Tuesday, February 17, 2009

AandB Equals Assholes and Beggars

Not that it makes one damn bit of difference to any libs in the audience...
...but here come the assholes trying to get on the bandwagon and get their slice of the American Taxpayer's wallet.
It isn't bad enough we already support three-fourths of the damned united nations and the rest of the world, now the sonsofbitches want to pretend they're part of the United States.
Then there are the one-world/NWO dipshits who think just because they live on the planet they deserve a voice in what happens in American politics.
Even some of the commentors for this article agreed with the speaker! One with the balls to tell how they'd taken an on-line poll of some Asian country, then voted with the majority vote. Which causes me to wonder how many of the voters were eligible Americans, anyway. (Rhetorical: I know a great number were illegals. Just get an honest answer from any ACORN member.)
It isn't as though the rest of the world actually enjoys Americans being in control, but they sure as hell want to control us!
I have just two things to say to the UN and the rest of the world: 1) Kiss my ass, and, 2) Go screw yourself.
Of course, we can rest assured the Dark Lord and his wonderfully criminal ass lickers are going to do all they can to oblige each and every one of those... those... sorry, mixed readership, won't say it. Bad enough I'm ranting. I can see it coming.
As the expression goes: Glock and load, Folks.
God help us.


  1. Shy,
    The very least we can do as humanitarians would be to supply the world with toilet tissue.
    Soon that is all our paper dollars will be good for.

  2. Shy, you should know that I prefer 1911's :)

  3. That made me gag.... The UN can take a flyin' leap!


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