons and tons of speculation about what's going to happen during the coming year, especially since the Dark Lord has ascended to power. We know people are going to lose jobs, businesses are going to close, people are going to become homeless, hungry and more than pist off. No, I'm not blaming the Dark Lord for this, but I will say he isn't going to help the situation any if he implements the issues he spoke of during his campaign. We're bankrupt enough as a government and population and his lofty plans sure won't help alleviate anything. Perhaps when the Welfare Sheeple awaken there will be riots and worse on the streets of America- perhaps it's about time for them?- and those living in PrepperLand will need their stores.

Of course, we live in different areas, some hidden in the bush, some the desert, some in rural farmland, some hiding in cities hoping to escape when the time comes. The one place many of us live is on the 'Web'.

A related story concerning how Uncle is utilising foreign peoples to monitor web traffic, even some domestic spying to ferret out 'terrorists', has been making the rounds for quite some time. Uncle Sugar is combing websites, message boards, blogs, IMs and E-Mail in his unending quest for... Bible Thumpers, Constitutionalists, Second Amendment Rights supporters, Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) supporters, secessionist advocates, survivalists... need I go on or is the picture coming thru? These kind of people are what Uncle wants to classify as 'terrorist'. And once he designates these people, what does he decide to do with them? In what way are many of these people detrimental to good and proper government, to the tenets of our Constitution?

Which brings us to M.D. Creekmore's place at the table.

M.D. advocates small shelter living- motor home, camper-trailer, pickup camper, etc. And his ideas are sound. Others advocate a stay-in-place shelter, commune, urban retreat or 'lost in the wilds' unknown fortification, and their ideas are sound. It's just that being different kinds of people we attack problems from different perspectives and bank accounts.

Common denominator between all is: Uncle Sugar knows who we are. Whether it be J.W.R. or M.D.C. or me, there is no way for any to hide from the all-seeing Eye in the Sky. I doubt any who Uncle deems 'enemy of the state' is safe anywhere in the world- even if he isn't smart enough to capture Bin Laden, there's no place for us to hide.

Now, combine Uncle's penchant for doing the exact opposite of the right thing and the fact that there are too many who are willing to sacrifice any and all to enhance their power and bank accounts, what do you think is going to happen to these 'rabble rousers' of the internet and elsewhere? (Don't think just 'cuz you don't blog 'he' doesn't know who you are!)

My point after all this rambling is pretty basic: don't count on being in a good, solid (or not so solid) BOL as being protection from much more than the starving horde and Zombie bikers. Uncle is going to be coming for any and all who don't toe his line. Count on it.

I'd love to say that being able to grab a BOB and bug into the wilds will solve the problem, but I can't and it won't. The vast majority who grab a BOB and think they can survive in the bush are deluding themselves. Maybe one in two million can do it. Maybe. If they can survive the hunger and elements, their life will be made more miserable by the hunters- the dogs Uncle puts on their track. There is going to be no escape. Period. (You didn't think those 20,000 troops were brought home to pacify the pacifists, did you? And there are more to come for the same reason.)

Every person who does not fit the definition of 'socially compliant' is going to be incarcerated or dead. Perhaps both. Yes, both, I think. Uncle can't allow a dissenting voice to live.

No matter how you look at it, 2009 is going to be the beginning of a very interesting year.

(Putting on a BIG grin here and taking off the tinfoil cover. How's that for paranoia? LOL- I love letting my imagination get away from me. Sometimes.)
Oh- the picture: painted in 1960 art class. I do a little better now, but it was what got me interested in painting.
Happy New Year, All. God bless, keep your powder dry and your BOB ready.

Bless God, Happy New Year, Everyone!



  1. ...HappyNewYear brother...good luck in '09'

  2. I can not disagree Shy! Paranoid? Nah, we know they are out to get us :)

    God Bless!


  3. Oh jeez, now ya got me rollin'! Ha! Happy New Year Shy....

  4. I really hope you're joking (a little).

    I can't say the world is all full of moonbeams and pixie dust but I can dispel one "FEMA death camp" thread. The one that's in Beech Grove, IN. It's open to railway enthusiasts of which a number of gun bloggers also are. I've visited, it's pretty much open to visiting by anyone by calling ahead, and they have all sorts of public activities there for railroad enthusiasts.

    The reality:

    Beech Grove is one of the larger Amtrak maintenance facilities which overhauls coach cars and locomotives. In the past it’s fate has been in question due to downsizing and the possibility that the facility would be closed. However it has recently received a few upgrades and continues in operation. Closing it permanently would mean an expensive environmental clean up what with the fuel and chemicals used. At this time, it remains one of the major sites for storage and maintenance of Amtrak rolling stock, employing 640 workers, none of whom have any kind of security clearance. One neighbor went to work for them from another rail line, and it was just an interview, drug test and then to work.

    All the buildings are open to the public, and the larger ones have doors on each end, making it easy to see. It’s not exactly “hidden.”

    As for the barbed wire rail yards and alike are well known as targets for vandalism and the like This one no different. Besides, since when did you see barbed wire in a prison. . its all razor wire. This fencing would deter a bored teenager, not someone desperate to get out.

    With rolling trains about, safety at night is important, hence the flood towers.

    It's not isolated, it's surrounded by homes and schools, and is just a skip and a jump from a gun store we go to. We always laugh when we drive past it on the way to buy more ammo. . "fema death camp. . bwahahahahahaha".

    As for the The US Air Force “Train” there- Actually it’s not a train. It’s just a locomotive. It’s not even a big locomotive. It’s a “switching” locomotive, used for shot spurs, moving cars around a stockyard and that sort of thing. Apparently the locomotive had previously been used at an Air Force base for moving around rail cars before it was acquired by Amtrak as surplus. It sat in the yard for a short time before being repainted. It's cute. Kids get their picture taken next to it.

    Anyway - I can't speak for the rest of the country, but Beech Grove is an urban legend.

    Keep your head above the water line as our friend says. . . cheers.

  5. ROFLMBO, Brigid! LOL. That is too funny, Honey. (Poetic, ain't I?)
    But seeryuslee- no, I ain't serious on this post: was a fun New Year thing to do and couldn't think of anything better. I know: try harder. Dang- OK, I will next year. Keep my head above water? BRRR- do you know how much ICE is on the water right now? FEETs of it. I'll just keep above the snowline, if that's OK.
    Honest, tho: didn't you get the least chuckle outta that? (Simperin' fool here.)


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