Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Redeeming the Time

Being a nation of shooters, America has a long standing tradition called 'competition'.

Way back when-ago, as Ye Old Furt pointed out a while back, there was a competition called a 'blanket shoot', wherein each shooter recieved his choice of award from those piled atop a blanket.

More recently, there are the in-house/shooting gallery events, usually around 50 feet, or less in some instances. Also are the outdoor events such as CMP and Appleseed programs (though Appleseed isn't technically a competition), and other sports as Steel Plates, IDPA, and the fun steel chicken challenges.

Since the Pony Express died off, replaced by the railroad, which was displaced by the airplane and par Avion, there's a competition known as 'postal matches'.

Now we have a new kind of competition that sounds like fun and challenging. (Not to mention, an opportunity to get to better know our on-line friends.)

ASM of Random Acts of Patriotism and Borepatch have come up with the newest fangled idea: Digital Matches.

The idea: download a specified target (link found at ASM's) and follow the directions (yet to be specified by Borepatch), and Email your results to either gent (yet to be determined). The challenge: to get out, have fun shooting, see how well you can best your past performance each shoot, and have fun as a group.

I've already claimed the position I get to shoot, so no one else can have it. I get to shoot prone, off a bipod with scope. Everyone else has to shoot off hand, standing on their head, one handed, sighting with their weak eye.

Now, go read, download, shoot, and have fun.

UPDATE: The time-line is May 31 to have targets sent to ASM or posted on your blog with link-back to ASM. Distance, 25 yards, off-hand (standing), no slings, sights of your choice- let ASM know which/what kind.

Bless God, God bless,


PS: anyone got any ideas what's up with blogger? No spel-chek; no justify; pix don't want to load; doesn't like me (c'mon- I'm a likeable guy! Well, kind'a.)


  1. I'm in!! Linked & posted.
    Wanna make a side bet?

  2. Blogger being Blogger... If there ain't some glitches it ain't working right. I love Wordpress...

  3. ROFL, Ye- you betcha! I'll bet you two pounds of beans that you outshoot me- and I'll even use the scope...
    Shy III


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