Monday, March 23, 2009

A plate of beans...

Taken from a Baltimore Chronicle article by Stephen Lendman, 6 March 09

  • prostitution and sex services - 46%;
  • domestic service - 27%;
  • agriculture - 10%;
  • sweatshops or factories - 5%;
  • restaurant and hotel work - 4%; with the remainder coming from:
  • sexual exploitation of children, entertainment, and mail-order brides.

  • Sex Slavery in America

    It's the largest category of forced labor in America and with good reason:

    • it's tied to organized crime and highly profitable;
    • the demand for sex services, including from children, is high and growing; and
    • the lack of safe and legal migration facilitates it.

    The Internet is a frequent recruitment tool. Other vulnerable victims are shelter and street youths, including runaways. An estimated 2.8 million children live on city streets, a third of whom are lured into prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home. Familial prostitution is also common and involves the selling of a family member for drugs, shelter, and/or money.

    According to the Union of Needle Trades and Industrial Textile Employees, 75% of New York garment factories are sweatshops.

    Starvation wages, long hours, unsafe working conditions, and no protections are standard practice in an industry long known for its labor abuses.


    The reason I bring this up is just that I was thinking about the kinds of things people do to each other these days. Then my thoughts went forward a year or two down the road and the problem really escalated. Drastically. People today are selling their children for drugs, money, whatever they can imagine in their evil minds.

    How much more common things like this will be when the "S" flies? Not only selling their children, maybe even wives, into a slave market, but what about pimping them out? How many mothers will willingly sell themselves for a meal, a warm, dry room, some semblance of security? Or pimp their kids?

    Not that it will be very secure, and perhaps not even warm or dry. But that will be their thinking.

    Certainly this kind of action isn't something any of us want to think about, let alone consider. But I think it's something we should be aware of-- not that we'll do it, but that someone starving and freezing is going to come up to us, beg us to take their children and do whatever with them, just "give me some food". Or take them, they'll willingly enslave themselves to keep their belly full.

    Selling their lives, their souls, for a meal.

    All for a plate of beans.

    Think about it.

    Bless God, God bless.

    Shy III

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    1. Sad but true Shy. I hope I'm able to put enough back that I may be able to help keep some of these kids safe. It's a sorry world we live's only gonna get worse too I'm afraid. Prep like crazy and do all we can to help the children of the sheeple, it's not the childrens job to be prepared, it's the parents. One of the many resons I prep.


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