Monday, August 23, 2010

Squnity Eye

Our anual Cowboy shoot. Crank up your volume for some thrills.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cyber Bullying

"...On July 21st, The Armed Citizen received an indirect and informal notice of a lawsuit against this website and its owners, David Burnett and Clayton Cramer.
The suit, reportedly filed in US District Court on July 20th, alleges that The Armed Citizen and its owners “willfully copied” and infringed on original source content from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
According to news reports, Righthaven LLC has filed lawsuits against no less than 80 other political websites and individual blogs for “infringement.”
Righthaven has offered no prior contact, cease-and-desist warnings or any attempt at good-faith resolution whatsoever.
Other defendants include, the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and the Democrat National Committee of Nevada..."

Read it all here: BREAKING: “The Armed Citizen” Closes – Site Named in Infringement Suit :The Armed Citizen ... follow the links and shoot them a few bucks, folks.

We don't know who's going to be next, but we do know the Dark Lord is laughing behind the curtains. None of us is immune to whatever pretext he can devise to shut down the opposition, for whatever imagined slight.

On a happier note- Chief Instructor is having a contest. Go visit and see how to get your cute bunns involved- you could win some trinkets... Accept The Challenge

Lots of shooting going on lately and work is coming along nicely on a pet project- I've been getting excited over the Bucket List and having a blast. You do have ammo and beans, don't you? Keep stocking- don't be letting the fun summer sun redirect your plans.

Bless God, God bless.