Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Howlin' at the Moon

Maybe I'm just a dumb hillbilly redneck with no sense who's been living in the woods too long and in need of more human stimulus than a dog and cat...

...but I can still read, and have been doing more than my share the last couple of weeks. Still, I am totally amazed at the number of liberals in my own neighborhood who are trying to convince me of something I know is totally false, wrong and un-Constitutional.

The Dark Lord has not yet satisfactorily proven his citizenship. Why are there still questions about qualifications?

I have held this since he began to run, still hold it and will hold it til he proves otherwise. Not Snopes. Is Snopes.com infallible?

And if it's true, why are there so many left-wing liberal communication entities doing their damndest to nullify any questions of his Constitutional eligibility? Eligibility issue sparks 'edit war'

And if he's so damn 'eligible', why is the liberal left democrap party doing all it can to nullify any proceedings and attempts at getting answers to valid questions? What congressmen say about eligibility Obama is a damned liar and thief, and that is a kind observation so far as I'm concerned. Scalia: You need 4 votes for Obama eligibility case and I sure as hell don't care what a left-wing, un-Constitutional court justice says about this. He's wrong so far as the Constitution is concerned: all it takes is one citizen to raise a question. And more than one has raised the question, which is obviously beyond the comprehension of Scalia and other shit like him.

In fact, just to point out one among many, even followers of the dip-shit Dark Lord are beginning to turn on him because he is not only unqualified, the job is so far above his pay-grade he should be receiving kinder-garten wages. MSNBC poll: Obama earns 'F' on performance His job performance is so far below average as to not even be on the charts. How's that, you shit-head baby killer lib democraps? WND Forums (Yes, democraps are baby killers. Every last one of you. Want to argue it? Better read your party platform first. After reading that, read what laws your ghetto-king has enacted. He's too goddamn stoopud to realize he's killing more of 'his' kind than he is whites- what a dumb mo-fo.)

Chicken shit repugnicans ain't far behind, either. If any in Congress had any balls, we wouldn't need this Obama Birth Certificate Petition

Lay-offs in this neck of the woods have been growing like wildfire on a California hillside. Last Friday the last mining hold-out announced it was laying off nearly half its workforce indefinitely. So what? Big deal, right? After all- it's the unions and the dot-gov who've been encouraging NAFTA, right? To really ice the cake, nearly every legislator from Minnesota voted in favor of it. Guess what. It only gets better. New center revives North America agenda Of course, I may be barking up a wrong tree here. After all, it takes two to tango, right? Canada joins Transatlantic Union effort Nothing like having your neighbors agree with you. After all, if they can't provide the beer, at least they can drink yours.

Naturally, when beer is poured from any height at all, it forms a head of foam. Sometimes that foam spills over the sides. So we can't really blame people for being on the short end of a lit fuse, can we? Parent violence in schools increases - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Or am I just trying to be liberal in my forgiveness and making excuses for someone's irrational behavior?

If there's one thing we don't need it's someone who has the right to defend themselves, their loved ones, or others in the community. After all, an unarmed populace has the police to defend them, right? Multiple deaths reported in Ala. shooting spree - Crime & courts- msnbc.com

But then, we allowed lib democraps to legislate against God in churches and schools and installed metal detectors and hired touchy-feelie specialists to tell us how wrong the Ten Commandments are, that it's improper and against our children's civil liberties for churches or parents to teach right from wrong. So we allowed our legislators to control any institution that argues against such liberal agenda. Churches outraged at state's interference

And what about not agreeing with what our political asses are doing? Now we have to question the very audacity of those who might question, or- oh, no!- disagree with wasting billions of hard earned dollars by a political system that is so corrupt as to not know when it shits its own pants? Will 'We Surround Them' launch revolution? I sure as hell hope it launches a revolution. This country can't afford to wait two or four more years to vote all these traitors out of office. Anyone who thinks it can has pockets deep as Soros, and we all know how much he'd love to see this country go under.

Nothing breeds hate for freedom so much as greedy wealth.

'Nuff trouble for one night.

Bless God, God bless.



  1. Well said, Shy.
    Come On Texas -- SECEDE

  2. Great post Shy! Thank you for your hard work!

  3. Here's something to add to your part about mining.


    Yep. Some stooge wants to BAN mining in the US.

    Awesome, dude.

  4. wiki- edited off info concerning the certificate, and banned the member that put it up.

  5. Amen Shy! The only reason he is president (and I say that lightly) is that he was groomed from birth for this and studied under Kissinger. He is nothing more than a puppet that has managed to sway a lot of people with his smooth talk - gullible, desperate people. Pray for us all!

  6. ...great post Shy,so glad yer typin' again Brother...as for BHO,he's a puppet,along with the other 80% of 'our' fedgov puppets...they're/he's being used to hasten the demise of our Republic,plain and simple.We are the last bastion of Liberty/Freedom...after us,it's the NWO...can you spell agent provocatuer(i can't)...how'bout any false flag/natural disaster...its all been paid for already,what are they waiting on ?...

  7. Thanks, All. God bless- get your powder stores in fast, we'll be needing them!
    Shy III


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