Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More on "Stoopud Laws"

When reading about the Dark Lord's (assumed) intentions of putting a stop to fishing- both commercial and recreational- I mentally assumed no one would be interested in the topic other than commercial fishermen and net makers.

WOW! Was I mentally unprepared.

Even Mike over at Sipsey Street is involved- and why not? This is a Constitutional issue every American should be involved with whether they fish or not. Not that a survivalist would be too concerned with the "legalities" of fishing or hunting- when it comes to eating, screw "legal" and hunt and fish to your heart's content. No man-- and that includes the dipshit living in the White House-- has the right to tell another they cannot feed themselves or their loved ones.

Yet this is what is happening.

Curtail the food supply and you control the person.

It's happening with the NAIS registering of cattle. It's happening when laws are enacted that turn our food stocks such as corn into fuel for our vehicles. It's happening when lands are put off limits to hunting, or in this case, fishing. It's happening when we're told we cannot grow our own foods unless they're government inspected and approved- either animal or vegetable, the fed is making no distinction. (MMPaints has been fighting this tyranny for months now so go read her for lots more information and links on the topic. ) It's happening when we're told it's "against the law" to forage food from nature/natural areas.

It's time for every man, woman and child in this country to pick up the banner of Freedom, carry placards and write letters, make phone calls and office visits when practical, and get on the bandwagon of fighting for our rights as Free people. Even if we don't fish or forage-- yet.
Personally, if this becomes a reality, I'd not want to be a DNR officer/Game Warden who walked up to anyone caught fishing and being told they can't. Hooks make some very nasty hanging utensils.

Bless God, God bless.

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  1. Shy,there seems to be no bounds to the stupid shit they are willing to try.For me fishing ranks up there with shooting and gun ownership.No ONE will take away either.
    Something really needs done soon.



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