Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Those Who Gave All

To those Who gave All, We who remain Salute You.
Thank you for so Willingly giving to us the Fruit of Your Love and Labor.
God bless your Souls with Grace so richly Deserved.
May We who remain be deserving of your action and respect.


  1. A sombre tribute Shy, well done. And I damn sure will respect those who died by doing everything I can to protect Liberty and Freedom, including laying down my life. I'd rather die Free than live as a slave....

  2. For most of us especially those of us who were blessed to grow up enjoying the freedom and safety these heroes have provided us, we will never understand how blessed we are to have had so many given so much of their lives, and themselves for the benefit of all. Words of gratitude will always fall short in comparison with the extraordinary gift to our lives they have provided us all and continue to do to this day, God Bless You All I Will Be Forever In Your Debt JN


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