Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Riddle me this...

... there aren't a tremendous number of people within my 'social circle'. Still, the majority- probably due to the area in which I live- are pretty liberal in their thinking.
By liberal, I mean they vote democrat and belong to and vociferously support unions- and obviously vote the way their union tells them.
So right away, I'm at a disadvantage in most conversations and need apply some really 'off the cuff logic' when talking with them ('talking' usually meaning I'm out-numbered and out-shouted on nearly every topic).
Getting to the riddle me part...
A recent discussion about the rioting going on in Egypt and our American part in it, brought up the topic of oil and how, if the Suez is closed or shut off from transporting oil, then we're going to be suffering some serious price increases in gas prices- of course, everyone was whining about gas already being $3.20 a gallon and hurting their budget. One suggested an answer to the problem would be to send American troops in to protect the area.
Curious about this response, I asked the person what was the difference in our troops fighting for oil in Egypt as opposed to his view of why we fought in Vietnam- which, according to this Conscientious Objector person, was that we shouldn't have been in 'Nam because it was just a war over oil and big business.
Needless to say, his response was to change the subject.
Pushing the issue, I had to ask him to riddle me this: "Why is it the people complaining most about our fighting wars to maintain our oil supply are the ones complaining most about the rising cost of their oil products?"
Now, let me carry this question a bit farther into our daily lives.
"Why is it the ones complaining most about the high cost of food are the environmentalists on the front lines of halting the use of insecticides, fertilizers, and oil-powered machinery, in the production of food?"
Further: "Why is it the unions sympathize with tree huggers to prevent logging and oil production- and thereby employment to Americans- in 'wilderness areas'?"
And, of course, there's the great debate today: "Why is it the tree hugging Goreball Warming weenies who're bitching and pissing most about how cold and snowy it is this year?"
Got to stop now- there's no defending idiots and banging their heads together will only give you a headache.

Bless God, God bless.



  1. Umm...

    The reason people are for "halting the use of insecticides, etc." is because it is dangerous to the lives of Americans, and it pollutes the ground. I would like a choice as to whether or not my veggies have been doused in toxic chemicals, please. And massive over-fertilization of our monoculture crops causes Gulf dead zone, etc.

    I don't know of any unions that sympathize with "tree huggers." Most of "the unions" that work in the forestry field are strongly anti-tree hugger. Maybe the (left-wing) teachers unions, or the SEIU, perhaps.

    EVERYBODY complains about price for EVERYTHING! The current wars have all our ammo plants on triple-shift. Civilian ammo costs more. High prices, and people complaining about them, is simply part of American society.

    And Al Gore's reply about why we are getting so much snow is widely available on the net. It has to do with moisture and hot air meeting... Many prominent scientists are saying this.

    Can you post any articles to back up your statements?

    And as far as anyone "fighting wars to maintain our oil supply"... We get almost NO OIL from Iraq, and of course, none from Afghanistan. The current wars aren't about oil. If they were, our troops would be in Nigeria and Argentina, our two biggest suppliers...

    I'm an Alabama-based prepper, and I have started to ramp up my preps due to the current overseas trouble, as well as our own political problems. I'm sure, as preppers, we all agree that's a good thing to do! As we say in my group, "I don't really care what you believe in, or do, until it starts affecting me."

    I'm not trying to start a ruckus on your page, but hopefully the reason you allow comments is to receive them...

  2. It is pretty ironic huh?

    It amazes me how quickly these people can switch there views when there guy is in office. Isn't it funny how all the antiwar protestors say nothing about our troops still being in Afghanistan now that they are in power?

    The hypocrisy with them never ends.

  3. Tom, so glad you stopped by- I really appreciate it. As to comments here- "I believe in the First Amendment (and the others as well) and so should you. Speak your mind and piss on political correctness". (Right above the box.)
    Now, we can't use the 'logic' that, 'because it's dangerous to humans (or Americans or whatever)', because it isn't logical. Even Spock would tell you that: Life in and of itself is dangerous to humans (and everything else). If you're going to worry about dieing, may as well end it now 'cuz there's no way you're gonna get out alive.
    Back that up? Go to any cemetery and ask...
    Al Goreball's stuff has been verified by so many 'prominent scientists' the last ten years he's an inconvenient embarassment for America. There are as many 'prominent scientists' claiming he's wrong, so we won't go there. Been debated to death and still denied by both sides.
    Right- we don't get oil from those areas, but it does travel thru the Suez, and defending that was the person's objective. I think we get most of our oil from Mexico and Canada- pretty sure, anyway- as well as Argentina. We should be getting it from our own lands and wells- rather than letting the Russians, Chinese and Argentinians (and other countries) pump oil from the very areas we aren't allowed to due to squealing green weenies afraid that the oil we pump is going to kill them or pollute the oceans or make some fish extinct (news flash: Species have been going extinct long before people had oil).
    I think I can say the ammo plants have been on three shifts for longer than the last two years, but not sure- only sure that it's keeping Americans working and that's good enough for me.
    Can I post articles to back up what I'm saying: yup. Google Drudge,WND,DC Times,NYTimes...
    'Nuff for now.
    Shy III

  4. They hate it when you put their "logic" to the test. It usually shines a light on their hypocrisy...


I believe in the First Amendment and so should you. Speak your mind and piss on political correctness!