Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fairness Doctrine

Not that I have anything against Pat Robertson as a person, but I'm gonna have fun listening to him whine when the Dark Lord gets the Fairness Doctrine reinstated.

Interviewing Christian Broadcasting Network founder Pat Robertson recently for a forthcoming piece on the possibility of a Fairness Doctrine revival, I threw in a couple questions about President Obama. In a CNN appearance just before Christmas, Robertson surprised a lot of folks when said he was "remarkably pleased" with Obama and that he "has the makings of a great president."

(Read the whole story here: Exclusive: Pat Robertson Says Obama 'Showing Partisanship,' Denounces Rush Limbaugh's 'I Hope He Fails' Remark - God & Countr... )

I will take exception with that statement alone; Every person in the United States has the makings of a great president. But they'd better meet the qualifications and we can rest assured the Dark Lord does not.

And then he goes on to say that it was a terrible thing for Rush Limbaugh to say he hopes the Dark Lord fails. Well, I for one agree with Rush on this one. And I read the same Bible Pat Robertson does, so I will side with Rush on this one. I will have no part of the Dark Lord's programs of abortion and murder, of betraying my country, and worse, denying my God. I will not bow to him, regardless what Robertson or my sisters and family or friends say. To agree to any of his ideas or a bit of his ideology is to condone the whole program, and I do not, will not.

In less than a month in office, I've seen him break this country apart worse than any man since King GeorgeIII. The man is filthy, immoral, dishonest, lieing, gives approval to dishonesty and even lauds it with promotion and power. What hope has an honest citizen got when their leaders are the scum of the earth? What future could there possibly be for the youth of any nation that condones such people as these? What image do these people present to the world- which the Dark Lord has declared he will befriend at the expense of Americans?

Alas, poor Babylon, how great was thy fall!

Lock and load, Patriot Americans.


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