Saturday, December 6, 2008

Paranoia: Real or Imagined?

Okayyyy, Class: now we're going to have a lesson in the proper use of aluminum foil.

I found this tidbit at and think it's time we got the tinfoil out, lined our wallets and purses, perhaps even our hats. You do wear a hat, don't you? Oh, well- artile follows this link >>> – New ID Scanners at Borders Raise Privacy Alarm

If I lived near a border, I'd seriously consider... wait! I do live near a border. Scratch that: I'm getting out the tinfoil..brb.

Done. Now I can get back to business.

Had the Clan Christmas gathering today and I'm not certain I enjoyed myself. Oh, I definitely ate my share of good food and had some interesting chats. It was the conversations I was hearing on the side that piqued my interest, though.

This country is right in the middle of iron country and lay-offs are being reported daily by the various mining interests. Yet the people I was listening to seemed to have no concern about them- and the majority are working in the mines. "They're living in a bubble," I remarked to one brother-in-law, who works in a mine but is very aware of the times. (I think he's a secret prepper. Smart man, and sister.) He agreed with that assessment.

It bothers me that family of mine is ignorant of the world situation beyond their personal lives. How many times do Sheople have to be hit before they begin to understand? Dang.

Enough whining.

The December issue of S.W.A.T. magazine has a couple of articles Preppers may be interested in: Down and Dirty and Malfunction Reduction, both pertinent to keeping one's bod in one piece, as well as those of loved ones. Also, I heard a rumor that S.W.A.T. magazine will be giving out DVDs of proper handgun tactics with the January issue- keep an eye out for it if you're interested in how the Best LEO utilise their tools.

And now I have to close cuz I forgot what else I was gonna rant about. (No, nothing as good as Mayberry does.) Anyway...

Bless God, God bless-



  1. C'mon, rant! You can do it! Ha ha.....

  2. ...i'v always thought it funny,that nine out of ten folks (family or not)are,or choose to be,so ignorant of their situations...thankfully you get the one out of ten(yer bro-in-law this time)that 'get it',and the 'party' isn't a total waste of time because you have good conversation at least,and fellow 'patriot' at best...

    by the way...rant if ya need to,good for the soul...

  3. It is quite amazing the length people go to deny what they see all around them. It is almost like they fear they'll "catch" unemployment, if they talk about it. They want to believe that it is just plain "bad luck" or bad decisions that leave some of us unemployed and some of us still working. This happens even as more and more of us know one or more people who've lost their jobs.

    Keep Rantin' SW! Keep tellin' your truth!

  4. Kathy- that is so very true: we've been taught by some Maharisha to 'imagine it and it will be' and we've carried it to all areas of our lives. Usually to our detriment, not realising that we begin to act upon our thoughts, thereby giving the PTB reason to 'can' us.
    I've always believed we 'make our own luck' by how we act/react to situations. (Of course, I'm going to leave out how our life-choices affect that- such as job choice.)
    Peer pressure affects all of us, even if we think it doesn't, and having a brother or friend who suddenly lost his job will definitely affect us. Usually because in almost every given area, jobs are inter-related, such as the mining industry here: 6 of 10 jobs are related. ISH, not good.
    Golly, Kathy: with all the encouragement you and Mayberry are giving me to rant, I just may go wild with it! LOL- thanks, Love.
    God bless,
    Shy what was that wine I wuz drinkin'?


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